The destruction of our vocabulary.

I was sitting in my number one favorite best spot for coffee in Melbourne this morning which is The European, across the road from the completely SJW-converged and subjugated Victorian parliament. The coffee was sublime, the weather was warm, and the good wife and I were enjoying a bit of casual banter with the Dutch waiter.

A group of four guys in their late twenties came and sat next to us. From their casually scruffy attire I pegged them for musicians but it turned out that they were wine-makers in town for some wine festival or another. They seemed like nice chaps from what I could gather just from overhearing their conversation.

But then I heard it. The word hung in space between our tables; abrupt, jarring, and off-putting, like atonal 20th century classical music interjected in the middle of a performance of Vivaldi. The word that almost put me off my coffee and poached eggs with French sausage was diversity.

The young man was talking about the multitude of plant life that he was encouraging to grow beneath his lines of vines. He exclaimed with satisfaction at the diversity of plants that had chosen his vine cuttings as their home. It was a perfectly appropriate use of the term under the circumstances but it did nothing to quell the sudden glaze of SJW despair that I felt slide down my shoulders. Was he a lunatic progressive? He didn’t seem to be but his use of the word gave me no great hope for his salvation.

Political correctness and progressive doctrine have become so hysterical that some words are now simply too damaged to be used any longer. Diversity is surely one of these diseased members of our vocabulary. I would add equality to the list with no hesitation.

There must be many others but it’s just gone noon on Sunday and I have a pair of lovely fresh King George whiting from the local fishmonger that are waiting to be hoisted onto my charcoal grill, thus the thought of searching the recesses of my brain for more examples is somewhat uninspiring. I’m also thinking of a nice crisp bottle of beer.

So I’ll leave it up to you lot. What words are now simply too damaged to be used in their normal capacity?

6 thoughts on “The destruction of our vocabulary.

  1. white supremacist. Means everything from “want less immigration until current immigrants have assimilated”, all the way to “whites should rule everyone else” and all the various possibilities in between. Listen to John Derbyshire’s latest podcast for the rest (if you are all caught up on Adam’s podcast and have read all of Adam’s blog posts and both his books).


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