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Podcast #32 – The Hotel episode.

The one where I talk about holidays and choosing a hotel. Because we’re off on holiday! Yeah, baby!

Link to Small Luxury Hotels that I mentioned.


Three points on the alt-right and the manosphere.


Fan Boys.


  1. Sjonnar

    Why on earth did you not just leave that chick at the gas station and go do your vacation on your own?

    • Adam

      It would have been technically impossible. She was vacationing with me where I lived. Yes, yes, I know. Don’t say it.

  2. Klaus

    I enjoy your work. If you’re overnighting in Frankfurt, before your return flight, please let me know. I’ll shout you and the wife drinks in Frankfurt’s fanciest bar: Jimmy’s Bar.

    • Adam

      I appreciate the gesture very much, Klaus. Unfortunately it’s Italy and then Holland with no Germany in between. (My relatives in Munich will be mad at us.)

      However, an offer of this kind is not to be taken lightly. Future trips will be made with this in mind.

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