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The Friday links and hawt chick thread.

Good morning, groove-rats. Know ye all that after a three week hiatus caused by my itinerant wanderings amongst the Europeans, the weekly link thread is hereby reinstated to give you all hope, joy, and personal sexual fulfillment. And just remember; if the raw pangs of guilt strike you as you view this week’s hawt chick in the privacy of your own safe space, choking the chicken is always sex with someone you love.

Trump has been in office for a week and in that time he has done more than Australia’s Teflon prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull has done in the fifteen months he has been in the top job. I know all you Americans are loving the fact that you’re not getting even remotely tired of winning this hard, but it’s difficult to watch Trump so effortlessly get things done where all before him have dithered and squandered while complaining how impossible it all was to do anything. He’s making them look like the incompetent nobodies they always were while simultaneously doing the same to all present leaders around the world.

The great frustration to all conservatives here in Australia is not the vast number of awful laws and regulations that the Left routinely implement when they have their hands on the power button. It is the fact that none of these bastard laws are repealed when we hold the power. They just get added to, albeit at a slower pace. Case in point is the first link this week from Catallaxy Files which examines an international survey on house affordability that listed 8 Australian cities in the top 20 of the world’s most expensive spots to purchase a home. The reason we are the most expensive?

Our high cost housing position is earned in the regulatory department.  In this we are the world champions.  The Victorian planning authority has identified over 600 separate approval decisions for a new house in Melbourne.

Included will be regulations where you must find out if some Aboriginal took a crap in your backyard 30,000 years ago, and if he did, oh boy are you screwed. Does our government do anything about this? Not at all – it’s all too hard. There are too many interests. We’re too busy doing important stuff like giving away all our treasure in foreign aid to overseas despots so we can feel good about ourselves when we stand up at the UN, (leave it now!)

So excuse me if I feel very depressed while being simultaneously elated while watching Trump getting stuff done. Okay, enough – the links:

This week’s Woodpile Report.

This one is a must read – A message to angry leftists from an American infantryman:

but you won’t start this “uprising” you keep going on and on about. If you really believe that your cause is just, that the majority supports you, and that the United States needs to be overthrown to make way for your Progressive social utopia of sunshine and free shit… pick up a gun and start your revolution like every other communist group in history.

The job of the Queens chaplain is to defend Christianity. He did that by calling out a sniveling gay traitor of a Scottish provost who actually read out a section of the Koran in Glasgow’s cathedral and then he got sacked for doing his job. We have become a soft and degenerate civilization and we deserve to fail.

A video from Aaron Clarey about how having an education doesn’t make you smart. As far as I’m concerned, anyone who goes around saying that they’re smart for this or the other reason is demonstrating that they’re as dumb as a bag of rocks.

The Other McCain takes a look at the traitorous freakshow that is Bradley Manning. Every time I see that drooling retard’s photo I ponder how on earth the US military managed to sink so low to the point that this wank-stain ever managed to get through basic training, let alone be accepted in the first place. Manning is a prime example of why you never let your standards drop.

Okay, that’s all done. It’s hawt chick time. You all have a great weekend. Don’t get tired of the winning. So much winning it hurts to watch.



Podcast #33 – The holiday episode.


I’m sorry but I had to dump Scarlett Johansson.


  1. Sjonnar

    Manning isn’t the result of falling standards, he’s the result of deliberately perverted standards. He’s the exact sort of shitbag the government has been specifically looking for to dilute the fighting spirit of the US military since at least 1992.

    The call-out from an infantryman is great. Too bad his intended audience is too weak to even read it without running for their fainting couches. Too much testosterone.

    Hawt chick is pretty damn hawt. Why is she chained to the wall? She the town bike or something?

    • Adam

      The call-out from an infantryman is great. Too bad his intended audience is too weak to even read it without running for their fainting couches. Too much testosterone.

      Which kind of makes his whole point. No way these weaklings are ever going to revolutionize.

      Hawt chick is pretty damn hawt. Why is she chained to the wall? She the town bike or something?

      How dare you!

  2. thomas

    Three weeks have passed already?!

    Hope you had a good trip.

    Australia may sound like it’s got its head up its butt (as much as or maybe less so than lovely Canada)…but at least you produce impossibly but wonderfully proportioned babes..

    Like Emily Sears…

    Or Renee Somerfield…who I also like because she told those femmies to eff off (re: the beach body ready ads).

    • Adam

      The problem with Aussie chicks is the sound they make when they open their mouths and talk.

      “Gidoi maeete, oowws eett gowin?”

      Instant arousal killer.

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