Another post while I’m on the road, or in the air as it may be. Here is what caught my eye before I trotted off to Europe. Hopefully it catches your eye as well. Or both of them. If you have two eyes. If you don’t, did I just make you feel uncomfortable? Victimized perhaps? Perhaps you now feel bad about yourself.

Awww …. The power I wield!!!!!

I’m a history buff and this cool site puts up a post about WWII every day in chronological order by date. Very groovy.

This week’s Woodpile Report.

I finally caught up with Davis Aurini’s film, Immersed in Subversion. It’s worth a look.

The EPA tells Alaskans to stop burning wood for fuel in minus zero temperatures. Apparently it’s far better to freeze to death than to risk the possibility of some particulates in the air. They’re bad for you health, don’t you know.

Funny of the week. I like funnies!

For the nerds – Thomas Sowell on why culture matters.

Why we must continue to take the fight to the Left by the excellent James Delingpole.

And the hawt chick of the week. I like hawt chicks of the week!