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The Globalist Left’s great projection begins.

An article from The Guardian accuses Facebook of failing to clamp down on fake news that contributed to the echo chamber during the US election. Sounds pretty good to me until you realize that they are calling this a “uniquely Republican problem”. I could link dozens of articles from the last two days to emphasize the same point. The left are not going to learn anything. They are going to double down, convinced that the problem is one of the populace voting the “wrong way” and that their message was good but just wasn’t heard loudly enough.

Tim Newman noted that the same thing occurred after the last British national election which resulted in the labor party being hijacked by the lunatic fringe, the result of which will see them isolated politically for many years to come.

The problem for the left is not that their core policies have been shown to be both unworkable and unpalatable to the general population. The problem is that their entire identities are bound up in their ideology. It is their belief system. Most people have to believe in something and after church numbers began steeply falling a few generations ago a lot of people latched onto these ideologies.

This is why the left are now accusing their opposition of the usual combination of racism, sexism, fear, hate, homophobia, and the rest, just for the feat of actually winning a democratic election. Meanwhile demented Hillary supporters riot in the streets, apparently not willing to accept the election result, an attitude that they had used to mock Trump with in the weeks after the final television debate.

They have zero self awareness and the monikers that they use to label their opponents are exactly the attitudes that they hold dear. The ironic thing is that they find themselves in this position because they couldn’t leave well enough alone. They got their multiculturalism, they got their equal rights for gays, they got their core feminist principles through, they got fault free divorce, they got the complete subjugation of the education system, they got control of the universities, they succeeded in stopping most development via the holy grail of environmentalism, on and on they went.

But it was never enough. They pushed and pushed and pushed because that is all they know how to do. And finally the general masses who just want to be left alone to get on with their lives stood up and said enough. If the globalist left think that these people will now simply sit back down again then they are in for a fight. But a fight it will be as article after article and demented facebook comment after another appear in gormless waves of stupidity. SJWs always double down and this will be their biggest double-down movement thus far. It is up to us not to let them off the hook.


It’s the culture, stupid.


Culture is race.


  1. How does it go? I revel in feminist tears. I have no doubt that if the election had gone the other way it would have been a big middle finger to anyone who had a problem with it. The left is always looking for comity and bipartisanship when they lose. If they win, screw you, we won.

    Oh well, if the election had gone the other way I would still have wood to split for the winter, fence to ride and repair, and other work to accomplish. As a customer of mine was used to saying, “what have you done for me today?”

    A misogynist’s work is never done. Oh, and the patriarchy never sleeps.

  2. Lab Guy

    I got on Fecebooks and made it a point to troll the libtards and cat ladies at the Huffington waste. I told them I wish I could celebrate by stuffing a cigar into every Hillary voter’s keester.

    I can’t imagine if we were attacked and a city in America lost electricity or water for a week these snowflakes crying over an election will be a anchor weights to do anything constructive in a real emergency.

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