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Culture is race.

My piece on culture that I wrote the other day was cross-posted on XYZ online magazine. One of the comments caught my eye:

Excellent insight on the left-right issue, though if you are referring to ‘race’ when you mention the ‘color of people’s faces’, then you lost me. Culture has nothing to do with a person’s race.

I have pondered this at length as it did not sit well with me. If culture does not have anything to do with race then what is it bound by? Race means many things. As The Z man states it is made up of biology, ancestry, and heritage. Although he is referring to tribalism and national identity I believe that this is concomitant with race.

After forty years of multiculturalism we have been taught to believe that all cultures are equal. And yet, if you suggest that a Western culture is superior to some backwater tribe living in a third world hellhole then you will immediately be accused of being a racist.

How curious.

Likewise, a great deal of propaganda is given over to the glories of Australian aboriginal culture. One only has to lay claim to a one sixteenth genealogy and have that ratified by an aboriginal tribe and then the culture is open to that person. Failure to possess that genealogy negates any claim at being aboriginal.

Curiouser and curiouser. Sounds like biology, ancestry, and heritage to me. Sounds like race. Of course, the common theme here is that it is only racist when whites seek to do the same.

With Trump’s victory a lot of people are talking about culture and how it has absolutely nothing to do with race. Over at Catallaxy Files a guest poster has a piece that states that culture is language. To whit, learn the English language and hey presto – you’re part of the culture.

The language itself contains within it the memory of 1066 and the lessons thereof, and is the progenitor of all worthwhile you see in our civilisation: Liberty. A drive to explore new frontiers. An anti- authoritarian streak. A desire for property and property rights. Freedom of worship.

I would counter with the idea that the English language is merely the vehicle that holds the seeds of our common history, ancestry, and heritage. The idea that anyone who learns English can then lay claim to that common bond is simply ludicrous. I speak Italian fluently and lived there for a very long time but I would never consider myself to be an Italian, and neither would my Italian friends.

We have nothing to fear from immigration, because English is not a race, and the English speaking people can absorb anyone.

There are towns in areas of England that would seriously disagree with the two premises in that statement.

John C. Wright is adamant that it is religion and not race that determines culture. Apparently the explanation for the number of minorities who voted for Trump is due to them being Christian although he gives no evidence to support this claim. While I certainly agree that Leftism as it is practiced is the new religion of the 20th century, I do not see how Christianity in its current troubled form can lay claim to Trump’s success.

Did the Amish who came out and voted in all their numbers for Trump do so because of their religion or because of their race?

According to the 2002 census over 84% of the population of Uganda was Christian. I lived there for almost two years and I have never experienced such an alien environment as that one. It is a completely different culture to that of Australia or England, and even though it shares not just the same language and religion but the same political and judicial systems, one cannot in any good faith make the argument that Uganda has the same culture as those two other countries. Their culture is bound up in their biology, their shared history, and their ancestry and customs. In their race.

And as a white man living there I felt not just alienation but a degree of loneliness. It was not my place. I was a stranger in a strange land. I felt that to a much lesser extent in Italy but it was still there. In Canada it was practically non existent and even less so in England. I empathise with immigrants from alien cultures and I understand why they seek to retain the cultures and trappings of their former home. It stems from a desperate attempt to feel in place. But that does not make it appropriate for it is always at the expense of the host culture.

Those forty years of multiculturalism have also left ordinary people terrified of the racist card. Perhaps that is why so many writers are now jumping through hoops to demonstrate that culture and race have nothing to do with each other. Perhaps this desperation stems from the fact that people are extremely uncomfortable with the potential consequences of waking up to this fact. The truth is that we have forty years of grave errors to deal with. The longer the accounting is put off then the worse will be the bill.

I do not think that there is any possibility of the USA or Australia reverting to white nations, and nor would I condone this direction. Those extremists on the alt-right who scream for a land for whites only are just as deluded as SJWs in their own stupid way. But we need to be able to discuss these topics without fear of being labelled with one of the usual monikers. Culture is inextricably bound up with race and the sooner we acknowledge and face up to that fact then the better off we all will be.



The Globalist Left’s great projection begins.


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  1. “I emphasize with immigrants from …” empathise.

    Yes, that “we have nothing to fear from immigration” jarred, and it was an overall very interesting two-part post. As yours is interesting. Our family has been talking about culture lately; increasingly, in fact. It’s like the lid has been lifted, steam escaping – look at that petition protesting the shouting down of Price the other day. And the MSM had to report on it. Would never have happened in 2015.

  2. I managed to go off topic there, but you know, it’s all culture innit.

  3. I would argue that the driver for culture is food, constrained by environment. A culture will form and constrain itself based upon available food sources. A good example of that in Africa is the Masai. The family structures, housing, manhood rituals and numbers of children revolve around the number of cattle they can keep. Since the number of cattle is constrained by the environment the culture responds accordingly.

    Similarly the Aborigines in Australia or the Kalahari Bushman in southern Africa are hunter gatherers which drives the culture. When you have a culture such as the West the food sources quickly became highly variable due to a temperate climate and seasonal changes, which drove invention and allowed for the food sources to be located away from the population. Consequently it allows for an urban culture, and the growth of art forms.

    As an aside when have you felt most at odds in a different place? For many it’s when a meal is shared according to their culture. Also what drives many cultures nuts about Americanization? Fast food.

    A few thoughts on the matter.

    • I think food was indeed a big one. We had our own cook in-house but we used to get friends in Australia to send us magazine recipe books. Then we’d point at a pavlova and tell our cook to make it. Poor woman, she did her very best.

  4. Carl-Edward

    Genetics will always determine culture, and therefore behaviour. Many coloured colonials used to ape (no pun intended) the English, and although it made them easier to manage, they nevertheless were not English! Equally, people coming to the United States from alien cultures, can never be considered American. In fact, even (say) three generations later, they are different in the pejorative sense of the word.

    I lived in Hawaii some years back, and loathed it. Talk about the Yellow Peril!

    • Neville

      Three generations later? And yet … successive waves of immigration to Australia show pretty much every time that the first generation are never fully acculturated, the second generation are generally sort of 95% acculturated, and the third generation are flat-out Aussies (although usually with a nod to their ancestry).

      • And yet a good number of the terrorists in the Belgium attacks were 4th generation children of immigrants.

  5. I came to the conclusion after a decade or so abroad that culture is everything. Only identifying what makes a culture the way it is was impossible. I struggled with this question in this post.

    • Really great post and after my experiences in Africa and Italy I entirely agree with it. And it goes some way towards explaining every successful Russian leader in history.

      Allen has commented that food affects a feeling of alienation when one is in a different culture for any length of time. While I agree with that it now seems to me that trust or the lack of it has a much greater affect on a person’s feeling of alienation. The lack of trust begins to wear you down over time. With that in mind I wonder if a Russian would do quite well in Nigeria? The Russian hails from a culture with a lack of trust and finds himself in a similar situation.

      Moving on to the topic of mass immigration, perhaps what we are seeing is the mass importation of a lack of trust. Which is thus a steady erosion of civilization. No country that operates under fundamental rules of law can resist that wave for very long.

      • With that in mind I wonder if a Russian would do quite well in Nigeria?

        They did pretty well, particularly as all most of them would say for the first six months was “The weather is fantastic! It’s so warm! There’s no snow!

  6. EhIntellect

    Deprecation of Mexican or any S. American culture is usually met with the race card and physical violence in the local high schools. My teenage boys know Mexico is a country not a race, and the racist label is inapt, and perhaps nationalist is a better term. Definitions don’t assuage the perpetually indignant though.

    The age for sexual consent in Mexico is often 12-14. This is the native culture driving grown male sexual access to young, young girls. Americans are understanding it better now. The young immigrants see young girls as available. I can’t imagine how Rothingham parents are dealing with their daughters’ victimization with the police, no less, looking the other way.

    The new immigrants, especially middle east immigrants along with other 3rd-worlders, see women as possessions, sexual playthings. And the native Christian women? Whores.

    What is their incentive to assimilate? None, presently.

    • Lucky you have teenage boys in that situation and not teenage girls I would say.

      • EhIntellect

        Ah, yeah, about that. I have a 9 y.o. girl too. She’s going to need more protection, i.e. she won’t have the freedom my boys do in the city. Damn, an x slipped by…

        Parenting in an auto-balkanizing town is troublesome; I musn’t prevaricate I’m safe, likewise help my children feel secure, but not too secure. They have to carry the torch someday too. Knowledge is power and safety.

        My most grievous mistakes arose while going against my gut instincts. My boys know this: It isn’t racist to avoid trouble and those who routinely cause it. It’s called self-preservation.

  7. Mr Black

    Why is it extremist or delusional to want a whites-only country, or many of them? If we write the laws and control the borders can’t we decide to be whatever we want? Personally speaking, whenever I walk around in the Melbourne CBD and the ethnic centres in the suburbs I know that while I am in Australia, I am also, sort of, in a foreign country. To be the only white face on the entire street bothers me because it is not MY street anymore. It is a Chinese street, or an Indian street. I am the unwanted outsider.

    • Yes, if you control the borders and the laws then you can have whatever country you want. But the situation is now so advanced that the only way you’ll turn back the clock is mass expulsions at best. Which is what they aimed for in the first place.

      • Mr Black

        You wouldn’t need to make it burdensome. A requirement to leave the country within 5 years if you were not born in Australia would give everyone affected plenty of time to arrange their affairs. Forced to leave, yes. But not under hardship. And if preserving white culture really is an important goal, if only for us, then this very mild measure or others like it are certainly appropriate.

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