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Australian conservative party pushes gay marriage.

Andrew Bolt writes about how several Liberal party politicians are actively pushing for a gay marriage vote despite the fact that one of the key platforms on which they very narrowly won the election was the promise to allow a public vote on the matter. For my overseas readers please be reminded that the Australian Liberal party is the conservative party over here.

Although they don’t seem very keen on conserving much. They seem far more inclined to jump on each and every progressive bandwagon available, thereby doing the Left’s dirty work for them while simultaneously undermining their own voting base. And let us not forget breaking a key election promise, which is particularly foolish in the face of Trump who two weeks into his presidency is showing no signs of letting up as he demonstrates an unusual ability to do what he says he would do.

It just goes to show how stupid and nefarious these supposedly conservative politicians are. They are not just out of tune with their voting block in Australia’s suburbs and heartlands – they’re not even playing in the same band. I would like to accuse them of virtue signaling but the fact is that they do have actual skin in the game in this instance as they will have to face the electorate at the next election.

Malcolm Turnbull demonstrates as per usual the exact qualities of how not to deal with open dissent in your ranks. He has completely evaded taking a stand on the matter, and that is for the simple fact that the backroom deals that he made to successfully oust Tony Abbott as the sitting prime minister mean that he is beholden to the so-called moderate voting block in the Liberal party boardroom. He has to toe their line. He is a leader without power. A leader in name only, a shameful husk of a man who scrambles from one faction to another as he attempts to placate his members, and not for the noble task of governing the country – it is instead all for the purpose of seeing that he keeps the top job. And all the while lurks the figure of Tony Abbott in the background. A man who has undoubtedly learned some important lessons over the last two years.

Gay marriage, of course, is not about making gay people feel all happy and, how should I say this, gay. It is about normalizing homosexuality and undermining the Catholic Church. It is one of the fundamental bedrocks of modern progressive strategic planning. That conservative politicians would advocate for its implementation is shameful. That their leader thinks only of saving his own skin in return for betraying a core conservative principle is beyond belief.

But at times like this perhaps it is better to sit back and watch the rot play out. Very few people are listening in the Liberal party. It is not forever and it is outgrowing its usefulness.


More riots please.


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  1. Gravedigger

    You would have to think the stupid pantywaists haven’t noticed how hard to the right the wind is blowing. Same old shit, fuck the average person we know what’s best for you, just shut up and do as we say.

  2. Aleks Sim

    The end goal of politicized homosexuality (read Leftists) and the push for same sex marriage, equality etc., is primarily about undermining and destroying the Man-Woman-Children family structure, and by extension, undermining and destroying normal White society. One of the obstacles in the way is the churches.

    Homosexuality and homo marriage shouldn’t even be a political topic in the first place. The only answer they should be getting from any sane person is ‘go back into the closet’.

    As far as the politicians are concern and this bullshit that’s going on, is just one of the several attempt to get rid of Malcolm. The Nationals have overtaken the Coalition and the Liberals are aware of this. They are just using the same sex marriage plebiscite to get back in power within the government. They don’t care about the fags, nor do they care about their constituents.

    • Adam

      And nor do they care about the institutions they have inherited and were trusted with safekeeping.

  3. Gld

    Adam, I’d be interested to hear your thoughts about ditching the marriage act altogether? The current marriage act doesn’t seem to be ‘preserving traditional values’ because gay couples can still parent, and have just as many legal rights as married couples. Is the marriage act, regardless of its definition, simply more trouble than it’s worth?

    • Adam

      Governments should never have got involved in the family. That was when the rot began. Marriage is a religious institution that was hijacked by the state. The marriage act should be abolished as far as I’m concerned.

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