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A hearty hello to all my deplorable readers who I assume are running around in a state of panic that they have left everything to the last minute as per usual and now need to buy presents for a bunch of people that you detest. So to calm your flayed nerves here are my picks of the week which as usual will culminate with a girl that would make all your Christmases come at once, if you know what I mean, aha ha ha – ho ho ho.

Enough already. On with it.


these people will be back at “work” long after you and me.

It’s not on my sidebar but every Wednesday is Woodpile Report day which I will post here as a reminder to you.

Remember the black church that had the word Trump painted on its side and a firebomb thrown inside it? The media were hunting for white supremacists everywhere. Yesterday they got the perp. Yeah, you guessed it – it was a black guy. And the silence from the MSM deafens us.

 Get rid of education after the 5th grade.

I got that link from Fred who has some great insights of his own:

Back to ponderous wisdom. Bright kids learn to read by reading, by going to the library and coming back with ten books, by reading voraciously, indiscriminately, clandestinely reading under the covers at night with flashlights. You don’t teach them to read. You get out of their way. In fact, you don’t teach them much of anything. They do it.

I used to get in trouble in 5th grade for reading a book under my desk while our Christian brothers teacher who was a confirmed sadist blathered on about nothing in particular.

A video of the HMS Barham sinking and exploding in 1941 after she was attacked by a German sub. Note the large numbers of sailors streaming off the underside of the massive ship before she exploded when her magazines went up. Amazingly over 300 men survived. The British kept this one under wraps until the end of the war. Anyone thinking of joining the navy should watch this first.

For the nerds amongst you, The decline and fall of collectivism.

John C Wright reckons Rogue One is pretty good. Bad luck, because I refuse to give my money to Disney.

And finally we have what you’ve all been waiting for. A commenter last week implored me to disclose the source for where I obtain my hawt chicks of the week. You could threaten me with the horrors of the comfy chair and I still would not tell you.



The anger and revenge of the clueless Beta.


A very merry deplorable Christmas to you all.


  1. I’ve made many totally serious arguments to cut off school after the 8th grade. I guess I could see elementary school but that is a bit much. After that, offer any type of vocational school, and if you do well enough on exams you can get into educational high schools to try and become a scientist, doctor, engineer, etc.

    We just teach so much unrelated garbage after a certain point. I’m in college now and I just finished a biology course where I learned…frankly, some interesting stuff, but had to memorize enormous quantities of information that, having received a nice and crisp A in the class, will now promptly forget. Why’d I waste so much time out of my life on this? Because it gives me a signalling advantage over someone else not willing to waste their time. Excellent paradigm 10/10 would take again

  2. Here’s my xmas gift to the reader who wants to know how you get your lady pics.

    Right click on the image and select “Search google for image”.

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