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Far-left protesters accuse Jews of being Fascists.


members of the anti-fascist Antifa group at a protest. Now where have I seen those colors on imagery before …?

Threats from hard left protesters with the potential to use violence and extreme intimidatory tactics have caused local Israeli gym owner Avi Yemini to cancel a planned meeting with the Melbourne Jewish community and One Nation senators Pauline Hanson and Malcolm Roberts. The planned topic of the meeting was Islamic immigration and afterwards there was to be a question and answer session.

Yemini encountered a number of obstacles in his bid to organise what should have been a simple community meeting between elected politicians and Australian citizens. His first problem was the local Glen Eira council administrators who refused him permission to use council properties to hold his meeting after stalling him along the way with vague assertions of double bookings and venues suddenly being unavailable. But Yemini’s greatest obstacle was the local Jewish community leaders themselves who seem to have somewhat of a tendency to lean towards the political left.

Yemini is an aberration. He runs a successful gym which teaches Israeli Defense Force fighting and defense techniques, and he is quite vocal in his disdain of local politicians and their kowtowing to members of the Muslim community. In this he must be somewhat of an embarrassment and source of consternation to the Melbourne Jewish leaders. Yemini claims that he simply wanted to start a conversation but he is smart enough to know that this would have been a metaphorical slap in the face to a Jewish community more interested in keeping its head down than facing up to broader social issues.

Ultimately it was members of the Jewish community who tipped off the far-left activists as Yemini explains on his Facebook page:

As I understand it, a tiny portion of the Jewish community which identifies as “Jews Against Fascism”, were responsible for encouraging and informing the hard-left groups who have posed enough of a security risk to halt the event. Ironically these hard-left groups are some of the most strident anti-Israel, anti-Zionist and anti-semitic protesters that you will find in Australia.

They certainly are. Antifa, (which stands for ‘anti-fascists’) has serious form with regards to using violence to stop any gathering that they disapprove of. The far left has a habit of classifying anyone that they don’t agree with as Hitler. The very name of their group, Antifa, seeks to tar any of their opponents with the Fascist brush. Reconciling this with regards to a Jewish community meeting might be somewhat difficult for normal people capable of using logic and deductive reasoning, but not for our friendly local far-left nutbags. The truly ironic thing is that these so-called “anti-Fascists” use the exact same tactics that Nazis used in the late 1920s and early 1930s to shut down their political opponents.

It seems that in modern day Australia there is no longer a case to be made for freedom of political association. Freedom of speech and public association is available only to those that the far-left approves of. The police are seemingly powerless to intervene to protect those attempting to hold and attend a public meeting. I myself intended to go to the meeting. I hope that Yemini eventually succeeds in his stated aim. The local Jewish leaders can today be smug in the awareness that for now they have won while using the very people who ultimately seek to destroy them.


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    This is a thought-provoking article, but I write mainly to point out an error: problematic means doubtful, not fraught with problems.

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