Your feelings mean nothing.

It’s all feelings. Nothing more than feelings. Don’t you inhibit my feelings. (You need to sing this by the way.) Feelings. I gotta get me some feelings. Everyone else has their feelings. Those feelings are so important … yeah.

Adolescence. It’s a fun time, not. But at least nature imposed a sense of order on things by making teenagers think all adults are squares, the result being that teenagers avoid adults like the plague, the end end result being that us adults don’t have to suffer hearing the awful banalities that pour from the mouths of teenage dimwits everywhere.

In short, they hates us and avoid us and we’re happy with that. High fives, nature!

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Australian leadership challenge in the wind?

Last week Abbott made a speech at the launch of Connor Court’s new book of conservative essays, Making Australia Right. Abbott’s speech, which you can find in full over at Catallaxy Files, set off a chorus of attacks and abuse from his colleagues in parliament. They same politicians who knifed him in the back now consider him to be a bad sport who should just slink away and die.

But Abbott’s speech was concerned with saving the Liberal party as opposed to saving himself. It also was notable for the fact that it lacked a single personal attack, veiled or otherwise, on any of his colleagues who have treated him so shabbily. Now those same colleagues accuse of him of disloyalty and of attempting to undermine Turnbull, the very same actions that Turnbull propagated against Abbott.

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The Sunday cooking thread – smoked salmon BBQ style.

It’s Sunday and on this day I love to cook. Scratch that – I like to cook every day because I love to eat well. I’ve been thinking about a cooking thread for a while, a thread to blow off some metaphorical steam from all of the political and masculine stuff. Otherwise it all becomes too heavy. So I hope to do this every Sunday. Feel free to pitch in and share your own Sunday cooking experiences. Okay, enough jabbering, onto it.

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It’s all here – links, vids, and zee hawt chick of the week.

And we arrive at another Friday. What an interesting week it has been here on the interwebs of the alt right. As I repose here in my pleated dressing gown on another wintery morning in the Melbourne summer that never was, it occurs to me that despite all of the interesting goings-on I really care not one whit, and as long as I have a glass of something good, a cigar that is noble, a home that is warm, and a wife that is obedient, then I have all that is good in the world. What joy.

Oh, who am I kidding. I care, baby, I care. On to the links and the resident hawtness.

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