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The reason why I have a problem with the more extreme elements of the MGTOW movement is because as Vox Day says it is an evolutionary and civilizational dead end. As he observes, women are always going to congregate and come to the assumption that they are ‘oppressed’ no matter what their actual circumstance. It is our duty to fight against the more extreme elements of feminism so as to save young women who would otherwise be indoctrinated.

This is not done out of great humanitarian love but rather as a more practical task seeing as it results in women who are much less objectionable than their feminist counterparts. And ultimately because in the end it is the desire of most men to start a family. It is all well and good to talk the big talk of going your own way early on but as the years go by and particularly if you meet a woman who gives you the stirrings of faint hope that she may be a worthwhile risk, then you may find that you want to change your tune.

I used the word risk just then on purpose. Life is full of risk. The wise man will seek to moderate his risk as much as possible but he will never fully eliminate it. Let’s say you’re in your mid thirties and you meet a woman who you think is as good as it gets. She’s into you just as much as you’re into her. Hopefully she’s a few years younger than you are. She passes the shit-test stage and the PMT stage with flying colors. She passes the three month stage by not having a personality meltdown in all that time. It seems as if she has no desire to change you and mold you into what she thinks a man should be. So far so good.

Enough time has gone by that you decide to pop the question. You have done all the research on her that you can. You have been upfront with her with regards to all your beliefs and opinions and you think that she has been the same with you. In other words, you have mitigated the risk as much as you can.

At a certain point if you’re going to go through with this then you have to form a basis of trust with this woman. The level of trust that you give her will determine the level of openness in your marriage. If you trust her 100% then you raise the potential of 100% openness and success in your marriage. If you hold back and trust her at around 80% then you will get the same level of trust back and the same level of openness in your relationship at a maximum.

How much are you willing to risk for what amount of reward? This is what life is about, not just with personal relationships but with professional ones as well. In my own marriage I gave my wife 100%. It was as good a shot as I had ever had. I insisted on one bank account that we would put all of our money into. In all my previous relationships the money had been completely separate. What I had learned from that was that this meant that there would always be a level of separation in the relationship. With previous girls I had gone so far up to a certain point but had then stopped. My previous relationships had in fact been a form of killing time.

It worked out with my wife. But what if it hadn’t? Then I would have licked my wounds, picked myself back up and started again. And there would have been a great deal of revaluation as I tried to understand where I had misinterpreted information when forming my opinions.

Over the course of my life I have learned that there are people you can trust. It helps greatly if you yourself are trustworthy – that’s a very good foundation. Then as time goes by you begin to learn how to spot the deceivers. I’m not perfect. I made a big miscalculation on somebody fairly recently, within the last year. But I had protected myself from the fallout if it had gone badly and so as a result I wasn’t affected a great deal. Mostly it was restricted to personal disappointment in the other person. And of course I attempted to reevaluate so as to not make the same mistake again.

If the idea of trusting like this causes you great concern then perhaps you need a bit more practice and life experience at it. Or perhaps you need to better reevaluate your past bad experiences. Or perhaps a combination of these. But either way, if you do not manage to come to a level of trust then ultimately you will have a rather lonely life.


The murdering tyrant Castro is dead.


Take your White Ribbon pledge and shove it.


  1. john smith

    MGTOW is a natural consequence. It neither an evolutionary nor civilization dead end. It is a symptom of natural selection. If 100% of Western men go MGTOW the species will continue on but without the participation of the white race, therefore it is a racial and not evolutionary dead end.

    It is not a civilization dead end either. Just as in natural selection, the old and weak are culled to make room for the young and strong. MGTOW spells the end of Western civilization, and just as nature intended, another will rise to take its place.

    You need to reframe your argument from a universal perspective of the effect of MGTOW to its effect upon the West. Cheers.

    • Floyd R Turbo (American)

      Nature doesn’t “intend” anything. Nature certainly doesn’t care about “civilization”. In a state of nature the average human died before the age of thirty – not many modern women or even MGTOW would want to live in a state of nature.
      Relationships between men and women change as society changes. Once the femmebots become available for the price of a small car, the era where women were able to use sex to manipulate men will come to an end.
      Women will HAVE to up their game or die out. Imagine a world where women acted rationally and gave some thought to the interests of their male partners for once…
      It won’t be long after that when babies develop in mechanical “wombs”, and will be raised largely by robots – resulting in a society where women will be able to be even MORE self-indulgent if they wish.
      Pretty soon after that everybody will transfer their consciousness into giant computers where they will be able to live indefinitely, giving “birth” to designer-offspring as they see fit.
      All this will be wonderful until the space-aliens shut off the power to the giant computers.

  2. Sometimes you have to go all in to win the game.

  3. Jenny Ward

    I tried to unsubscribe the other day and apparently it didn’t work… now when i try it asks me to log into wordpress. can you manually unsubscribe me please? I like ur stuff just get too many emails:) I work for a raft co in ca btw and am wanting ur book for xmas!! happy holidays Jenny

    • Adam

      No problem, Jenny. Hope you enjoy the book and have a great Christmas.

      Actually I went over the blog followers and the email you just used to post a comment isn’t listed. Perhaps it did work after all?

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