The American Boy Scout movement is evil.

I have spoken about the boy scout movement before, specifically its takeover by social justice elements. The scouts is no longer a group for boys. It must also admit girls if the demand is made. A good friend of mine used to be a scout leader and he would regularly post photos on Facebook of their activities. I estimated that almost half of the troop was female. The hypocrisy yawns deep however, when you understand that the girl guides organization is still female only.

The other major spanner in the works for the scouts was the lifting of a ban on gay leaders and employees in 2015. It is simply astounding that Liberals are attempting to destroy the Catholic Church over the molestation of boys by pedophile priests while simultaneously encouraging young scouts to crawl into tents on camping trips with openly homosexual men. Hypocrisy dialed up a notch.

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Stop trying to be happy all of the time.

Modern self help gurus sell the idea of happiness. According to them our natural state is to be happy all of the time. Thus we see fatuous topics such as the ubiquitous “seven steps to happiness,” as if you can just dial it in whenever you need it. That would have been a good one to sell to your fellow inmates in the gulag.

I am not being completely flippant with that last remark. Imagine that you’re in a concentration camp and some berk is going around attempting to get people to pay to listen to his talk on “seven steps to happiness.” When you’re faced with a daily battle for mere survival you have no time for this rubbish. The onerous circumstances bring the idiocy into stark relief.

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You are not more important than your country.

“Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.”

I have always liked this quote but my positive feelings towards it only increase as the years go by and the Left tries more and more to dismantle all that has been carefully built up over time. This morning we awake to an internet gone mad over Trump’s order to temporarily ban entry status to the US from a handful of Muslim majority countries. (Note that the order was not to ban Muslims as is being widely reported in the fake news outlets.)

The protests range across two broad lines. The first is that the implementation has been awful and not worthy of a government anywhere. Primarily it is poorly implemented because it affects people adversely who have been inadvertently caught in the middle. For example, people traveling to the US while the document was signed.

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The Australia Day controversy.

Last Thursday was Australia Day. For my international readers, the date falls on the day that British captain Arthur Phillip landed in Sydney harbor with a rag-tag bunch of marines and convicts and established a colony to which all the nasty elements that his lords and masters couldn’t be bothered executing could be sent. To celebrate this occasion I did the very Australian thing – a barbeque with lots of tasty dead animal flesh, loads of cold frosty beers, and a game of cricket. Tally-ho, old boy!

But others in Australia do not celebrate this important day. They seethe with resentment. They go amongst the aborigines to stir up trouble. These people are referred to as the ‘black arm brigade’ and the label they bestow on our celebration is ‘invasion day’.

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Is Melbourne international airport the worst in Australia?

This morning I picked up the good wife from the airport. It took her almost two hours to negotiate immigration, collect her baggage, and pass through customs. Australia’s bureaucratic nightmare at border control is similar all around the country. Huge lines to get through immigration to those not holding an Australian passport. But once successfully negotiated you still need to get your bags and get through customs.

In Melbourne this is simply a joke. The line to clear customs at times snakes its way back through the baggage carousels in a fashion that changes every time I come through. It is an organic process due to the complete lack of organization. The airport cannot handle the volume of people passing through the checkpoint.

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