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Three points on the alt-right and the manosphere.

I’m going to cover three things in this post and I’ll throw them out there immediately so we all know where I stand on these issues.

  1. The claim that the alt-right is somehow responsible for Trump’s victory.
  2. The rise of anti-semitism in the alt-right.
  3. The rise of rape in the PUA community.

In order as listed my answers in short form are:

  1. No.
  2. Disturbing.
  3. WTF?

Recently I have noticed a tendency in the comments section of articles and in posts on Gab for the claim that the alt-right is somehow responsible for getting Trump elected. I understand this delusion of grandeur and I am not surprised by it. But it’s still completely wrong. Two things got Trump elected. The fact that he understood the current political mood of the general electorate and ruthlessly exploited it with a campaign that behaved with precision to cut out a superb electoral college vote victory. And the fact that he was up against the worst presidential  candidate in living memory while being backed up by the worst sitting president in living memory.

Hillary Clinton made reference to the alt-right as a cheap shot designed to distract and score points against a supposedly weak and easily mocked outlier segment of the community. She was wrong on both counts and it backfired on her. This caused the alt-right to receive some media attention. Yippee. But if you think that this somehow caused Trump’s victory you are grievously mistaken. The people who got Trump across the line are not on the internet. In fact I would be surprised if 10% of the adult population is on the internet at all. This is the reason that internet advertizing does not work. Politicians are finally coming around to understanding that something that causes “outrage on Twitter” usually means that a couple of dozen troublemakers are doing their best to create as much white noise as possible.

We’re just not that important folks. The numbers don’t add up and most of us were all going to vote for Trump anyway if given the opportunity. We are a small corner of the internet which in of itself is a small corner of the general population. Get over yourselves. Trump did it all on his own.

Now on to point number two. I caught this article on Return of Kings about the National Geographic gender issue. I was nodding my head in agreement as I read along until I was jolted by this paragraph:

With the nomination of Gary Knell (former CEO of Sesame Workshop) as the CEO of the National Geographic Society and of Susan Goldberg as editor in chief of National Geographic magazine, the now 100% Jewish-controlled National Geographic network is ready to promote usual globalist narratives, like in their recent edition entitled “the New Europeans,” openly defecating on millennia of European cultural heritage, in a giant “Fuck you dad!” move, that would have made Angela Merkel proud.

It’s not merely the xenophobia that is the problem here. It’s that this information is completely irrelevant to the argument. That is unless your argument is that anything that is owned by Jews is deviant and subversive, hence the xenophobia. I wasn’t the only one to be disappointed by this. Robert McCain has also written about the RoK article in an excellent piece titled, Anti-semitism ruins everything.

Blaming the faults and woes of the world on the Jews is infantile, imbecilic, and unoriginal. My brain turns to mush when I read shit like this because it is the same ad hominem disqualifying tactic that the Left routinely uses. Unfortunately it seems to be on the rise in the manosphere. What makes it truly disappointing is that we have an actual clear and present danger enemy in Islam. What makes it ironic is that Israel is one of the very few countries in the world that has consistently given the Muslim world the big finger for the past fifty odd years.

You won’t be hearing any anti-semetic nonsense from me. If Israel needs to be criticized then I will line up with the rest of them. But otherwise this sort of rubbish undermines any credible argument that you might have been making.

Finally to the rapey side of the PUA community which I discovered while reading Blackdragon’s piece titled, I officially disavow and repudiate rapey PUA. I was never a part of the PUA community for the simple fact that I worked out all of the pickup stuff by myself in the 1990s before the internet was ever a thing. I heard of The Game in the mid-2000s but it never registered with me for the same reason. Anyway, here is Blackdragon to put it into context:

Over the last three years or so, there has been a disturbing amount of cases regarding PUAs, or men somehow associated with PUA, who are either defending rape, recommending rape, teaching techniques that are equivalent to sexual assault, and in some recent cases, actually committing and being found guilty of rape.

He goes on to disavow himself of all of these reprehensible points.

Unfortunately I am not surprised by this. The nature of the internet is such that people can only achieve some sense of achievement and peer recognition by a never ending series of one-upmanship. With everything having been written and discussed on pick-up ad nauseam it was inevitable that things would move in this direction. This is particularly true of the PUA community because it is less about how to pick up girls and more about being accepted as a man by other men. These young men are severely lacking in any form of rites of passage into manhood and they turn to anonymous and destructive internet communities in an attempt to prove themselves and gain acceptance.

Even though this is not a pick-up blog and I have never written about pick-up, I feel that I too must state my position on this. Sexual assault is not just reprehensible – it is a crime, a crime that attacks a woman’s soul even more than her body. The very idea that young men on the internet are contemplating rape as a way of impressing their internet peers shows just how far the world has fallen in a moral sense. It is symptomatic of our times.



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  1. “The very idea that young men on the internet are contemplating rape as a way of impressing their internet peers shows just how far the world has fallen in a moral sense. It is symptomatic of our times.”

    Agree that the world has fallen off the moral “map” (whatever that was). People are lost. Young men and women are lost. When I see a young lady destroy her body with tatoos (thx a lot to tv shows like Orange is Black or whatever it’s called)…or young men resorting to rape…

    …all we can do is “Enjoy the Decline” as Aaron Clarey would say.

  2. Yup, I agree with all of this. One of the things I find most off-putting about Chateau Heartiste is the Jew-bashing that goes on in the comments. I don’t blame Roissy for this, but his writing deserves better commenters.

    • Atlanta Man

      Have you read Chateau Heartiste in the last three years? I absolutely blame Roissy for the atmosphere on his blog and the comments section.

      • Actually no, I didn’t: I started reading his blog from the beginning, using the archives. His stuff on men and women in the early years was pretty good, but I stopped at around 2010 then just read his recent stuff. I noticed his political commentary was not a patch on his Game stuff; I’m guessing the former took over?

  3. Roark

    To deny the Jewish role in the destruction of our culture is ignorance or stupidity – or complicity. I suspect that in your case, it is simply ignorance. If you are aware of the Frankfurt School and it’s agenda of Cultural Marxism, which has been implemented for the last 60 years, and accept it, then it is complicity.

    • Adam

      I am well aware of cultural Marxism and I write about it on a regular basis.

      Answer me this question – if the Jews are so bent our destruction, why does the Left hate Israel so much? And why are the Left the biggest exponents of said cultural Marxism?

    • Neville

      Roark, if you truly believe that there’s a “Jewish role in the destruction of our culture”, then I seriously doubt your intellectual abilities – or sanity. Had you actually studied Jewish history, AND current cultural development, you would observe (note I said ‘observe’, not synthesize) that there is no greater conservative demographic on the face of the planet. And to echo Adam, IF your conjecture is accurate, then WHY do the cultural marxists want to ‘destroy’ the jews and israel?

  4. Roark

    We’re not talking about all Jews. Most members of any group are sheep. Societal change is always driven by a small subset of True Believers. All Colonists were not Patriots, all Muslims are not Jihadis, all Blacks are not Thugs and all Jews are not Bolsheviks or Zionists. But, it’s ignorance/stupidity/complicity to refuse to recognize/discuss those subsets.

    You say you are familiar with Cultural Marxism, yet you ask why leftists/collectivists/marxists are the biggest proponents. Seriously?

    Zionism/Israel is a separate issue. Bolsheviks are not Zionists. Jews often vote against the interests of Israel. And saying that there is no greater conservative demographic on the face of the planet than Jews is nonsense.

    • Adam

      You say you are familiar with Cultural Marxism, yet you ask why leftists/collectivists/marxists are the biggest proponents. Seriously?

      You’re either deliberately using a strawman argument here or you’re just stupid. Either of these are good reason to not discuss this with you further.

  5. Simone

    Cultural Marxism is the very antithesis of Judaism, and I challenge you to show me where in the first five books of the Bible you will find critical theory espoused.

    If you can’t find evidence of cultural Marxism in the Torah, then I would kindly ask you to retract your accusation of a Jewish role in the destruction of Western Culture.

  6. Simone

    My message above was directed at Roark, by the way.

    I would also add the following: not all Muslims are Jihadis, but Jihad IS sanctioned in the Koran. Feminism, multiculturalism, and the abolition of gender/the family/religion are absolutely NOWHERE to be found in the Torah.

    The radical ideas advanced by the non-Jewish Jews of the Frankfurt School and enshrined by Cultural Marxism pose a threat to the values and identity (national and religious) of Jews and non-Jews alike.

    But if you insist on identifying the behaviour of these radical non-Jewish Jews as Jewish, then at least be consistent and reserve some of your condemnation for Christianity as well. Cultural Marxism would not never have gained the foothold it has in most Western countries without the aid and succor of large numbers of nominal Christians.

  7. Roark

    Simone, have you contacted Susan Goldberg, the editor-in-chief of National Geographic to explain to her that she is not Jewish?

  8. Simone

    Susan Goldberg is a Jew in the same way that Lady Gaga is a Catholic. Little, if nothing,those two women say/do/advocate is based on the teachings of the religions into which they were born.

    Judaism has strict laws against cross-dressing (see link below). Orthodox Jews would be every bit as horrified as you are at the latest National Geographic Cover, although most probably haven’t even seen it because they tend to avoid looking at the modern world’s crap. I’d happily contact Goldberg myself and explain all of this to her as well, but I suspect she’s as interested in Judaism and its teachings as you are, and probably wouldn’t take my call.

  9. Roark

    Thanks for your well reasoned comments. I must have missed the outcry from Orthodox Jews against the activities of Jews like Goldberg.

  10. Simone

    I must have missed the memo wherein Goldberg outlined how her words and actions are inspired by, and representative of, Judaism and its ethical codes. That you expect an outcry from Orthodox Jews suggests that you have in fact seen said memo. Link please?

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