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Fake news – everything is backwards.

I have to admit that after the US election I was wondering how the MSM would reconcile their total collective failure to both report with objectivity on the news and analyze and predict the direction of events. In other words, how would they deal with the fact that they suck at their jobs and their business model is cactus?

I was under no illusion that the MSM would spontaneously decide to clean up its act. The only possible response of SJWs in a situation such as this is to double down. It was the alternative media who accurately reported on the election. It was the alternative media who accurately predicted the course of events. And it was the alternative media that repeatedly called out the MSM for its overwhelmingly partisan stance and its shameless attempts to influence the election result in favor of Hillary Clinton.

In the 21st century the media does not report the news; the media is the news. Faced with the consequences of their total failure the MSM have taken their only possible action – attempt to discredit and thus destroy their direct competition. In a beautiful piece of pure projection the MSM is now accusing the alternative media of being proponents of “fake news”. Announced by President Obama at a news conference after the election, Obama expressed dismay at the public’s inability to discriminate between so-called real facts and propaganda. Hypocrisy and irony were left out in the hall as Obama spoke to the solemn journalists.

A group of researchers calling themselves prop or not claimed to have evidence that alternative news sites and bloggers were Russian shills undermining Hillary Clinton during the election with fake reports of her criminal activity and health problems. Desperate to blame anyone but themselves for their appalling failure and their plummeting level of trustworthiness amongst the general public, the MSM took the fake news offering, stripped down to their jocks, and rubbed it in hysterical vigor over their slobbering alters to Amy Schumer that they call bodies.

Google, Facebook, and Twitter pledged to purge alternative media from their websites by changing search patterns, spying on their users, and simply banning the unwanted elements from using their sites. It’s a laughably heavy-handed approach that must have those infamous doyens of internet manipulation, the Chinese, rolling in hysterics. Those silly Westerners can’t even get censorship right! And it doesn’t seem to be working as that bastion of journalistic integrity Megyn Kelly complained yesterday:

“I think it’s dangerous,” Kelly says. “People … need good, strong, skeptical journalists to be covering whoever it is — whether it’s Barack Obama or President Donald Trump — and we’re in a dangerous phase right now, where too many millions of Americans aren’t listening at all to what the press tells them.”

As Ace noted, it doesn’t take much for these reporters to go all school-ma’am on your arse when you’re being naughty and not paying attention in class.

Peace is war, love is hate, up is down, and real news is fake news. It’s their final hurrah before Trump takes office and their only reason for existence will be as very expensive blogs for their respective owners.


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  1. I think they believe they can change the narrative. I’m curious if they’re right. At the moment, everyone seems to be looking at their ridiculous charade with scorn.

    • Adam

      You’re curious if they’re right? They’ve been changing the narrative for a long while.

      • Yeah, but everyone is against them right now. I understand the public has some pretty short memories, but seem seems genuinely angry right now and the media isn’t even attempting to recognize that fact and change.

        • Adam

          Of course they’re not going to change. How can they? They’re just going to double down. The fuckers still don’t even understand how Trump won.

  2. But what the public is learning is: ignore, or better smash, the Narrative.

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