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The US election – silver and lead.

I’m reading an excellent biography of Napoleon by Andrew Roberts. I’m up to the part where the French leader had the unfortunate Duc d’Enghien executed. As it was described at the time, ‘it was worse than a crime – it was a blunder.’ This seems to be the point where Napoleon lost his shit so to speak and moved from being a reforming radical to an outright tyrant. What has struck me is the amount of necessary improvement that Napoleon provided for a French political system that was mired in oblique and confused processes as a result of the revolution. The French national parliament was paralyzed before Napoleon came in and swept clean the house.

There are now only two days to go to the US election. The last week has seen some truly bizarre predictions and accusations being thrown about. I have stayed silent as to me it seems to be all speculation. I’m not interested in what Wikileaks ‘might release’ or what FBI directors ‘might do’. Let’s see what they release or do and then we can perhaps draw some conclusions.

Some of the accusations that have been thrown at Hillary Clinton and her cohorts seem to border on the libelous. As much as I detest the woman and all that she stands for I’m not about to start getting involved in malicious slander. It’s all pretty much useless anyway. Gab is infested with endless hysterical posts about Hillary that seem to me to be deranged. I’m not looking at Gab anymore until after the election.

Because the election is all that counts. And it only counts up to a certain point. True, I have been getting some amount of guilty pleasure at seeing people on my social media feeds melting down at the prospect of a Trump victory. And people I know who have spent the past six months mocking my stand on Trump have changed their tune over the last few days. Now they are sober and serious and grave. I haven’t returned the mocking as Trump hasn’t won yet but I must admit to sporting a wry smile.

I place a Trump victory in the same basket as the Leave victory for Brexit. The polls in the US election are just as weighted towards the side that the establishment wants to win but Trump is managing to stay within a few points.

But like I said it only counts up to a certain point even if Trump does win. With the Brexit result now being challenged in the high court it doesn’t take a genius to work out that a Trump victory is merely a weigh point on a treacherous road. The entire system has slowly but surely been rigged in favor of the establishment and the elites. The problem is that actions that now benefit the elites such as globalism are at the direct expense of the people that they fly over on their way to another high level conference.

Like the French parliament at the turn of the 19th century our system is paralyzed by competing interests, factional feuds, and systematic corruption. All of which is played out on a hopelessly compromised media that nobody with a functional brain cell takes seriously anymore. ‘Let them eat cake’ has been replaced with ‘let them have a national disability insurance scheme’. When that doesn’t work the elites import masses of illegal immigrants and openly encourage them to go out and vote.

Something has to give. It will give no matter who wins the election. My American friends tell me that they are stocking up on silver and lead, which translates to bullion and bullets for those not in the know. What strikes me on reading about Napoleon is how close it was so very many times. Events could have gone in many varied directions if not for a chance encounter here or a chance remark there. That is how it has always been. It is why it makes it beyond useless to attempt to predict events. The whole matter can easily be decided on the turn of a friendly card.

The passions that drove the French over two hundred years ago are the same passions that drive people in the world today. Perhaps two hundred years in the future a virtual vision blogger will be pondering the same questions for the great drama of his time while reading a biography of Trump and the convolutions of the world at the beginning of the 21st century. What I do know is that we are on the cusp of witnessing great events. The question is whether that will be to our benefit.


It’s a two way street.


Honesty is the best policy with a good woman.


  1. Well said. Very well said.

  2. Mr Black

    My own prediction for what little it’s worth is that Clinton will win, but the margin of obvious fraud will be somewhat larger than her winning margin.

  3. If Hillary wins, and its looking more likely she will, she will automatically be a lame duck. She will be under constant subpoena her entire term.

    • Adam

      I agree but where is the change from the last eight years of Obama? Whether it’s being under subpoena or playing golf, the end result is presidency by proxy.

  4. Neville

    Too true, Adam, and I like the phrase “presidency by proxy”
    BTW: “merely a weigh point on a treacherous road”? .. *waypoint

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