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Because of anti-speech laws I cannot comment on this photo.

There has been a lot of ongoing controversy here in Australia regarding a cartoon that Bill Leak drew for The Australian newspaper. For a good summation of the whole sorry business here is a short and concise video from the IPA:

The section of the act known as 18c has this little snippet:

Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act makes it unlawful for someone to do an act that is reasonably likely to offend, insult, humiliate, or intimidate someone because of their race or ethnicity.

This is entirely subjective and is a serious obstacle to free speech in Australia. One of the complainants to the Australian Human Rights Commission over Leak’s cartoon has withdrawn her complaint after she “felt threatened” by the attention that she was receiving. The woman’s name is Melissa Dinnison and she is a student living in Germany. Apparently she was “reeling” when she saw Leak’s cartoon.

“I felt pretty degraded and humiliated, it deeply affected me to be honest. I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep. I wanted to quit my degree because I didn’t really think it was worth trying anymore, if cartoons like this could be published in national newspapers,” Melissa tells Hack from Germany, where she is completing a uni exchange.

“That [cartoon] basically aimed to blame Aboriginal families for their abuse children suffered in detention. It just made me feel like there’s no point in trying. It was just really a humiliating representation of indigenous people.”

“I was at home at the time and I just lay in bed and felt pretty despondent for a while. It definitely hurt, it really hurt to see that. Later on, after those feelings had sat with me for a while, I decided what I wanted to do.”

What a poor thing. I assume that she was reeling because she herself is an aboriginal Australian. Here is her photo.


Because I live in Australia and thus find myself under the ominous jurisprudential reach of 18c I cannot comment safely on this photo without risk of being dragged before the AHRC or to Federal court if a conciliation process with the AHRC failed. Even though Dinnison lives in Germany. There would be no negative outlay for her to launch a complaint against me while there are plenty of drawbacks if I write here what I want to write about this photo.

But if you don’t live in Australia then you’re free to say whatever you like. So have at it. And to any fellow bloggers living overseas, please feel free to go to town if you so desire.




Keep your eyes open and your big mouth shut.


In marriage we trust.


  1. We can only hope that soon the pendulum will swing the other way. Snowflakes like here will soon be mocked and scorned for their weakness and willingness to become victims to a drawing done on the other side of the world. She’s pathetic.

  2. You know if one of my boys brought that young lady home I would think “decent looking, clean cut…” Until she opened her mouth. “Run son, avert your eyes, it’s a Gorgon.” Now I understand it when you said “stay away from Australian women they’ve gone over the edge.”

    Weak people get offended when they are shown the truth.

  3. I’ve been following this. Australia seems determined to lead the developed world into dystopia, and the rest are keen to follow. It’s an absolute fucking travesty.

    • Adam

      Canada had a similar law but it was revealed after Mark Styen and Ezra Larent went apeshit.

  4. mike

    “I was at home at the time and I just lay in bed and felt pretty despondent for a while. It definitely hurt, it really hurt to see that.” This is how anyone realizes Truth.

    • Adam

      Great point which is why the cartoon was so good in the first place.

  5. You may not be free to comment, but by inviting people who are not under such a tyrannical jurisdiction to post comments on a web site under your control, that in itself is probably a crime, although probably a different one. Aiding and abetting making someone uncomfortable?

    We are really really heading in a dangerous direction when we allow a member of the public to decide that they “feel” something. There is of course not allowance for the same charge to be levied at government, which makes me feel oppressed every day by its myriad of tyrannical laws and actions.

    #LoveWins => #BakeTheCake => #PinkSwastika => #LoveWins

    • Adam

      Actually I’m a bit disappointed as nobody has made the startlingly obvious comment about the photo that I am not free to make.

  6. Is it the depiction of the ebola virus on the shirts?

  7. LadyMoonlight

    That it is extremely difficult to see any “Aboriginal heritage” in her features, yes? Yeah, I know, a white man walked past one of her Aboriginal female ancestors and smiled at her, sending the Aboriginal female into a mini-spin of fear of possible human contact and that must have “mentally raped” her and that is enough for the descendent to claim Aboriginality. I know that this is not well articulated, but I am hoping fellow readers get it.

  8. Floyd R Turbo (American)

    It’s a lucky thing that you didn’t call her a skanky whore who virtue signals because she wants to take aboriginal dicks up her ass. Or that the Australian Human Rights Commission is entirely composed of skanky whores who virtue signal because they want to take aboriginal dicks up their ass.
    Because that would be rude.

  9. Post Alley Crackpot

    Haven’t you learned the fine British art of the back-handed compliment?


    “Pretty fly for a white girl!”


    • Adam

      You’re asking an Australian to be subtle? What are you, nuts?

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