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A note of thanks and a hawt chick!

I haven’t done a roundup of 2016 because everyone else is doing it. Plus you all know what happened. And the past is the past – move on, please. Get a life and all that. Likewise I’m not going to do a post titled “My 10 best articles of 2016” for the simple reason that nobody ever reads that shit. Well, I don’t so I assume that everyone else just clicks through as well. I mean, my back articles are all there. Delve into them if it so takes you.

I do, however want to give a shout out and a note of thanks for several writers and podcasters who have helped me in the first year of this blog. Some of them I reached out to and some of them discovered me. But in no order in particular I’d like to give my sincere thanks to Aaron Clarey, Matt Forney, Tim Newman, The Cynical Libertarian Society, Davis Aurini, Robert McCain and his trusty sidekick Kevin, Soviet Man, Didact, Marcus from the Marcus Review, and XYZ magazine.

This blog started 2016 with around 400 views for the month of January. I hit almost 25,000 in December which is a nice result from my first year here.

Likewise a huge note of thanks to all my regular commenters. Apart from the interesting insights that you give I also really appreciate when you pull me up on something that I need to rethink. I learn just as much from you guys as you do from me. So once again, in no particular order, a huge thanks to Sjonnar, Allen, Floyd, Thomas, Carl-Edward, Squid Hunt, David, Tehy5, Brandon, Heresolong, and Neville.

If I missed anyone out I sincerely apologize but the blog is starting to get a lot of comments now which is very gratifying.

The good wife and I are now off to Europe for a few weeks. I have some posts lined up which will get published automatically over the next few days. I won’t be able to approve any new commenters however, so I ask for your patience and understanding if your comment doesn’t appear.

I’ll do my best to keep the posts coming while I’m overseas but it will be a bit sporadic. And the podcast is on hiatus for this time.

Whew. After all that I’ll give you a hawt chick of the week. Seems only fair for you having to sit through all my ramblings. This one is more au naturale.



“Silenced” film review.


I support total and complete discrimination.


  1. Your Europe observations would be welcome. Partner wants to go to Rome and Paris. Last time I was in Paris (solo trip) I was shocked at the ganging of young men at the intersection of every boule, rue and ave after dark. Leering and shoving were going on, and this was nearly ten years ago. Marseilles was the worst. Visible military presence at all major airports/stations, France, Italy, Germany, eastern countries. From my safe haven here in WA, I fear it is lost. Let us know.

  2. Thanks for the writings, and let’s hope they continue throughout 2017!

  3. Last time I was in Paris (solo trip) I was shocked at the ganging of young men at the intersection of every boule, rue and ave after dark.

    I dunno. I’ve lived here for the past 3 years and it’s one of the least aggressive and dangerous places I’ve been. But then again, I did live 7 years in Manchester: neither Moscow or Lagos could measure up to that place for senseless violence and wanton destruction.

  4. You are welcome. I’ve come to realize the power of finding a tribe of like-minded (but not mindless) group of people. I enjoy your writing. Agree with much you say. When you are wrong you are at least intelligent about being wrong instead of simply screaming about your fucking feelz. I want more people to read your writing ’cause maybe it will help them pull their heads out of their asses.

    P.S. I finally bought Pushing Rubber Downhill. Great book. I’ll be pimping it on the podcast sometime.

    • Adam

      Excellent stuff. Let me know when you do in case I miss the episode.

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