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What do cats and school have in common?

What do cats and school have in common? Nothing, but I’m going to talk about both today as I can’t make up my mind which to write about. Let’s start with school, specifically schools in Australia. It turns out, shock horror, that while people might be very outwardly positive and vocal about bringing those “poor refugees” to Australia, when it comes to sending their own kids to school with them it seems that they’re not quite as keen.

Nonetheless, these public and private schools in Sydney’s north epitomise a broader racial polarisation within our school system, an ethnic divide that has academics and community leaders concerned we are creating schoolyard monocultures that fail to reflect the increasingly diverse society in which we live and work.

You don’t say?

The local council, City of Yarra, says the district has been a proud “Refugee Welcome Zone since 2002”. Yet in Fitzroy, Carlton and surrounding suburbs, progressive, middle-class families have been accused of shunning public schools with high refugee populations.

“They are fleeing!” African community leader and former refugee Abeselom Nega says of white, inner-city families who apparently are rejecting diverse schools. This year, in a Melbourne newspaper, Nega accused families who avoided inner-Melbourne schools with large African-­Australian student cohorts of ­racism.

A basic tenet of the manosphere is that you listen not to what a woman says she wants but you simply watch her actions. Likewise with virtue signaling luvvie-lefties. Listen not to what they say but watch what they do. I have no issue with them desiring to put their kids into a school with racially similar children. I simply have an issue with them being complete hypocrites.

This year, self-described “book whisperer” and “PC lefty” Alice Williams bought into Melbourne’s heated schools and ethnicity ­debate and was surprised to find herself the target of “Twitter hate” from other PC lefties. Williams was called a racist — a charge she vehemently denies — after she took issue with the claim white families bypassing multicultural schools were racist.

It must be so shocking for PC lefties when they diverge slightly from the accepted PC line and discover the same tactics that they routinely use on others being used against them. My heart verily doth bleed.

The author, blogger and mother of one had argued in a comment piece published in The Age that it was “obnoxious” to argue that high-achieving students should remain in disadvantaged schools and “sacrifice their own education to somehow drag up the level of their peers”.

But somehow it’s not obnoxious for her to denigrate all of us who objected to bringing in these hordes of culture enrichers in the first place.

Just down the road from where I live is the old and venerable institution known as Melbourne High School. A school has operated on the site since 1854 which for Australia is really old. The other month I took a train to South Yarra train station which is located right next to the school. It was mid-afternoon and I arrived just as the schoolboys converged on the station en masse at the end of the school day.

What I saw surprised me. Nearly every boy in his smart school uniform was Asian. Out of the hundreds of boys crowding into the station I counted a bare handful that were of Anglo Saxon extraction. A quick perusal of the photos on the school’s website confirm this reality.

People self-segregate along racial lines. It has always been this way. Just what the proponents of multiculturalism thought would happen when they swamped this country with foreigners is beyond me. But the proof is in the school pudding as they say, and not even the most fanatical refugee advocate can pretend that they want their own children to go to school with those for whom they publicly profess such solidarity.

As always, diversity+proximity=war.

Now on to cats. I will simply quote the title of this article in full:

All hail the rise of cat men, an antidote to toxic masculinity.

“There’s something about cats,” the 29-year-old co-owner of Cat Cafe Melbourne tells ABC News.

“I feel they can give you that real dedication that a lot of animals can’t. And even though they can be a bit aloof, when they bond with you, there’s nothing like it.”

As he speaks, one of the 15 resident felines at the cafe — a large, fluffy, white creature — struts past, its proud confidence commanding our attention.

“That’s Jasper,” Mr Loughran nods, as another cat curls around his leg. “He’s our dominant male.”

I don’t think there’s a snowball’s chance in hell of Mr Loughran ever being mistaken for a dominant male.




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  1. Sjonnar

    “They are fleeing!” African community leader and former refugee Abeselom Nega says”

    Why on earth would they do that, I wonder? Could someone please explain to me why these crazy mazungus don’t want to subsidize illiterate African tribesmen share in Mr. Nega’s rich culture?

    This year…Nega accused families…of ­racism.


    • Adam

      Accuse people of racism. It’s like the boogy-woogey man all over again.


    Senator Joe McCarthy knew something about control. Racism is the new Communism. Mind you, any sort of non-state-compliant opinion is the new Communism.

    • Adam

      Haven’t you heard – we’re all Nazis apparently. Communism is so 1953.

  3. I don’t think there’s a snowball’s chance in hell of Mr Loughran ever being mistaken for a dominant male.


  4. Derficker

    “But the rise of cat men is especially significant, Dr Fraser says, because it’s an “antidote” to the kind of toxic masculinity which, at its most extreme edges, has been linked with mass shootings and violence against women.”

    Mass shootings as a consequence of a lack of cats. Sounds a little bit like the church of the flying spaghetti monster explaining climate change due to a lack of pirates. But only one of the two is satire. I wonder which it is. . . .

  5. Well shit. Does my having two cats and being currently single doom me? I just like the fact that I can go away for a few days and not have to worry about them, unlike a dog that needs constant walks.

    • Adam

      I have a cat as well so you’re all good, (although my cat wears a leather jacket and rides a motorbike. Just sayin.)

  6. Ken in NH

    It’s not racial or ethnic lines that people segregate themselves with, it’s culture. I grew up in a small town in Texas. We had plenty of people of Mexican and Tejano extraction. And through the years, we had an increasing number of black families move to our community. At an early age, we were all Texans and got along. In my later school years, all of the Mexican and Tejano kids were still integrated and about half of the black students were. The half that were not had bought into “black” culture (or brought it with them when they moved south) and segregated themselves. The half who were, were mostly on the football team and members of the FFA (Future Farmers of America), wore hats and boots, listened to country, and spoke like any other Texan.

    You can’t bring in the Nigerian or Syrian or X immigrant and teach them that their new culture is evil and wrong and then expect them to get along with everyone. They must be indoctrinated. I know that “indoctrinate” is a bad word, but that is all that schools do. They must also be shown that in a multi-ethnic country like Australia or the U.S. that one can keep traditions (at least those that don’t include honor killings and genital mutilation) and still embrace the culture. My family is descended from Norwegians fresh off the boat at the beginning of the 1900s. We still have Norwegian traditions we celebrate despite also celebrating being Texans.

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