Today the US Electoral College votes. But the Screen Actors Guild of America are not happy at the possibility of democracy occurring outside their Hollywood thought-bubble. They have even put together a video which seems to be the first thing a whole bunch of them have done since M*A*S*H.

The question that I have is whether this is the real thing or simply a satire of a satire. I mean, they haven’t really forgotten about Trey Parker and Matt Stone, have they? Have they??

Poor old Martin Sheen is in both of them. How clueless can you get?

Anyway, this is why actors were once regarded as being on par with prostitutes. They are emotional half-wits who are only good at being able to pretend to be other people. That and giving themselves endless amounts of “prizes” and “awards”. Off to the salt mines for all of you!

(Except Scarlett Johansson – she can stay with me …)