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Why are progressives always afraid?

If I could sum up 2016 with a single phrase it would be this:

I’m literally shaking right now …

Whether it was a reaction to Trump’s election victory, to Brexit, or any other of the very minor push-back victories that the Right has managed in this extraordinary year, progressives were anything if not predictable with their convulsive mewling on social media.

Those that inhabit the intellectual wasteland of the Left seem to oscillate from hatred to fear, and the swings can be very abrupt indeed. They espouse hatred while outwardly condemning hate in all its forms and in many forms that have nothing to do with hate at all. In other words, if you now disagree with a progressive you are being hateful. This post for instance is just dripping with hateful hatey hate-hate according to their worldview.

Another instance of them having their cake, shoving it down their mouth, and then sticking their fingers down their throat to bring it up and consume it all over again is their use of the term bigot. The Left calls anyone and everyone a bigot. Disagree with a Leftie and a bigot you are. If you hold a viewpoint that a progressive knows is on their list of views not to be held by anyone at any time then you are a bigot.

The definition of bigot is a person who is intolerant towards those holding different opinions. I copied and pasted that from a simple internet search. Now to a reasonably intelligent person you might now conclude that those on the Left are drooling intellectual retards. The truth is more disturbing – they have been brainwashed with deep propaganda for most of their lives. The act of seeking out the definition of a word such as bigot would cause an unraveling at the edge of their intellectual worldview. Once the unraveling begins it is impossible to stop the cascading of all of their belief systems into a pile of unrecognizable dross. Thus they cannot allow the unraveling to begin at all. In this manner they are able to function as supreme hypocrites. They have purposely eliminated all manner of self awareness from their lives.

Slandering their opponents with simple attacks such as ‘hateful’ or ‘bigot’ is also symptomatic of the simplicity of their own arguments. To the progressive the world is not complicated and there exist no complicated arguments. The world is a simple place of black and white that can thus be solved with their simple attacks and simple solutions. Thus we can have the following:

“Capitalism is bad!” Solution: “Equality for everyone!”

Job done.

Once you understand how this works it is then ironically enough a simple matter to be able to deconstruct their lies and understand their own true viewpoints. The simple rule to use is that whatever a progressive accuses you of, they themselves are guilty of the same behavior. If they call you a racist then it is a good bet that they are quite racist themselves. This form of projection protects them from examining their own behavior while assuming the same dirty secret of their opponents, and distracts attacks on themselves with a preemptive strike at another party.

So now we come back to my original question – why are progressives so often afraid? And not just afraid but “literally shaking right now.”  Keep in mind that progressives project. They assume that their opponents not only behave the same way that they do; they assume that their opponents think the same as well.

The reason they are so afraid is that they assume that we intend to inflict upon them the same authoritarian and totalitarian end-game that they have in mind for us. To progressives it is a two horse race with the end result of a totalitarian state. They must get there first. They cannot under any circumstances allow the Right to claim victory because a victory for their opponents could well mean their literal death.

That is what they have in mind for us if they win.

The supremely ironic thing is that it has been a one horse race for at least the last forty years. Most people on the Right just want to be left alone to get on with their lives. The Left could have won long ago by just shutting the hell up and getting on with their devious machinations. But they had to go around mouthing off and interfering because all the time they were assuming that we were up to the same naughtiness as them.

So the next time you see some progressive on social media post an hysterical rant about how they cannot live in an America with Trump as their president and how they are fearful for their lives and those of their friends, just keep in mind that they would have been perfectly content if you had been fearful for your life in their place but with good reason.

And if a progressive is reading this please keep in mind the following – those of us on the Right have no desire to inflict an oppressive or totalitarian regime on you such as that which you have long planned for us. That’s the good news for you. The bad news is that more of us now understand that in order to live our lives in relative peace we must crush underfoot your hateful ideology and sweep it clean from the world.

Just saying.

You can go off and literally start shaking right now if you want.


A very merry deplorable Christmas to you all.


Turn off the tap.


  1. Chevalierdejohnstone

    I for one would lend full support to a totalitarian regime which would enforce Christian civilizing morality and virtue on the “leftists” and everyone else. So speak for yourself; I say, start up the free helicopter rides.

  2. LadyMoonlight

    The perfect example of progressive mentality!

  3. David Moore

    Progressives are people who simply cannot cope with the basic fact that the world is chaotic. There need for order and control overwhelm them. An event as chaotic as Trump being president has sent more than a few of them actually insane if some of my recent conversations with people I know recently are any indication.

    You are quite right about the projection. These people would quite happily have people marched off to death camps. There fear is generated from their believe non-progressives will behave the same as they would,

    • Neville

      Too true, DM.
      (and, with respect, mate, “their”)

  4. Carl-Edward

    Their hysteria is infantile (as are their beliefs), their behaviour that of spoilt children.

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