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A few thoughts on Trump’s inauguration.

Regular readers of this humble blog will have noticed that I have been quiet on Trump since he won the election. The reasons for this are twofold. I was greatly interested in the election itself because I sensed and predicted a change in the way ordinary people viewed the political establishment and the awful encroachment of political correctness. In other words, people are sick and tired of do-gooders interfering in their lives. On this I was right.

But the election was won months ago so that point is now moot and proved. Nothing more to see. Time to move on.

The other reason why I have been silent on Trump since the election is that there has really been nothing to say. He won the election but he wasn’t the president yet. It was kind of a political limbo land. In other words, Trump hadn’t done anything of note precisely because he didn’t as yet have his hands on the keys to the office. And I refuse to jump on this ridiculous and quite frankly embarrassing bandwagon of proclaiming Trump as some new “God-emperor” who is going to sweep all before him like some hero from a bad fantasy epic. Now that he has won I want to see what he can, will, and is able to do. Until that starts happening then I’m just not interested.

But a few thoughts on the inauguration itself. I thought his speech was simple, inclusive, powerful, and straight to the point. It left little doubt as to his intentions. I liked it very much.

The so-called women’s march on Washington is so ridiculous as to be beneath contempt and I wouldn’t have mentioned it at all except that I saw a very interesting comment about it from a commentator on a newspaper article. His thought was that this march constitutes the core of the climate change crowd. They are marching not just against Trump’s “character” but really at the fear that he will dismantle the financial climate institutions of which they undoubtedly benefit. This is also why they are shit scared of a break up of the European Union as such an event will signal the complete end and failure of the climate change movement for all time. On this one can only hope, pray, and have your fingers crossed behind your back that it will happen.

Here in Holland on the evening of Trump’s inauguration I caught a television panel show with a bunch of hosts and “experts” who collectively appeared to have sucked on and swallowed the entire lemon output of Guatemala. I had a faint inkling as to which way their hopes and dreams were leaning when a famous musician who was completely unknown to me performed one of his songs with a large backdrop that stated, “Not my president” which I thought was very prescient considering that this was a television show in Holland.

The Dutch media are collectively aghast but once again it is the fear that Trump will herald the rise of the European nationalists whom they so greatly fear. You would think that they might observe the consequences of the American media’s behavior and perhaps modify their output to be slightly bi-partisan just in case the unthinkable should indeed occur. But that would require them to be intelligent, independent, mature, and brave, so I doubt that will happen any time soon.

But now the eight long years of the presidency of the “really nice guy” who was “nice to everyone” whilst being continuously at war with one country or another for his entire presidential term is finally over. For that we can indeed be thankful. Let’s now see what Trump can do.


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  1. James Erickson

    I don’t think the tide of PC has been reversed. But it is now more acceptable to voice against it. After 8 years of effeminate leadership , we now have a chance to tell it like it is. One word summaries of Hillary, Trump, Obama : a cunt, a dick, a pussy. Who would you have looking out for you?

  2. I don’t think it’s really that related to the climate. It seems like more just… feminists, basically. I’m sure they agree with the left on climate change because feminists, but I don’t think this is what drives them. More like “this pussy grabs back”.

    And why on earth do people from other countries feel the need to say “not my president”? He’s not. And related, why do they feel like this has anything to do with them and they have to protest it? Probably because he has disrupted the PC narrative, which also goes to the comment above – Trump has shown that PC is a seriously unviable electoral strategy. If the Left doesn’t realise this, and they’ve already started, he will just win again, and many of them seem to be getting it.

  3. Mr Black

    I reasoned that these were all the Hillary groups that had planned a big Jan20 celebration a long time in advance and then Trump took it away from them. Having made all their plans and organised everything they just moved it back a day and went anyway.

  4. R. Sherman

    No disagreement, but in fairness to the Dutch, they have some historical basis for being wary of larger nationalist neighbors going back to the 17th Century. Of course, such a fear happens when a nation out-sources it’s national security to others.

  5. Now that he has won I want to see what he can, will, and is able to do. Until that starts happening then I’m just not interested.

    Given it’s only Thursday, he doesn’t seem to be fucking around so far!

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