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The aching blue pill of MGTOW.

A lot of bloggers don’t like it when they get negative comments attacking them on a post but I love it. I feed off it. Whenever I get a negative comment it gives me a little joie de vivre and I go skipping amongst the daffodils, or at least I would if I knew what daffodils looked like. In truth I get an evil little grin as I approve the comment. The more histrionic and illogical the language the better. It means that the commenter was seething with rage as he pounded away at the keyboard. What this ultimately indicates is that the article in question was effective.

A case in point is my article on the red pill documentary. I got a couple of beautiful bundles of demented outrage on that post. The first one was good, but the second one was just the icing on the cake.

You have kids? Every parents remember this phase when whatever is the new vegetable you put in his plate, the kid will react the same way even before tasting it: “I don’t like that, I won’t taste it”.
Well, only after reading in the first paragraph “But I don’t need to see it to know” I had this same feeling from this person. The difference is that my kid grew up from it and apparently feminist don’t.

Oh my, how about that. This might be surprising to those of you who follow this blog on a regular basis but apparently I’m a feminist. I suppose I had better go out and get my hair dyed a lighter shade of purple.

Hilarity aside, there is another reason I really love comments like this. They always reveal something about the commenter in an inadvertent way. Obviously here we have an ardent member of the MGTOW clan who has made the mistaken assumption that due to my negativity of this film then I must be a feminist. I find this extremely interesting.

There is red pill and then there is MGTOW. Red pill is made up of men who have woken up and seen the lies revealed all around them. Once you discover truth then you cannot tolerate the former lies that you were surrounded with. But being a truth seeker does not mean that you check out. It means that you continue your life on your terms not theirs. Terms that are based on truth. Writers like Rollo Tomassi are firmly rooted in the red pill mindset.

MGTOW men are different. They are the broken ones. They seek only revenge against those that hurt them and propagated the lies. They attempt to battle against feminists but their fight is pathetic and doomed. They will never win the fight though I have no doubt that they will take credit for it when it is won. They are the counterpart to feminists, their mirror image and exact opposite. That should not be a point of pride for them because it means that the two groups, feminists and MGTOW are just as bad as one another.

The commenter that I quoted assumed that I must be a feminist because in the mind of the MGTOW anyone who is against them must by rights be an extremist because they themselves are extremists. The commenter was simply projecting. He can not conceive that someone might be against his movement for other reasons. What about the other commenter who objected to my article?

You sound and write like a feminist, you didn’t watch it but you know, dismissive, condescending, know it all, this is what feminists sound like, exactly like this lame article.
Boring, go write some more stupid books to sell to muppets.
Anyone selling books on the net is a woman, its the most womanly occupation on earth, no self respecting man would be ok with being such a cheap unproductive hustler.
The shit that comes out of my arse is more alpha than maggots like you

This is why it is important not to get upset at this sort of stuff. If you get upset that someone attacked you then you miss the greater meaning. Their motivation for attacking you in the first place signifies that you are hitting a mark, and if a mark is there to be hit then it means that there is a core vulnerability present which is due to the inherent weakness of the target.

MGTOW is inherently flawed because its entire premise is based on giving up and real men don’t do that. Sites like A Voice for Men are simply a gathering point for broken Beta males who cannot learn from their past poor decisions. If you married a she-devil and she took you for everything you had and she got the kids then that’s your own fucking fault. Yes the system was rigged against you but it’s been rigged against us for over forty years now. Just like feminists, MGTOW men seek abdication from the responsibilities of their own behavior. The two sides are both as bad as one another.

This battle won’t be won in the courts. It won’t be won by advocating for “men’s rights”. It won’t be won in the legislative process. It will be won by red pill men who force women to modify their behavior if they want to have the security of a partner and the family unit. From Return of Kings:

The only reason feminism gained any ground at all in the past was because Boomer blue-pill men wanted to get laid, so they became feminists or leaned toward manginahood.

Those same men are the one’s behind the men’s rights movement now.

Young women might not think about it as much since feminism has clearly made the road to independence (an illusion) easier for them to choose, but these women are taking note that men are completely ignoring them now that they have surpassed men in almost all aspects of western society

Red Pill men get on with their own lives and if they meet a woman who they consider might be right for them then they gradually let the women into their life on their own terms. Young women are seeing the results of feminism in the dead eyes of older women who put their career before everything else and who have been left with nothing and these young women want nothing to do with that. And because red pill men have game and understand the male/female dynamic, something which MGTOW men wouldn’t understand if it slapped them over their vagina, then the red pill men are able to establish a strong and healthy relationship from the beginning.

A strong and healthy relationship keeps women safe. It keeps them safe from the dangers of the world and more importantly, it keeps them safe from themselves and their hypergamous nature.

The men of MGOTW and the men’s rights movement are firmly rooted in the blue pill which is what the documentary in question should have been titled. They have never understood women, they have learned nothing from their past experiences, and they are attempting to play feminists at their own game on what is an obviously uneven playing field. They are simply losers doing what losers do – losing.

But feminists are losers as well so they are sucked into fighting the MGTOW as worthy opponents. But meanwhile the real battle goes on in the hearts and minds of young men. Awakening them to the red pill realities. And thus it goes to the hearts and minds of young women. Awakening them to the realities of the lonely hell that is feminism. That is where the real battle is being fought and won.



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  1. Well I was stung. I guess I’m a muppet, whatever he means by that. It’s an interesting tell though. As far as the comment with kids and the vegetables, dude please, tell me you didn’t argue with your children over eating what’s on their plates.

    I couldn’t watch the whole thing you put up. Once the one guy started crying that was enough for me. Is there arterial blood? Do you need morphine for the excruciating pain? Then dry your tears. Which come to think of it, what the hell is it with this whole feminine side nonsense? I mean if you asked a woman to see her masculine side she’d probably want to take a club to you. Or give you the “this guy is creepy” look.

    • Adam

      This whole feminine side is simply women attempting to define what masculinity is. The sad thing is how many men believe it. It’s like a cat telling a group of dogs what they need to do to be dogs.

  2. I’m not close enough to the overall manosphere to claim to understand all the distinctions, but from what I do understand, I think you’re being unnecessarily divisive. MGTOW look to me like the very definition of a group that cannot be defined or summarized. Saying its premise is based on “giving up” requires defining them in terms of “trying to achieve a goal that was never their interest.”

    Perhaps many/most MGOTW are like this – you’d probably know better than I would – but it’s like saying someone is “giving up” being a baseball player when they have no fundamental talent, inclination or interest in baseball. Maybe they prefer football. Maybe they don’t care for sports in the first place. Maybe they’re focused on their jobs, hobbies, pursuits or drugs. Obviously the fundamental human drives aren’t exactly comparative to baseball, but it’s close enough to make the point. Even if 75% MGOTW are “broken,” that leaves 25% who aren’t, and I would suspect they are on the leading edge of everything men can accomplish [not always for good, I’m sure.] And you won’t know about those 25% without acknowledging that they don’t all fall into the “broken” category, unless they choose to make you aware of it.

    Perhaps a better analogy would be like an infantry soldier who ignores logistics or any other support job. The Mens’ Rights people are focusing on the legal system. The ‘red pill’ people (that’s a movie reference, right?) are attracting women who can still be saved. The MGTOW way are, well, going their own way and there’s no telling what any of those individuals can do, again for good or bad.

    But the fight won’t be won until women/feminists recognize that they have lost. That won’t happen for a long time, and I don’t think it’s anybody’s benefit to tear down the other sides. Unless it would be funny, we can all enjoy laughing at that. But this seems to me unnecessarily dismissive.

    • Adam

      Have a read of this other post I did on the subject and click through some of the links. The group can indeed be summarized.

      Instead of looking at their circumstances and using that as an impetus to change and improve, these guys revel in their poor circumstances and the fact that a great deal of the deck is stacked against them. It is ultimately demeaning and decidedly unmanly. And I suspect that it will be difficult to crawl out of seeing as their fellows will do their best to pull them back in if they look like escaping. Such an environment becomes toxic as it revolves inwards.

      • But not summarized accurately. Ok, I’m sure there are a lot of losers out there, just like everywhere else in life. To sum them up as MGTOW sounds to me like blaming the message for the messenger. Going your own way doesn’t mean you don’t have responsibility for your actions, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to work to provide for yourself (and others, if you choose.) It doesn’t mean disrespecting those who take responsibility for their actions and work to provide for themselves and others.

        Going your own way is just that, going your own way. Your decision, your responsibility, your consequences. Losers have as much right to do that as anybody else, and I don’t see a benefit in falsely summarizing the idea just because some people do it for the wrong reasons or go about it the wrong way or make bad decisions or promote themselves under false pretenses. If nothing else, you completely ignore anybody who simply goes their own way under your radar, and I don’t think it’s accurate to summarize the entire concept and anyone who agrees with it as people who “revel in their poor circumstances.”

        • Adam

          As YungJacobson has commented the MGTOW movement used to be made up of men who wanted to better themselves but now it has become a refuge for those who blame their pathetic circumstances on outside forces such as feminism rather than their own shortcomings and inadequacies. Anyone who is remotely familiar with my work knows that I am strongly for men making themselves better. Unfortunately MGTOW in its present incarnation is the opposite of that. These men are not going their own way. They are checking out before they have even tried or they are checking out because they have suffered failure. Which is nothing to be proud of.

  3. YungJacobson

    While I agree that the current MGTOW movement is made up of losers, you seem to be confusing VIRGINTOWs with actual MGTOWs. The core philosophy of MGTOW still stands (don’t make impressing women your number 1 priority in life) even though the movement has been hijacked by losers.

    All movements eventually get overrun by losers, but this doesn’t invalidate the founding principles. All the real MGTOWs (such as yourself) are busy living their lives and don’t waste time on the internet complaining about women. While the word may have lost its meaning, the original philosophy is still relevant. Like anything else in life you must take what is useful and leave the rest.

    • Adam

      The simple fact that MGTOW has now become overrun with losers means that this must be pointed out for men who are only discovering this stuff for the first time. You are able to view this through the prism of your own experience with it as you have quite clearly stated in your comment. Men who are new to the manosphere do not have that luxury.

  4. I see many misogynistic types in MGTOW movement but can relate in many ways, if not to their negativity which only makes things worse, but rather to how they have suffered the consequences of their actions. I’m not preaching, as my own failed marriage was the result of me not wanting to be alone, and having fallen victim to my own egoistic nature. That nature being wanting to be seen with a ravishing woman on my arm to fulfill an insecurity of mine. I knew full well what I was getting into with this woman….

  5. Criticizing MGTOW in general sense, at this point, is low-hanging fruit. The heavy-hitters of the community are mostly occupied with other things now, and it’s been sliced up and co-opted by other movements.

  6. Purplesue66

    Lord, what will humans come up with next. Seems like a backlash of a backlash. In the nineteenth century men got the children if they wanted. A woman had three career paths a whore, a seemstrice or a wife. They couldn’t vote. So good men and woman worked to change this and let’s face it the pendulum swung the other way. Men have lost some rights as a result. Now they are pissed and are not letting woman have the benefit of they’re company. Humans evolve! Realize that we’re a team, a couple, a complement and love each other like we are meant to do.

  7. Nick

    ” . . . its entire premise is based on giving up and real men don’t do that.”

    Sometimes, when you know you’re not going to get anywhere,it becomes foolish to keep trying. As a man in his mid thirties who women have never wanted anything to do with, I’m giving up. I don’t believe this makes me less of a man. To me, a real man understands when he is not going to win and a real man can handle that.

    Putting that aside, you’re right that MGTOW is sour grapes. This is clearly shown in the MGTOW content producers on Youtube who frequently repackage the same angry video, and the thousands of subscribers who view them.

    • Adam

      We all get given a different set of skills and attributes. It’s how we utilize what we’ve got that counts.

  8. Michael

    “. . .because red pill men have game and understand the male/female dynamic, something which MGTOW men wouldn’t understand if it slapped them”

    This is a statement that is only accurate for some MGTOW. YES, MGTOW attracts men who have no luck with women. It also attracts men that have had a lot of luck with women; high-performing betas, alphas, PUA’s, all of that. Some of us have looked at the game that we played (successfully) and said, “you know I just don’t want to play any more”.

    I am about to hit 40. I had a successful marriage that ended horribly (not an oxymoron, just like you can have a good career that ends badly). I learned that the courts were stacked against me as a divorcing male, as is society in general.

    I then pursued other relationships. After a while, I began to realize that I just don’t like women. I like to have sex with them, but I really don’t like them. So then I went for just one-night-stands and FB’s.

    Finally, I realized that I could spend the time I concentrated on sex and build lasting things in my life. I could concentrate on other hobbies that brought me longer-term happiness. I could concentrate on things that made other people’s lives better.

    Some of us understand the M/F dynamic. We understand game. We have had sex with women (sometimes a lot of them). We are just opting out.

    “They are the counterpart to feminists, their mirror image and exact opposite.”

    No. Feminists fight for “rights”. They fight for “change”. The fight against the “patriarchy”.
    True MGTOW are Going Their Own Way. They are not fighting society for anything. They are taking what they want, contributing at the level they want, and doing what they want (obviously within the bounds of societal laws). I am not trying to change the system. That is what men’s rights activists do. I am not trying to “spread the truth”. that is RP stuff.

    I am just trying to live my life in a way that brings me the most short-term happiness and long-term joy. And I have decided that, for me, that doesn’t include women.

    • Adam

      Hi Michael, there is a difference between going your own way at 40 after 20 odd years of dating and being married and checking out before you even try.

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