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Friday randoms plus the hawt chick!

G’day fellow slackers and morons, it’s time for that pile of steaming goodness the Friday links, vids, clips, pastes, messages, massages, and of course, the rousing pile of awesomeness that is this weeks hawtness of hawtness, the hawt chick of the week.

As usual I have found/located/discovered/stolen these links from around the interwebs. So if you’ve seen them already then you hang out at the same places I do which must make you a grade A level of coolness that the universe finds difficult to handle. Enough of the mutual admiration already, let’s get to it.

Straight off with a bang and courtesy of Ace we have this little gem. The blogging trend of the last few days has been that of contemplating if the Left will actually step up the ante and go for all out civil war. Well, wars are generally fought by adults. The Left have never grown up. Don’t believe me?

[wpvideo ywKQBvsd]

You could just about put that on endless loop. Next item.

This week’s Woodpile Report. If you can’t find something there to tickle your fancy then you have no curiosity as far as I’m concerned.

Courtesy of Tim Newman we have a one hour video of the guy Trump got to report back on how best Trump could implement his campaign promises with regards to the EPA. The guy is speaking to a room chock full of European climate change journalists. One hour, I hear you say. I can’t do one hour. I didn’t think so either. Actually it’s riveting viewing. A friend the other day tried to get me to go see the new Star Wars movie. I watched this instead. A much better time investment. He’s the one with the glasses, (not my friend – the Trump guy). Silky smooth and oh so deadly. It’s freaking beautiful.

Also courtesy of Ace we have some American guy telling you how to make coffee. No, no, no, and no. I’ve already done a post explaining how to make coffee here. This guy goes on and on about how to grind your beans. Unless you live in a tropical environment with the proper humidity count, don’t grind your own beans. So why am I linking this? For the comments section. There are some beauties in there. My personal favorite?

I am a coffee gourmand. I actually like Starbucks Lattes, even though the beans are way overdone.

Good God. Next please.

For the nerds amongst us I have an economics beauty – The economic idiot savants of our time. This is a link within a link but I’m linking Catallaxy as 1. The found it and 2. I love some of the bits they highlighted particularly this:

Why hasn’t this recovery been stronger? The predominant explanation blames inadequate stimulus spending. It holds that more “demand” is needed to boost the economy. But this inverts the nature of the relationship between demand and economic performance. Demand is the result—not the cause—of economic activity. Therefore production, not demand, determines growth.

If you want to know what the biggest economic misconception has been of the last fifty years it is the completely mistaken idea that demand stimulates supply. Despite what all your dumbass economics professors have taught you, the truth as Milton Friedman and a bunch of others have always known, is the exact opposite. Supply stimulates demand. The good wife has an MBA from an actual reputable European university but it still took me a while to get her to break out of the brainwashing. Don’t agree with me? Fire away in the comments and lose.

And after all that we conclude with a young lady who needs me to make her life complete. Until next week, my fellow stupids.



Trump versus some Australian prime minister.


More riots please.


  1. Sjonnar

    Jesus fuck no, I will not put that on a loop. Pretty sure the Irish have an old myth about females that do that and then you die from the fucking noise.

    • Adam

      The banshee is one of my favorite myth monsters. A woman whose very voice fells you dead. Those ancient Irish knew a thing or two about feminists.

  2. so does that mean if I provided you with an oversupply of Lena Dunhams you’d be demanding them hand over fist?

    • Adam

      Hand over fist? Lena Dunham?

      I see what you did there.

      Anyway, by endless loop my intention was endless mockery.

  3. Antidote

    Banshee? I thought it was a bird call; sounded just like a red tailed hawk.

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