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How to resist blue pill parenting.

Rollo has a post up about red pill fatherhood and the many ways that modern progressive society has stacked the deck against fathers bringing up their children in traditional gender roles.

‘The Village’ will raise your kids if you don’t. You will be resisted, you will be ridiculed, you will be accused of every thought-crime to the point of being dragged away to jail for imparting Red Pill awareness to them (in the future I expect it to be equated with child abuse). The Village will teach your boys from the most impressionable ages (5 years old) to loath their maleness, to feel shame for being less perfect than girls and to want to remake their gender-identity more like girls – to the point that transitioning their gender to girls’ will be the norm.

This is a hugely important topic and I await Rollo’s new book with anticipation as he is dedicating over a third of its content to red pill parenting. I do not have any children that I know of but one of the first things I told my now wife when we first started getting serious was that if we ever did have children there was no way on earth that I would be present in the delivery room. Her immediate reaction was to not take this too well. I distinctly remember her saying that we wouldn’t have kids in that case. My reply was that this was perfectly fine with me.

You have to set future expectations and your own personal ground rules from the beginning. If a woman decides to use her pregnant state as an excuse to be an overbearing bitch then that isn’t the sort of person that you want to be hooked up with in the first place. I have a very firm rule that I follow at all times – I don’t care what your hormonal or emotional state is, you don’t leverage that to get a pass on bad behavior or to get an acceptance on what would otherwise be unreasonable demands.

Luckily for us men it is very easy to determine this early on without having to go through a pregnancy. You simply observe her first round of PMT. I distinctly remember one girl who I had been seeing for a few weeks. She was a bit out there but the sex was great. Then she went completely off the deep end. I truly had never seen anything like it so I banished her from my existence. A week or so later she called me up and in an embarrassed manner she explained that she had been diagnosed with an extra-heavy-double-gold-plated-nuclear version of PMT. She told me this in a way that everything was now explained and we could go back to seeing one another. I told her never to call me again and put down the phone.

Anyway, back to red pill parenting. The point is that you have to set the frame for how things will proceed from the very beginning. Way before a baby is even born. I have written before about how the modern man should be nowhere near a delivery room. You shouldn’t even be in the hospital.

A man’s place during the birth is with his fellow men. They should celebrate the impending arrival in an atmosphere of supporting joviality. When the news arrives of a successful outcome the proud father should make his way to the hospital to be with his wife and new child. That done he should leave them in peace and get back to the boys where the serious business of whiskey and cigars is about to begin. I am not being flippant here. This is how it was done amongst men since the dawn of time. Don’t tell me that all those fathers were bad people. The woman has all the professional support that they need in the delivery room. The father needs his own support as well.

The reason that society has spent the last 40 years shaming men into the delivery room where their presence is entirely unnecessary at best is for one reason only – control. The modern progressive blue pill father has to know from the beginning that he has no rights and no say in any outcomes. If he is told that he is to be in the delivery room then that is where he needs to be and social shaming will result if men even appear to buck this trend.

Nowadays the rot begins before the birth. Men are required to attend antenatal classes with their pregnant wives. This is the first step in placing the future father firmly under the blue pill parenting umbrella. “The Village” as Rollo calls it. As a red pill father your first clear break with the village is to refuse to attend any such classes. Your clear reasoning is that you won’t be present at the birth in the first place as it is women’s business. That is your line and you need to be unwavering.

You might balk at this but that is a sign that you are caving. The whole point of the village is that men have no reproductive rights:

Then if there’s a baby, the young man has no actual choices left, as a practical matter. ALL the choices thereafter are those of the mommy. Kill baby or not kill the baby. Put baby up for adoption, or keep baby. Stay with Daddy or dump Daddy. Marriage optional, cuz Daddy pays either way. If baby is both born alive and disabled, Mommy decides whether to adopt baby out or keep baby. If she goes on welfare, Daddy must not live with his family, ever. Mommy decides. If she keeps baby, Daddy is on the hook for caring for baby for Daddy’s life, plus Daddy’s estate owes everything, potentially to past and future care of baby. This makes Daddy a very poor marriage prospect for other women. Reduced income, alternate weekends and one night a week blown, plus emotional and financial ongoing costs of children not even in the home, who likely resent Step-Mommy. Mommy, on the other hand, can marry or hook up again, with a nearly guaranteed support check. And if she likes, the new man can be called and treated like Daddy. Even if Daddy dies, Social Security steps in and pays, and health insurance? Daddy. College? Probably Daddy.

That is what awaits you if you cave. Which is why you absolutely must be upfront with the woman that you are considering might be a potential mother of your children. If she responds badly then you let her go. It means that you dodged a bullet. Look at that quoted wall of text again. That is what awaits you if you chicken out and go along with the village.

The key point to all of this is that men have rights during the reproductive process as well. But you need to exercise those rights and you need to do it from the very beginning. In other words you need to stand up and be a man. Don’t cave at the first sign of pregnant woman hysteria. Be firm and unwavering. You’re supportive but you’re not going to antenatal classes. You’re not going shopping for strollers and breast pumps. And you’re certainly not going to be there for the birth.

Your job is to make sure the car is fueled and ready to go and to put the cot together. The rest is up to her and her gaggle of female friends and relatives. This is strictly women’s business. For fuck’s sake, women go on all the time about being strong and independent, right? Well how about showing it when it really counts.

Does that sound like a rough ride? Are you balking at the very idea of saying those things to your wife? Go back and read the quoted wall of text again about ‘daddy’. Now tell me which sounds worse.

You set your frame from the beginning. Once you set your frame then you need to hold it in the face of all outright assaults. If you want to be a red pill daddy then it starts before the birth. Deviate from this line at your own very considerable peril.


Openly racist.


Podcast episode 27 – The red pill parenting episode.


  1. A friend of mine wanted to be there. His motivation was that he wanted to be the first person to hold his child and then give it to his wife himself. After the kids are born an honest woman will tell you the hard truth. If it comes to a choice, you ain’t it, the kids are.

  2. I told her never to call me again and put down the phone.

    Ah, skills I wished I had.

    • Adam

      A skill learned after many years of toil and suffering.

  3. GFR

    I’m not quite sure I understand the point of not being there. My Father-In-Law was there for his daughter’s first delivery, and he wasn’t on the hook for anything..
    My Father wasn’t there for my birth but that was because he was a medical school student doing his rotation in obstetrics – at another hospital. Otherwise he WOULD have been there.
    I think it may just be a fashion thing – like some women want to deliver in tanks of warm, salt water..

    • Adam

      If you think it’s a fashion thing and you have a choice try telling your wife that you intend not to be there.

      As for the point of not being there, from my earlier post which I quoted:

      Women get a huge rush of hormones during birth, as well as all the drugs they can handle. This enables them to forget enough of the experience after the fact to allow them to do it again in the future. Men receive neither hormones nor drugs. They will remember everything that they see and hear during that period. They must bear witness to the woman they they love going through terrible agony. They can do nothing to help, and often the woman will scream at them for putting them in this situation, (although I always thought that it took two to tango).

      Friends of mine who have been there get this vague 1000 yard stare when the subject comes up. They swear black and blue that it was “the greatest experience of their life”, but simple observation reveals the truth of the matter. More than one man has confided in me that he has had trouble having sex with his wife since he saw her giving birth. There was a reason that the wise mid-wives kept the blokes out.

  4. Not that I have kids, but I think I’d want to be in the hospital in case something went catastrophically wrong and I needed to say goodbye. Otherwise, yes: blokes should be in the grounds having a cigar and following the cricket on an iPhone.

  5. There was a reason that the wise mid-wives kept the blokes out.

    An Australian once described it as “watching your favourite pub burn down”. Another mate of mine, no softy he, said it was fucking awful.

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