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Why the Right are not into protesting.

Roissy has a post up about why the Left are good at protesting and the Right are not up to scratch. The crux of his argument is geographic distribution, as in the Left are all crowded together in a few places and thus have an easy time of it when organizing a ruckus. Other arguments put forward by his fellow bloggers that he quotes, (and which he disagrees with), are that Leftoids are smarter and more conscientious, (fat chance), and the supposed character and personality failings of conservatives for their failure to jump on the bandwagon of political advocacy, (I would argue the opposite.)

Roissy has demonstrated time and again that he is a smart guy, so I admit that I was a little surprised when I read his post this morning. I have not pondered this question at all in the past but the answer came to me immediately. I mean, how hard can it be?

The reason that conservatives are loathe to go out and protest is because we respect the rules. We respect the system that we live under. If we lose an election then we sigh and tighten our belts and then we proceed to wait it out. You didn’t see eight years of protests from the Right while Obama was in power, no matter how awful he was. The only real protest was the Tea Party movement but that was a political organization so I don’t think that it is in the same basket as marching down the street dressed as a giant vagina.

The clue to why conservatives follow the rules is in our name – we believe in conserving what we inherited which is why we try to give the greatest respect to our democratic institutions. The Left however, believes in embracing change and darn the consequences. So they all rush out at the first opportunity to “protest this” and “protest that” in the mistaken belief that they are achieving something.

And with that we come to the next reason why conservatives do not protest. We know that it is a total waste of time. What mass protest ever got results apart from the Parisian student riots of 1968? The Left have been living off that victory for three generations now but it has never repeated itself. Protesting is for losers and for people who need to feel emotionally good about themselves while under the mistaken impression that they are actually achieving something. Keep in mind that all of these protesters while they were growing up were told time and again by their teachers that they could “change the world!” That’s a lot of pressure to live up to. You better get out there fast and occupy Wall street so it looks like you’re doing something.

The final reason why the Right is not out protesting is because they actually work for a living. Smelly protesters have no trouble getting off a shift making coffee at Starbucks. They can have a sign drawn up in crayon and be on their way downtown before you can say, “I got a new tribal tattoo.” Meanwhile those on the Right are going about their business and attempting to keep the country running for another day.

They also generally don’t need the coin. Nasty evil-doer Soros can throw a few pennies here and there to move even the most recalcitrant and drug-addled Leftie to get off the couch they found in the alley and go out and protest. Or they can just manipulate those colored folks into burning down their own neighborhoods while they wail and cry at the racism of the Right.

There is one other reason why the Right do not protest too much, (abortion marches notwithstanding). We never took those awful arts and craft or drama courses. How can we be expected to go out to protest if our sign-making ability is sub-par, not to mention our total lack of talent at pretending to be the aforementioned giant vagina. Some things just cannot be taught, thank goodness.


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  1. GFR

    Soros was paying protesters $1500/week. That is a lot more than they make at Starbucks.
    I went to a couple of Tea Party rallies. Most of the people who were there were retired. Conservatives with jobs, kids etc – don’t really have the time for it..

  2. Yagi

    Maybe they should stop protesting and look for a job.

  3. I reckon it’s because, in general, those on the right have lives outside of politics that they’d like to get on with enjoying. For those on the left, politics appears to be all they have. How many of these protesters are single women without a ghost of a chance of finding a decent partner, let alone starting a family?

    • GFR

      Many years ago I knew somebody who worked at the Massachusetts Statehouse. (Massachusetts is a very liberal state). He said that all the Conservative staffers were in by 9:30 AM, but all the liberal staffers were in by 7:30 AM. For the Conservatives it was a job, but for the liberals it was all-consuming. They couldn’t imagine anything better than telling the citizenry how to live their lives..

    • Adam

      All of them?

  4. GFR

    Adam, nothing on the Turnbull/Trump spat?

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