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Podcast #31 – The cerebral palsy episode.

The one where I talk about a guy I met who has cerebral palsy and why he puts most people to shame. No really.

Video that I mention in the clip:


Bring back colonialism.


“2017 can’t be worse than this!”


  1. Barbara

    Hats off you YOU, Adam, for this episode. I’m a Special Education teacher. I’ve seen the gamut of disabilities. Autism is the most difficult, and a close second is Cerebral Palsy, which my own brother is stuck with, in addition to profound deafness. Both are socially isolating conditions. Imagine the effort just to stand up, just to dress yourself, maybe it’s impossible to hold a pen to write, maybe your speech is unintelligible because you cannot control the muscles in your larynx. You are at risk for falls and hurt yourself. Hard to eat with a fork. So many things. Imagine your muscles clenched tightly all day, how tiring.
    These are our world’s true heroes. But few have the intelligence and sensitivity to recognize it.
    Thank you for a great podcast, smart guy.

    • Adam

      Thank you, Barbara. I’m surprised that autism is considered worse than cerebral palsy. Particularly when you consider that autism was more or less unknown 40 years ago compared to now.

      • Barbara

        re: Autism. In regards to families dealing with it on a daily basis, it can be a huge chalenge.

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