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Your daughter probably isn’t that special.

Dalrock has an excellent post about the so-called scarcity of marriageable men that does not align with women’s behavior. To put it simply, women behave as if there is an abundance of marriageable men while complaining that there are no good guys out there. Which is true?

I am of the opinion that there are many more men who are quietly getting on with earning their daily bread and going about their business in a dutiful way than is recognized. Of course, this attempted shaming tactic by women for men to “man up” by getting married is ridiculous. You don’t “man up” by doing what a woman wants you to do. Making a woman the center of your existence is a recipe for disaster.

Anyway I’m getting off track. What I want to write about is a comment on another blog that Dalrock quoted.

Out of the entire group her age, there are a few young men I’d be proud to call son-in-laws: Athletic, smart, industrious, curious about how things work, courteous, a little mischievous, but with a good moral compass. Maybe 5% of the boys in her age group fit this description.

So I don’t find very many young men suitable for my daughter…

It brings to mind the old 1950s image of a father intimidating a prospective suitor while he twiddles with his loaded shotgun. But times have changed, boys and girls. Times have changed. It’s not the 1950s anymore. For all you fathers out there with daughters getting itchy feet, I’ve got news for you. What makes you think that your precious little snowflake is at all deserving of a good man to marry her? It’s no longer a case of suitors lining up to display their good manners in an attempt to gain the approval of your little darling. The reason is because your little precious daughter is a dime a dozen.

You don’t find many young men suitable for your daughter? Don’t make me laugh. I look around and I don’t see very many young women who even come close to being suitable wife material. Maybe we should all consider the possibility that the reason that young people are not getting married in their previous numbers is not from a so-called dearth of suitable men – it’s due to there not being many suitable women out there.

And unlike young women, young men are indeed behaving as if this is the case. They’re looking around and seeing the narcissistic and egotistical harridans who scream about feminism and their “rights” while they slouch through life with everything being handed to them on a golden platter of “you go girl!” And these young guys are thinking that they’d have to be out of their goddam minds to hook up with one of these walking disasters. And they’d be right.

For all you young men out there I have a simple message for you. If you discover a young woman who stands a fair chance of making an acceptable wife and if the timing fits into your current frame of accomplishments then you should go for it. But there will be no asking of the father for permission to marry his daughter. At the most you can choose to inform him that you have got to the front of the queue and you and his daughter are shacking up together.

Because always remember that a man doesn’t grovel and beg for something. He takes it. And she will be watching. If you can’t stand up to her father then you sure as shit aren’t going to be able to stand up to her. And her father will know it as well. He’ll know that she found a man with two balls to rub together.

I know what you’re thinking – but Adam, what if the father’s concerns are valid as he has indeed raised one of the few marriageable women out there? My response is that he did his duty by raising her right but now it’s up to her. If he truly raised her right then she’ll know how to pick a good one. Just saying. Which means you can’t fake it, boys. As I’ve always said; you want to marry an adult? Then you better make an adult out of yourself so you stand half a chance.





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  1. LadyMoonlight

    Yep! Why on earth would a man want a feminist who thinks she is the centre of the universe. Marriage is supposed to be a partnership and the man has to be a man. My son (41) said the other day that the last real men were born in the 1970s and he is right. If I ever married again (been alone for 36 years), I would not settle for any male I could walk all over, order around and who was not an Alpha male. If I wanted to be with a female I would be a lesbian! Thank god for Alpha males. I look around and I don’t see too many…maybe because I am a teacher and all the males are lefties and I don’t mix socially at all, happier being alone so my circle of acquaintances is small.

  2. “no asking of the father for permission to marry his daughter.” Perhaps not, but at a minimum I had to present myself to my first wife’s father as a sign of respect. Those Sicilians sure are touchy about that kind of thing.

    • datechguy

      As a Sicilian I agree, you go to the father, assuming he isn’t absent, or high or in jail etc etc etc

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