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Good morning, America!


I. Told. You.

Ok, maybe not every state. But that would have been a hell of a call if it came off, right?


Taking my medicine.


It’s the culture, stupid.


  1. I still can’t believe it. Will the electoral college really vote for him? Will there be a court challenge over something? Assassination? Or will the Republicans block anything he tries to do, resulting in a fizzle? I have a feeling the fat lady is yet to sing.

    • Ken in NH

      Yes. Probably not. Probably not. 50/50. There’s a lot of talk about lessons for liberals. No the lesson was for everyone, liberals and the Quisling Republicans, that the people were tired of being bossed around by Acela corridor and lectured by Mordor on the West coast and called horrible names if they dissented. They want to stop being assaulted at every turn of the TV dial, opening of the newspaper, every tax bill, and the smug liberals they encounter in their daily lives. Many who voted for Trump do not know how that gets fixed. Is it “draining the swamp”? What does that mean? About as much as “hope and change”. Is it marching the driving the commies to Canada? They’re such nice people and they have their own commie problem.

      Hopefully, they’ll come to realize the real solution is to devolve the unconstitutional and extra-constitutional power that DC has usurped.

  2. Robbo

    Ironically enough the electoral college will vote for him because they don’t know how not to. Their own sense of propriety and righteousness will enable that which they fear the most.


  3. It should prove interesting. But what I find more interesting is extreme blue pill behavior, from supposedly red pill people, when it comes to a newly elected candidate. I think I’ve heard this song before. She’s the one, we’ll have the perfect life together, all I have to do is believe. Remember, President Obama was going to close GITMO right off the bat, and all sorts of other things. He couldn’t sign some of President Bush’s Executive Orders fast enough.

    Well, if he does nothing but hammer out better trade treaties for the US I think he can do us a world of good.

    • Adam

      I entirely agree. I will not ponder what Trump will now do. I will simply watch.

  4. When I did a linkage post to your site I quoted your prediction that Trump would win and I said you were wrong. I’ve been predicting a Hillary presidential victory since 2012. And because I an right, I am always right, I have always been right, I will always be right and I am never wrong – and because I have integrity – I have to say this.

    Adam. You were right and I was wrong.

    And I’m loving it. The triggering and virtue signaling I witness today was priceless.

    Like others I can only wonder if Trump will truly be the Shitlord we elected or if he will sell out.

    • Adam

      It’s okay to make a mistake now and then. Just don’t make a habit of it, okay?

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