Podcast episode 28 – The cuckvirgin episode.

Where I describe the new and soon to be completely viral hashtag term, cuckvirgin and where I might possibly just say something about the Arab-Israeli conflict that is somewhat politically incorrect.


4 thoughts on “Podcast episode 28 – The cuckvirgin episode.

  1. Sjonnar

    “Normative change” isn’t even proper grammar. The word “normative” means adhering to established standards. It’s an adjective. So “normative change” would be change that adheres to established standards, and that’s obviously not what they mean.

    What they mean is they want to change the established standards (of behavior). That would be “norm change.” Now ask me if I believe there’s a single leftie out there that is capable of even understanding that argument.


  2. Adam, I listen on an irregular basis to your podcast so I’m not sure if this the one that I’m commenting about. Anyway, you were bemoaning Melbourne Summer (or lack thereof) don’t be put off, although I no longer live there Melbourne can have the best weather, you just have to be patient. For me the worst weather is spring, windy, cold/hot and squally, give it a couple more weeks and you will have all the hot weather you could ask for.

    Best thing about Melbourne is that you do get proper seasons (or close to it) except for Tassie there is no other city close to that. Autumn in Melbourne can be sublime.

    So instead of being a whinger enjoy what you can. Come up to NE Vic and spend a few days, we don’t have the White Nile but the river fishing and tubing is good. Learn to ski this winter, Falls Creek is a great place, no comparison to the European Alps but it has its charms. If you wish to chance your arm let me know, we can put you up for a couple of days.


    1. Being a whinger? Gee that’s a bit harsh, old boy. Been here for coming up to four years and this year has sucked. Rain and cold since March with no respite. It’s been so bad that my Dutch wife who likes the cold and wanted to move to Melbourne because it does have four seasons has been complaining that it is worse than Holland. Worse than Holland.

      Thanks for the invite. I don’t take such a gesture lightly. However I think we may be in sunny and warm Holland these holidays although it is still undecided.

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