Three points on the alt-right and the manosphere.

I’m going to cover three things in this post and I’ll throw them out there immediately so we all know where I stand on these issues.

  1. The claim that the alt-right is somehow responsible for Trump’s victory.
  2. The rise of anti-semitism in the alt-right.
  3. The rise of rape in the PUA community.

In order as listed my answers in short form are:

  1. No.
  2. Disturbing.
  3. WTF?

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Mike Cernovich shows how not to handle a disgruntled employee.

It was popcorn time on Gab today as Mike Cernovich had a public meltdown with someone who has just recently become his former employee. The dude goes by the internet moniker of Baked Alaska and he is the proud owner of a badly dyed blonde ponytail. I saw that from watching his video which didn’t pan down below the waist but I can only assume that the guy was wearing jean shorts as well.

Look, you can go and check it all out for yourselves if you like.

Here is a writeup with a bunch of screenshots.
Here is a 6 minute wrap-up of the events thus far.
And here is a post from Cernovich on the matter.

Why am I posting about this? Because this is a really good example of how not to manage an employee. I don’t know this Baked Alaska dude, (his actual name is Tim), but he does appear to be quite baked. It seems that Mike Cernovich was entirely justified in firing the guy. But unfortunately Cernovich has come out of this looking pretty ordinary. So let’s break it down and learn from his mistakes.

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Turn off the tap.

In yesterday’s post I spoke about the fear progressives have that the Right might actually have the potential to behave like they do. It turns out that Clinton voters are suddenly stockpiling guns and learning how to become preppers. I wonder why that is?  A routine source of humor in the alt-right corner of the interwebs is what would happen if the US civil war broke out today – hint: it would be fairly one-sided this time due to one side having most of the guns. But maybe progressives have been doing some reading …

Mind you, they don’t have hordes of Irish immigrants getting off sailing ships in New York harbor ready to be drafted into the Union army. Perhaps that was why Clinton wanted to bring in so many Syrian “refugees”. Get your genuine refugees here – average age 19, gender male, (as long as you’re okay identifying with that.)

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