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In yesterday’s post I spoke about the fear progressives have that the Right might actually have the potential to behave like they do. It turns out that Clinton voters are suddenly stockpiling guns and learning how to become preppers. I wonder why that is?  A routine source of humor in the alt-right corner of the interwebs is what would happen if the US civil war broke out today – hint: it would be fairly one-sided this time due to one side having most of the guns. But maybe progressives have been doing some reading …

Mind you, they don’t have hordes of Irish immigrants getting off sailing ships in New York harbor ready to be drafted into the Union army. Perhaps that was why Clinton wanted to bring in so many Syrian “refugees”. Get your genuine refugees here – average age 19, gender male, (as long as you’re okay identifying with that.)

I got some comments on the post as well, which is always nice. Mind you, this was faintly disturbing:

I for one would lend full support to a totalitarian regime which would enforce Christian civilizing morality and virtue on the “leftists” and everyone else. So speak for yourself; I say, start up the free helicopter rides.

I assume that the intended helicopter rides are not for sightseeing tours. Also, the idea of “enforcing” things like virtue and morality is somewhat problematic in its inherent contradictions. But even though I’m sure that this commenter has his heart in the right place, (if not his helicopter controls), this sort of thing is very unnecessary. Sure it can work in the short term but it tends to lead to a country becoming rather sclerotic as a consequence. Think Pinochet’s Chile.

There is a much less traumatic method available to combat the awful parasites that the Left has become, parasites intent on the destruction of their host. Simply turn off the tap of taxpayer funding that supports their ideological lifestyle. The reason why the general population that makes up the Left are able to cause so much havoc is that they enjoy the taxpayer gifted luxury of being well fed. When you are not hungry you are able to run around finding many so-called problems and causing havoc. When you are hungry you have only one problem.

Turning off the tap of the welfare state would cause progressives to evaporate in as much time as it takes their bellies to start to rumble. You could argue that the welfare state apparatus was designed not to solve human misery as its proponents loudly boasted but in fact to bolster the ranks of the Marxist cliques with a ready and willing army of well-fed troublemakers.

The tap that is closed should not be restricted to obvious welfare such as social securities, food stamps, housing, and the like. The foot shoulders are organized by an officer class and the officers are found in the many army ideological camp grounds masquerading as universities. Taxpayer funds pour into the coffers of these intellectual wastelands which then turn around and fill the minds of the young with their progressive propaganda while indebting them into perpetuity just for the privilege of having their minds warped.

Simply turn off the tap and watch these wretched piles of garbage wither on their diseased vines and die. This includes stopping the funding of all “think-tanks” and the like. Officer class disposed of in a single stroke. Go out into the world and get a real job, if you are able.

Aaron Clarey has an article up today arguing that turning off the welfare tap would solve traffic problems in socialist hell-holes such as California. If the same amount of money that is presently spent on welfare would instead be spent on roads then there would be a noticeable improvement in the lives of people who lose hours of each day stuck in traffic.

Clarey has grossly underestimated things. If welfare was eliminated the number of cars on the roads would fall dramatically for the simple fact that the welfare leeches would no longer have the means to pay for a car’s upkeep, let alone the cost of purchasing one in the first place. Nothing would have to be done to the roads at all. A year after turning off the welfare tap would see normality returned to the nation’s highways.

Think about that the next time you’re stuck in traffic for a couple of hours. Not only are you stuck there but your taxpayer dollars have paid for a large number of the cars around you to trap you in your steel cocoon. You’re subsidizing the people around you to drive on the roads in such numbers that none of you can move anymore.

We have become so anesthetized to the awful prevalence of welfare that we no longer even notice its insidious reach. The welfare tentacles are everywhere, trapping all of us in a suffocating daily embrace, and ultimately responsible for the progressive SJWs who seek the destruction of their hosts. Helicopter rides are a messy and time consuming solution. Far more satisfying to have a former SJW knock on your door asking if it’s okay if they cut your lawn for a sandwich. Hold the mustard.


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  1. The officer class, and their general staff, in universities. Twenty years ago I worked in unis and we (the Executive Assistants) would meet monthly to decide on catering for the upcoming Academic Board meeting. Our own pre-meeting was, of course, catered (although we were sensitive enough to order lunch with a per-head cost slightly cheaper than the big meeting the following week). We drank wine, too. Sometimes our discussions about a potential new caterer could last more than an hour. Extrapolate that to an annual spend!
    It’s worse now, more taxpayer money vanishing, for zero return to the nation. For thirty years government attempts at accountability have failed, naturally. I like all your ideas above, but there is no-one to take the lead. There are no principles and no backbones to be seen. The entitlement, the indoctrination and subversion will continue.

  2. Chevalierdejohnstone

    No. What you suggest will not lead to some make believe capitalist utopia of industriousness. It will lead to riots.
    True freedom is found in virtue. Virtue requires discipline. The purpose of government is to ensure a virtuous society. Those who seek to enslave the people with indiscipline and vice must be barred from public life. If this is not possible or they refuse, they must be culled.
    Obviously I am not actually advocating for throwing university professors out of helicopters. Though I suspect it’s either that or continue our descent into barbarism.

    • Adam

      The purpose of government is to ensure a virtuous society.

      No. That is the purpose of religion. The purpose of government is to provide an orderly and defensible society. It is no coincidence that our social troubles mirror the downfall of the Church.

      • Agreed. It is up to the people to assert their religious values through the secular laws they empower government to have. But we have allowed government to become partisan in a way that no Founder ever anticipated through the rise of a secular religion: post-modernim. Government increasingly has become hostile to the religious values of its own citizens. It grudgingly allows them to hold religious values as long as that does not affect how they relate to government decrees. This is especially clear in the area of same-sex “marriage”.

        #BakeTheCake => #ReligionIsHate => #PinkSwastika => #LoveRedefined ==> #LoveWins

    • revjen45

      OK – if it leads to riots it leads to riots. That’s what #00 is for. A couple of volleys would shut it down even quicker than stopping the flow into the public trough.

  3. On significant source of funding for leftist “activism” comes from the tax code itself via foundations that qualify for tax-exempt status. In order to retain this status, a foundation only needs to give away 5% of its assets each year. Since any competent portfolio manager can earn more than 5% on the assets he has under management, this allows tax-exempt foundations to have eternal life.

    Under the current law, the Soros, Tides, Heinz and Gates foundations will exist forever, free to muck around in our society and in our political decisions.

    We can bring mortality to tax-exempt foundations by merely boosting the required payout from 5% to something north of 8%. It is a simple change in the tax code. The Left is sure to squeal like stuck pigs when this change is proposed. see:

  4. george

    One of the easiest solution is to allow this Empire to collapse just like the others before did. Watch on utube Turd Flinging Monkey. Also you did not say anything about inflation as indirect tax. We might stop paying direct tax with huge effort but they can tax us through inflation that is by printing fiat currency. See the recent countries where inflation is huge and now printing trillions to buy a bread.

    My brothers men please allow the empire to collapse. Work 2 hours per day or 2 months per year. Just stop paying the tax to these wh*res

  5. This idea is what Harry Browne used to call the “If I Were King” syndrome.
    Sorry, R’s in Congress are not going to dismantle the Warfare/Welfare State. They are part of the problem, and thus cannot be the solution. Not only that – most of us are on the dole as well. Find a so-called “conservative” who does not send his kids to a government school, or who does not plan on taking Socialist Security or Medicare, or who does not support government regulation or war to benefit his own company. Good luck on that.

    “The state is that great fiction by which everyone tries to live at the expense of everyone else.” — Frederic Bastiat

  6. Strelnikov

    What kind of sandwich?

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