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Would you put up this flyer?


This flyer has gone up around Toronto which I discovered courtesy of Amerika, the alt right site. The flyer reads as follows:

Hey, White Person

  • Tired of political correctness?
  • Wondering why only white countries have to become ‘multicultural’?
  • Figured out that diversity means ‘less white people’?
  • Sick of being blame for all the world’s problems?
  • Tired of being told you’re ‘racist’ for celebrating your heritage?
  • Disgusted by the garbage on television?
  • Don’t see a future for yourself and your family?
  • Questioning when immigration will stop?

Join the Alt-Right

There has been a great deal of celebration and bathing in the tears of Globalists in the week following the Trump victory. Unfortunately for me I lost my internet last Thursday due to a technical glitch and I’m still waiting for it to come back up. Thus my internet trawlings have been dramatically curtailed. Just getting posts out has been really difficult, (which was why there were no posts on Sunday and Monday).

Thankfully the latest weekly linkage over at the Cynical Libertarian Society has helped me to catch up on much of the deliciousness, including the post with the aforementioned flyer. One of the comments on the post stood out at me:

Living in Toronto myself and too aware of the thought police around these parts, I really hope those posters were not printed using a colour laser printer. These have identifying marks printed out (in basically invisible yellow) which are intended to help fight counterfeiting, but which I can see being used to fight hate crime.

Don’t laugh, it’s that bad.

This guy isn’t just afraid of putting up a flyer. He’s afraid that they might then trace him by his color printer. My instinctive reaction to this was that he was being ridiculous but then I made myself consider how I would feel putting up these same flyers around my neighborhood. Or around the major universities in Melbourne.

Oh yeah – maybe he does have a point.

The salient point here is not whether you agree or not with the flyer. Rather, it is whether you would feel confident and comfortable putting up something that echoed your own beliefs but which you know would fly in the face of Globalists and their PC agenda. And no matter where you live in the world I think that there would be few places where you could safely perform such an action without drawing the wrath and violence of the same types of bottom-feeders who are currently rioting in American cities.

There has been a great deal of adulation around Trump. But he is only one man and he cannot save us from ourselves. We should not look upon Trump as a savior. Rather we should view him as an opportunity to stand up on our own two feet and reclaim our nations. To be men. The Globalists have been winning because the great majority could not be bothered to fight them. We have been content to sit in the comfort of our homes with our computer games and our large screen televisions and watch the decline.

Where is the fight? It is not nearly enough to celebrate Trump’s victory. The time for celebration is over. It is time for the freaks, the deviants, the parasites, the Quislings, the masochists, the hypocrites, and all those bent on the self-destruction of their own cultures to be cast back into the pit of social ostracism where they belong. It should be they who are made to scurry about at night with fearful glances over their shoulders while they put up their own miserable flyers. As it once was.

But instead the opposite is the reality. They are able to confidently swagger in broad daylight, to riot in the streets and damage private property and assault police and citizens, to march in parades celebrating filth and decay, to destroy our school systems with deviancy masquerading as “anti-bullying” of all things. On and on it goes. Trump will not save you from this. Trump is merely the messenger. And the message to the men of the West is that it is finally time to act.

So put up a fucking flyer.


Culture is race.


Keep your eyes open and your big mouth shut.


  1. EhIntellect

    We need more soldiers. This is an multi-generation struggle. It’s a winnable one if we got it in us.

    My humble suggestion? Marriage and have kids, lots of kids. My oldest son’s confirmation sponsor has 7 kids. The father is Alpha in many ways. He’s much like my son in many ways more than me. His young children, home-schooled, the older in classical education. He’s by no means wealthy, but understands the stakes and invests in his kids.

    In his case 1+1=9. Odd math, huh? Who’ll have the most impact in 20 years? UK birth rate in 1965 was 3, now just below sustainable 2. The U.S. drop is even worse.

    2015 Canada began depopulation. The U.S starts depopulation in 2025.

    Denmark’s baby-positive ads are seeing results, albeit as a correlation. It’s a distinct departure to the “me first” approach. Denmark’s reasoning is spurious (to maintain the cash transfers), but who cares if they sew their own progressive destruction?

    The future is ours, if we choose.

    Great post.

  2. No, putting up flyers is a form of littering, the left loves to litter and in general crap all over the nest.

    Seriously though.

    Have I told people directly about my views along some of those lines? Absolutely. The ironic thing is some of my lefty acquaintances know they can count on me to stand up when it needs to be done because I’m willing to speak my mind and follow through.

    Not too long ago there was an issue about one of the Wilderness Areas near me where a lefty environmentalist and I had an agreement about an approach. One of the youngsters said, right in front of me no less, to the person I had dealt with “how can you trust him he’s a blah, blah, blah.” His angry response was “because he’s given me his guarantee.” I had to laugh, some of these young people just don’t get it.

    • Adam

      Your word is your bond. For those who don’t understand that you can be sure that their word is meaningless.

  3. C

    I think this is fake. Who says “join the alt-right”. My bet is it is a prank or some left wing agit-prop. Like the rest of this stuff:
    So now some Toronto Police department with nothing better to do is running around investigating posters.

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