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Trump versus some Australian prime minister.

Anyone who thought Trump was going to feel obliged to honor Obama’s ludicrous deal to take 1250 boat people from Australia had rocks in their head. With that in mind let me categorically state that Malcolm Turnbull the Australian prime minister has a rock in his head the size of the really big one that sits in the middle of the country and has a tourist site around it. Perhaps we could organize a tourist site around Turnbull’s head. We could charge money for admission, after all there’s a lot of space in there.

These boat people are the last of a bad bunch. The dregs of the dregs. Nobody wants them and we’ve had them cooling their heels on some offshore island shithole in the hope that they’d eventually get fed up and trudge back to their countries of origin. Fat chance of that happening.

But our self proclaimed “master negotiator” of a prime minister thought he saw a chance to bundle them all up in a nice ribbon in the final weeks of the Obama presidency. Obama said, sure, send them our way. What do I care? I’m off to Magnum PI’s house in Hawaii. So the deal was signed and what did Turnbull do?

Nothing. He sat on his hands while crowing about how brilliant he had been. And all the time the clock was ticking. It was ticking down to the moment when Trump would assume the presidency. Did Turnbull get all 1250 boat people on non-stop flights to the US? Nope. Not one of them. Perhaps Turnbull was under the impression that all leaders are like him. In other words, they talk the big talk but they don’t actually do anything. After all, doing stuff is nasty and icky. Much better to pontificate and talk grandly about “investing in the nation” and “building the nation of the future” and my personal favorite, “creating the agile and innovative nation.”

Meanwhile Trump had taken office and he was moving. He was moving fast. Inexplicably, he was getting lots and lots of stuff done. Perhaps Turnbull was starting to feel uneasy, but I doubt it. Turnbull has the false confidence of the clinically inept and stupid. Why, he had signed a document! It was all said and done, old boy! Jolly good show!

Inexorably the eye of Trump moved over and gazed upon the hapless figure that leads our nation. He held in his hands the Turnbull-Obama deal. A deal that no president in their right mind would ever sign. Trump picked up the phone and now Turnbull had a chance to prove that he was the great master negotiator after all. Twenty five minutes into the phone call Trump hung up on him and then proceeded to tell the world what he had done. And Turnbull?

The silence is deafening. He does not know what to say. He dithers and dathers. He hopes that all will be right. The power is not in his hands.

I very much doubt that Trump will honor this agreement. He would be spectacularly unwise to do so. The very best that Turnbull can hope for is that the agreement is renegotiated with Australia giving Trump the Sydney Opera House and Harbor Bridge as payment for taking those 1250 “potential Boston bombers,”  as Trump calls them. Who can disagree? After all, if we won’t take them why the hell should we expect a nation like the USA to shoulder the risk? Only a moron would think that.

Which is what we’ve got.


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  1. David Moore

    How do you Aussies mange to get such a spastic as a PM?

    Trump isn’t hard to deal with, everything is a negotiation. His tweet was the opening shot in the process outlining the most extreme end and he always walks back from that point. Turnbull clearly didn’t have much to play with, but trying to badger Trump into accepting the deal as it stands without putting something on the table is rank stupidity.

    To think he would honor a deal just because Obama agreed to it, breathtakingly stupid!

    Most of the media and world politicians are seriously struggling with not only Trump as the President, but the simple fact he is serious about delivering what he was elected for.

    • Unfortunately our system works differently to yours, you guys vote in a person, we vote in a party (that’s the basics). So we had Tony Abbott (the “stop the boats” guy, remember?) and in a back room deal the party decided to get rid of him and basically put a leftist into power.

      Don’t worry we’re fixing it in short order. Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party just got 4 senate seats and looks to be in the running to take over states and a possible (later on) run at the Prime Ministership with any luck.

      • Adam

        While all true we have to remember that Turnbull then did win an election all on his ownsome, (even if it was on the back of Abbott’s successes with repealing the carbon and mining taxes and stopping the boats).

        That he did it with a one seat majority is moot. As is the fact that all his supposed brilliant reasons for ousting Abbott have been shown to be the empty air that a few of us knew them for. Here’s hoping Pauline can find some good ones and keep them on the straight and narrow.

        • thefinn12345

          Yep, I don’t disagree. Was an eye-opener recently when Peta Credlin called out Turnbull for re-instating 40,000 legal immigrants per year that Tony had cut. However looking into it you find Tony was still allowing 150,000 per year in.

          So basically destroying the country at 80% of the speed that everyone else was. That’s not a “change” in my view.

          If you stopped legal immigration, employers would be vying for workers. Wages would rise, birth rates would rise, housing costs would decrease. All the things the rich donors to both parties do not want – but are in the national interest.

          Any wonder nobody wants to do it.

  2. Floyd R Turbo (American)

    Is it true that most of these people got to Australia via Indonesia? Wouldn’t it be possible for an Australian Navy submarine to drop them off on a remote Indonesian island in the middle of the night? Aren’t they muslims in Indonesia – aren’t they obliged to take in other muslims?

    • Adam

      Yes they got to Australia from Indonesia but they’re not Indonesians. Most of them originate from a country ending in ‘stan’. As such I don’t think your cunning plan will work, admirable though it may be.

      • Neville

        But then, to be fair, it WAS at least a cunning plan …
        ( LOL )
        BTW Adam, good work; always an interesting and thought-provoking viewpoint. Thank you.

  3. johnson johns

    the reason we are not taking any of the 1250 has more to do with our standing policy of deterrence, and less with their security status, as I see it . . .it wouldn’t matter if they could cure cancer, the fact is accepting them would only send a signal to the opportunist economic refugees that once again, the country is ‘open for business’ . .

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