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More riots please.

The organized riots at Berkeley University have dominated news and conversation around the interwebs these past few days. The defendants of these rioting anarchist thugs most often use the explanation that free speech doesn’t mean that people can’t react badly to you, only that the government can’t stop you from speaking. In other words, if people riot and tear up entire neighborhoods then it’s your fault for being an asshole and speaking in the first place.

Notwithstanding the fact that Milo never even got to speak, this argument, if I can call it that, is fallacious in the extreme. As Peter Grant correctly points out, if this were true then it should be equally applied on both sides. In other words, if you lot get to riot when we want to speak then we get to riot when you want to speak. Obviously this would mean an eventual total breakdown in civil society. But what we cannot forget is that this is what the rioters actually want.

The rioters are also a product of the very university that they were engaged in destroying. These rioters have been brainwashed by professors at institutions just like Berkeley, if not Berkeley itself. In other words, they are doing their professors’ work. If any of you may have been wondering why the university was not more upset then you have your answer.

Personally I consider these riots to be a very good thing to occur at this time. Obama is no longer the president but the rioters are behaving as if it’s business as usual. Information on the rioters is being collected by concerned citizens who have infiltrated their organizations. This piece at Oathkeepers makes for very interesting reading. If citizens are marshaling themselves to do this you can bet that the Trump administration is doing the same. President Trump no doubt understands very well what he is dealing with and what measures need to be employed to not only defeat but to destroy these anarchist scumbags. The more they riot then the more ammunition the administration has. And the more they riot the more ordinary citizens will approve of a heavy handed response by authorities.

Milo of course will be happy seeing as his books sales soared over 12,000% overnight. But that also demonstrates the undercurrent of support for anyone who attempts to stand up to these anarchists. Funnily enough, people don’t like the idea of their nation or civilization being destroyed from within. The more the anarchists, (and I include hardcore socialists and communists in this group), cause trouble then the more trouble they will be in further down the line. President Trump is not going to put up with this. He is going to come down very hard indeed.

So please riot more, anarchist-lovers of peace who supposedly oppose hate. You’re doing everyone a favor in the long run.

UPDATE: The first black-clad rioter has been identified and it appears that he was a Berkeley university staff member. So the university staff are burning down their own university and then bragging about it on social media. If anyone had any doubts about the value of a university degree then this should be the final nail in the coffin. I mean, how dumb can you get? And these are the people teaching the courses.


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  1. GFR

    The University of California at Berkeley, if you please. There are nine campuses of the University of California, and 23 California State University campuses.

    • Adam

      Thanks for the clarification. 32 total campuses for one university? That’s a lot of little anarchists being brainwashed …

      • No, he just means that there are 9 Universities of California (actually 10 but the last one is postgrad only). So like UCLA, UCSD, UCB, and so forth. And then various California State universities.

        I don’t know why he complained about you calling it Berkeley University though. It’s not exactly the right name, but it works well enough (not like there are any other Universities in Berkeley anyhow).

  2. Mr Black

    I don’t see any anarchists. I see democrat rioters. “Anarchists” is the term the news media uses to disguise leftist foot soldiers.

    • Adam

      Read the link that I mentioned. This looks predominantly like ANTIFA.

      • Mr Black

        Right, and that is a cover organisation for democrat foot soldiers. They turn up to riot in support of democrat political objectives and the larger mass of democrat supporters hide them and prevent the police from identifying or arresting them. If actual Nazis showed up to a Tea Party or pro-life demonstration and began to riot, the crowd would call the police, take pictures to identify them and possibly shoot or subdue them on their own initiative. What does it tell you that democrat organisations do the opposite? These people are not some unaffiliated fringe, they ARE the democrat party, in the same way the IRA and sinn fein were the same party. One makes demands, the other conducts the violence to force submission.

        • Adam

          I get what you’re saying but I don’t think it’s helpful loosely labeling them with a broad brush such as democrats. It’s too easy to just brush off.

          Did you see my update? First rioter identified as a university staff member.

  3. The best thing that could happen to them is charging and convicting them of certain crimes under California law. No mention of speech, motives or anything of that nature. Just your basic criminal. Hell they’ve already racked up a number of misdemeanors and felonies they could be charged with. 90 days in the county jail for participating in a riot for a bunch of them should settle down a lot of this nonsense.

    • Adam

      Hopefully they can find a law they’ve broken that is significantly more serious than a 90 day stretch.

      • Mark Matis

        Do you actually expect ANY California charges? That state is currently ruled by the ilk of Moonbeam. And do note that “Law Enforcement” did NOTHING to stop the terrorism.

        On the other hand, there are undoubtedly some Federal laws that were broken by this terrorism. And with Civil Rights being such a big thing, there may be a chance for Federal prosecution. If, of course, the DoJ is run by someone who is not a Communist…

        • Adam

          No, I don’t expect any Californian charges at all. Which is why I referred to Trump prosecuting them through Federal authorities in my post.

      • The misdemeanors can carry up to a year in the County Jail, 90 days is about the average. Oddly enough participating in a riot, or inciting one is only a misdemeanor in California. It’s always been that way. The one that gets people a long stretch (3-5 years in state prison) is felony vandalism and also may be counted as a third strike for a life term. Felony vandalism only requires $400 in damages under California law which they definitely did do. It’s not clear if they broke any federal laws. Most crimes are state crimes in the US.

        California is still very much a western state, and can be quite harsh on criminals. As an aside, playing poker for money is legal in California card rooms. There are still some forms of sentient life in California.

        • Adam

          I know all about your West Coast card rooms. One day I will make the trip.

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