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Podcast #31 – The cerebral palsy episode.

The one where I talk about a guy I met who has cerebral palsy and why he puts most people to shame. No really.

Video that I mention in the clip:

Bring back colonialism.

When I lived in Uganda most locals when encountering me for the first time would assume that I was an American. When I opened my mouth and spoke they assumed that I was English. When I told them that I was Australian they assumed that I was from the moon or that I was an Englishman who was telling lies.

One day I took an older English gentleman rafting and after the trip I gave him a lift back to Jinja in the company car. He was a personable fellow and we got on well, and as we were driving back he volunteered the information that he had grown up in Uganda as a boy just after the war; back when the British were in charge. It transpired that he had spent most of his time in Jinja. I asked him if he had been back since that time and he replied that this was his first visit. So we went on a tour of the area. I drove the vehicle and he directed me to where he wanted to go.

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Hollywood actors turn satire into real life.

Today the US Electoral College votes. But the Screen Actors Guild of America are not happy at the possibility of democracy occurring outside their Hollywood thought-bubble. They have even put together a video which seems to be the first thing a whole bunch of them have done since M*A*S*H.

The question that I have is whether this is the real thing or simply a satire of a satire. I mean, they haven’t really forgotten about Trey Parker and Matt Stone, have they? Have they??

Poor old Martin Sheen is in both of them. How clueless can you get?

Anyway, this is why actors were once regarded as being on par with prostitutes. They are emotional half-wits who are only good at being able to pretend to be other people. That and giving themselves endless amounts of “prizes” and “awards”. Off to the salt mines for all of you!

(Except Scarlett Johansson – she can stay with me …)

How to not be a bar douchebag.

In Ace’s food thread today he linked to a list of the fifteen best cookbooks of the year. Ace disparaged the list as being for the aggressively smug, and with titles such as Everything I Want to Eat: Sqirl and the New California Cooking, he has been fairly restrained.

One of the books is called Regarding Cocktails, (I’m not linking to these piles of reverence to the gods of hipsters past), and in the little review there is a nod to an essay included in the book titled, How to be a good bar regular. I read this with some interest as I have been a barman, a bar manager, a bar owner, and of course a bar regular at various stages of my life and at various localities around the globe. My interest levels quickly turned to disdain, however, as it became clear that the writer of the piece is himself a clueless hipster douchebag.

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The war on cash.

In the limited history of democracy, individual companies have had a demonstrable effect on governments of the day. The oil and railroad barons in the USA in the latter part of the 19th century are a good example of this, as are the large mining companies that sprung up in Australia during the same time period. Cecil Rhodes famously founded an entire country based on his own mining operations and named it after himself. But the effect of these companies was limited to their countries of origin.

Then there were the Dutch East India and British East India companies that had a large impact on trade and governance in the age of sail. But these were always answerable to the sovereign monarchs of their respective countries and as such were forced to keep themselves in check, at least ostensibly.

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I am a riverguide.

This morning I was greeted to a wall of comments waiting to be approved on my post the other day titled Have you taken the Ku Klux Klan rafting? The comments were not conciliatory. Mike Joseph, the founder of Dirt Bag paddler magazine decided to link to my post after previously stepping back from doing so. I wish to state for the record that Mike and I are on good terms with one another, as we have always been. Mike has been a great supporter of my writing from day one and for that I will always be appreciative.

The Dirt Bags have a new article up titled, One love, one river – The paddling community, race and reconciliation. Funny; I was unaware that there was any need for reconciliation. As far as I know there is no history of discrimination, racial or otherwise, in the paddling community.

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All the links fit to print, plus the hawt chick of the week.

Good morning my fellow deplorables, erstwhile seekers of comely lasses with heaving bosoms, devourers of inferior intellects, and pulverizors of progressive lunacy everywhere. It be Friday, and I have decided that this is from now on, rock-solid, my solemn promise, fingers crossed behind my back, absolutely positively 100%, the day where I shall from this time dedicate to links, hawt chicks, and mutinous ravings.

Until I forget or change my mind.

So let us begin, beyond the break awaits countless goodies for the intrepid adventurer!

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Teachers are now afraid of the ideologues that they have created.


Goya painted this on his dining room wall. Christmas lunch must have been a blast.

The painting is Goya’s depiction of Saturn eating his son. From Infogalactic:

According to Roman myth (inspired by the original Greek myth), it had been foretold that one of the sons of Saturn would overthrow him, just as he had overthrown his father, Caelus. To prevent this, Saturn ate his children moments after each was born.

In other words, destroy what you create before it destroys you.

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Podcast # 30 – The “Blackwater” episode.

Due to SJW incursion, pretty soon you won’t be able to go whitewater rafting anymore – it will be renamed “blackwater rafting”.
Don’t think your own favorite activity is safe from such corruption.

Links mentioned:

Tim Blair on Memories Pizzeria.

My own article on taking the Klan rafting.

Hire 3000 new police officers or just one guy?

The big news last week in my part of the world was the announcement that the Victorian government intends to recruit almost 3000 new police officers. It seems that we have a bit of a crime wave in Melbourne. This culminated a couple of weeks ago with the ex-deputy police commissioner having the culturally enriching experience of four Sundanese immigrant youth attempting to wave down his car with a tomahawk while traveling at speed on the freeway in broad daylight. The ex-copper was able to put his foot down and escape the perpetrators due to his amazing driving skills and the very fast Mercedes which got him targeted in the first place.

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