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So much drama in the alt-right and manosphere in the last few weeks. Only chicks should do drama. The modern man is above drama because the modern man knows that participating in drama is not only worthless but it reveals a lack of character.

I’ve said repeatedly that I’d never join a club that would have someone like me as a member. I’m just not cut out for following. I’m not cut out for leading either but I’ll do it in a pinch if I really have to. The pinch usually follows the line of everyone else is fucking it up and I’ll do it just so it gets done right. Once that’s done then I’m done. I don’t want to be your leader because then I’d have to put up with followers. And followers quickly become fan boys.

The ongoing drama is primarily that of leaders who either couldn’t keep their private business private or they couldn’t keep their fan boys under control. It indicates a distinct lack of professionalism. Nobody will ever take you seriously if you can’t act in a professional manner. This more than anything else will handicap the alt-right. They’re their own worst enemy.

People want to capitalize on Trump. They want to use his success to catapult their own careers. This means taking advantage of opportunities. But there is a difference between that and being opportunistic. Some people had a lot of success in 2016; some of it due to hard work and some of it due to luck. I say good luck to them all. I’ve had my own share of success and failure in life. I don’t envy that of others. But sometimes success due to luck or circumstance can go to your head. People can become convinced of their own supposed brilliance. They begin to think they are invulnerable. They begin to think they are untouchable. They begin to think they are beyond criticism.

Now we are seeing the great war of the alt-right fan boys. The minions of each leader who slavishly swallow their idol’s every pronouncement and debase themselves as they attempt to prove their own worthiness. One way to prove their worth is to attack the enemies of their leader. A lot of noise is generated.

Back in junior school when I was twelve years old I had a mortal enemy. He was a little kid and I was a little kid as well. It was like a war of the little kids. Things built up and eventually each of us managed to form our own small army of followers to do our bidding. This was achieved through bribery for the most part. Most of our followers were bigger than each of us and could have swatted us aside with one blow. But I discovered that they were easily manipulated.

This all culminated in a great battle one day after school which occurred on the school grounds. Each of us had about 30 followers on our respective sides. The two battle groups went at it as my nemesis and I stood and watched from the sidelines. The two of us actually stood next to one another as we observed and directed the fighting, like two adolescent Napoleons. Between waves of battle we would murmur comments to each other. In the end it petered out into a draw. The two of us walked away with firm respect for each other and complete disdain for those who were stupid enough to put themselves on the line for nothing more than our personal whim. Our disdain was also with how easily we were able to manipulate them.

The other lesson I learned was that followers are a pain in the butt. You have to keep them happy. You have to massage their fragile egos. You have to keep them off-guard and guessing at what will come next so that you will not be bothered too much with their incessant demands for attention.

But above all I learned to have little respect for those who would actively cultivate followers in this manner. Because I know what that level of manipulation entails. There are a very select few who are able to have loyal followers without bothering themselves with such political maneuverings, but they are rare and anyway I am not one of them. And so I abstain.

But I observe and I will criticize where warranted. This generates the ire of the fan boys. I’ve had to block a few people on Gab. I’ve had to delete a few comments. This is all just white noise – none of it means anything. But some high profile commenters I now see in a new light. That of the fan boy cultivator. It’s good when people reveal themselves in this way. Too much success too soon. Like the phoenix flying too close to the sun. Or was that a guy with feathers stuck to his arms? I have to reacquaint myself with my Greek legends. Anyway, too much success and a profound insecurity which they attempt to mask through an us and them mentality.

And so the game goes.

I learned one other lesson from that schoolyard battle. I learned how quickly things can escalate beyond your control. One day you’re mouthing off at the kid you don’t like. The next thing you know you’re directing a full battle of demented school kids. Somehow we all got away with it. Just how the school administration missed a full school brawl with sixty kids that took place right outside their office building I will never know.

Just lucky I guess.



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  1. David Moore

    “Only chicks should do drama. The modern man is above drama because the modern man knows that participating in drama is not only worthless but it reveals a lack of character.”

    Completely correct. Drama is for women, and gays of the ‘fabulous’ variety.

  2. Well said. I gave up on Gab because I didn’t like the interface and I wasn’t seeing anything new that I couldn’t read on the various blogs, but I was already getting a sniff of the types who were showing up in my feed. For all their adoration, Trump wouldn’t have anything to do with most of them were he to meet them in person.

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