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We need to redefine the concept of merit.

As a writer in the manosphere who gives out practical advice with regards to dealing with women there are some things that I cannot advocate. Teaching your wife to fetch for instance. This isn’t a good idea for a number of reasons but primarily because it just doesn’t seem to work. It’s also outdated because you can easily instruct your kids to bring you another beer from the fridge and all you usually have to do is give them a lolly. Of course, this predicates actually having kids which leaves me in an awful bind, but this is merely a greater lesson in the infinite wisdom of the universe that demonstrates, in this case at least, that it hates me and wants me to suffer.

Another example of the universe wanting me to suffer is an incident that happened to me this morning, about half an hour ago to be precise. I was reading an article about an enormous cuck-virgin for the Fairfax press here in Australia. Fairfax is the progressive-luvvie-leftie media organization that is losing money faster than a shearer who’s driven down to the big smoke for the weekend.

Fairfax boss Greg Hywood will be named an ambassador for gender equality just days after The Age editor-in-chief Mark Forbes was embroiled in a sexual harassment scandal which led to his resignation yesterday … (He) will be appointed as a business leader in the Male Champions of Change organisation set up by former sex discrimination commissioner Elizabeth Broderick.

Male Champions of Change? What on earth is that, I wondered. It was time to find out:

Male Champions of Change use their individual and collective leadership to elevate gender equality as an issue of national and international social and economic importance.

Yee gods, the horror of the management-speak. You just know that a bunch of dimwitted fools and charlatans spent days arguing over how many adjectives could fit in there. Since when did businesses concern themselves with matters of national and international social importance? When they got converged by the lunatic left. But it gets better, (or worse I suppose):

“We need decent, powerful men to step up beside women to create a more gender-equal world.”

That’s from the aforementioned Elizabeth Broderick who likes her men powerful, influential, compliant, and chock to the brim with essence of cuck-virgin. But for a truly insightful understanding of where these SJWs are coming from we can turn to one of the many videos on their website. My number one favorite is this piece of brilliance, lovingly titled “Avoiding the merit trap.”

Here is Diane Smith-Gander, President Chief Executive Women, speaking in the first 30 seconds of the clip:

As we take those actions, we’re getting some push-back, and the push-back we’re getting is this concept of merit.

At this point I was starting to think that this was a parody.  Turns out this was a misguided hope on my part.

But interestingly the research shows us that the more an organization describes itself as a meritocracy the greater the gender bias in that organization actually is. So something is really wrong.

In other words, the more a company promotes people based on merit and ability, the fewer women get promoted to higher leadership positions. Now this leads the honest observer to the conclusion that women at present just aren’t up to scratch when put into competition with their male counterparts. So they should either give up and go home and make babies or perhaps they need to go back to square one and improve their skills. Oh no, that’s completely wrong. What was I thinking?

A bunch of male talking heads say phrases such as “we need to examine the data” and “we need to challenge the data” and on and on it goes. Because their data doesn’t seem to add up. But their data is based on the starting assumption that men and women are of equal skills and ability. Which is obviously false because as I have already asserted you cannot teach your wife to fetch.

Anyway, you can watch the entire eight minutes yourselves if you can stomach it. But the conclusion is that once major companies redefine the word merit, which in its Oxford-English form has been making things quite tricky for their diversity targets, then they are quickly able to promote a whole bunch of people with vaginas and breasts into senior management positions. The Commonwealth Bank CEO declares in the video that by the end of this year half of his personal management team will be women, just like that. Just what the men who have been ousted to make way for people with breasts and vaginas think about all of this is, dare I say it, irrelevant. There will undoubtedly be some unfortunate casualties of war when you’re aiming for the far loftier goals of equality and diversity rather than merit, loyalty, and ability.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got. I need to go now as my cat has just thoughtfully brought me a beer. Good boy!


The simplicity of the lunatic left.


Podcast #29 – The male champions of change episode.


  1. Sjonnar

    We should encourage this sort of behavior among our enemies. In fact, I think it’s time and high time for Commonwealth Bank to have a female CEO. Elevate the pussy from the pedestal to the pilot’s seat, you misogynist asshole; what could possibly go wrong?

    • Adam

      And quietly sell any shares you have with them. It’s just such a great marker of future share price value.

  2. Colin Suttie

    BHP are currently pretending the following:

    -1/2 their workforce will be women in just over 8 years (up from the current 17%
    -nobody will be disadvantaged by this
    -men and women will have equal opportunities as part of this

    So assuming a static workforce, currently they employ ~60k people worldwide, about 10k women and 50k men. Somehow they are going to add 20k women and remove 20k men in 8 years, while giving men and women equal opportunities and not disadvantaging anyone?
    There was a time when, to be the chief exec of a huge company, you had to have at least some clue what the fuck you were talking about. Clearly that time is long in the past.

    • Adam

      I’m actually of the opinion that the rot started when we began the process of installing CEOs. After all, they are only a rather recent phenomenon.

      Also, as an ex-BHP employee all I can say is thank fuck I’m not working there any more.

  3. Have you ever noticed with most men if you don’t hire them they focus on what they need to work on? Whereas with many woman they immediately think that it’s something wrong with the employer.

    If someone said, “it’s clear all men are equally capable of doing this job” people would laugh themselves silly. The twit talking about the data this, and hypothesis that, was one passive/aggressive little shit. His wife probably let him off the hook for the day.

    • Adam

      That twit used to help run the government treasury here in Australia. No wonder we’re all broke.

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