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The women’s AFL competition is a complete joke.

Last September I wrote a piece ridiculing the fact that women AFL sportspersons wanted more money to play a sport before they’d even played the sport. The lowliest player in the brand spanking new women’s competition receives $5000 just for turning up. Two days ago the competition launched and the first match was played live on television. I tuned in for purely investigative purposes and after watching about ten minutes of the ‘action’ I can only conclude that these women are grossly overpaid.

Watching women chase a football around a field was like watching women chase a football around a field. It reminded me of being back in school and lounging on the side of the school oval as the girls did their physical education lesson. They were pretty useless at the physical education bit but we weren’t watching for their athletic prowess. A pity then that the women’s AFL is selling the game by attempting to compete with men. How else to describe publicity shots such as the following.


It’s not exactly your dream girl that you want to take home to mum or dad. She even has the requisite tattoo covering her entire arm. Along with the really tough look. Lucky I’m wearing the brown underwear or I’d be in serious trouble.

Lots of people were in the stands watching the game and cheering the players. How wonderful for them all. They must be so chuffed. The Age even described the game as a ‘sell-out’. Which is an interesting use of the term seeing as there was no charge to get into the ground. How something can be described as a sell-out when nothing has been sold is a little bewildering. So no money towards those overpriced player salaries from this weekend then.

It was of course free to get into the ground for the simple reason that the dumbasses who thought up this competition were terrified at the thought of empty stands if they charged people for the privilege of watching women chase a football around a field, and rightly so. This competition has been foisted on a largely uncaring public who might not be so keen to watch women chase a football around a field if they had to pay. Which might have something to do with the awful skill level that was on display. To say that there is a difference in the skill level between the male and female players is like saying that your adorable seven year old niece who insists on performing her excruciating Beyonce covers at family gatherings is perhaps not up to exactly the same level of the woman she is attempting to mimic.

To put the skill level in perspective consider the fact that the Australian women’s soccer team goalkeeper Brianna Davey was one of the best on ground for Carlton on Saturday. The same goalkeeper who managed to let in seven goals when the Matildas were beaten 7-0 by a schoolboys under 16 team. So in between her soccer duties she moonlights for the new women’s AFL. Which is funny as all we’re hearing is that this competition is a dream come true for all the women concerned, and yet they have to ring around the other female sports codes to see if anyone wants to jump over for the weekend and have a crack.

But of course the Australian media has been fulsome with its praise. The Australian newspaper has no less than eleven articles up on its AFL page, and all of them gushing with the sheer brilliance and unrivaled success of the competition. I just wish one of the staff writers would have the balls to stand up and say what a complete joke this entire exercise is. If it really is such a huge success then let’s see them play during the real AFL season at the same time that the men are playing their matches. Let’s see how many television channels will choose to pay big bucks to host the games in direct competition with the networks screening the men’s games. Let’s see how many sponsors are willing to fork out the dosh in that scenario. And let’s see how many people will put their hand in their pocket to watch this level of athletic prowess when they can go and watch the guys play for the same price.

But what am I saying? This isn’t about sport. This is about equality and the new paradigm that women can do anything that men can do if not better. And so the true believers will follow the official line and sing its praises because to do otherwise would be career suicide and they’re not prepared to stand up to the progressive agenda. They’ve never stood up before and they’re certainly not going to start now.


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  1. David Moore

    “Watching women chase a football around a field was like watching women chase a football around a field.”

    Both cuttingly truthful and funny!

    I remember Jeanette Kwakye complaining about the ‘pay gap’ between male and female sprinters. The thing she seems to ignore is that her best time for the 100m is 11.14s. That is beaten at NZ regional under 18 boys race on a regular basis, I doubt you would ever get a 1st at that pace. How much prize money does she think they get? Hell, even at 45, I would have a decent chance at beating her down a 100m track. There is a lack of equality, and that is that female athletes get rewarded far in excess of their performances.

    The non discriminatory solution is to remove the separation of male and female sports and watch women disappear from competitive sport entirely.

    Of course, this would be meaningless if women liked watching women’s sport, the money would flow regardless, but they don’t, so it doesn’t.

    • I remember doing some research into women’s sprinting and came across a funny anecdote where the top female sprinter got accusations of being a man…long story short they found out a long time later that she actually was a he.

      Frankly, the only gender discrimination here is that high school boys’ teams aren’t getting paid the same as these women. That’s a fun argument to use on people, personally. Not that I’ve had much occasion to, sadly.

    • Adam

      There is a lack of equality, and that is that female athletes get rewarded far in excess of their performances.

      Nice way of putting it.


      Here’s a thought to stir up a hornet’s nest. If women sprinters should get less money because they are on average slower than the best male sprinters, should Caucasian male sprinters and Asian male sprinters get less because they are also slower on average than the best black sprinters?

      • David Moore

        “should Caucasian male sprinters and Asian male sprinters get less because they are also slower on average than the best black sprinters?”

        But they do get less, don’t they? Apart from Christophe Lemaitre, I doubt any white guy has run under 10s on a regular basis and none make it to the finals in an Olympic 100m. As for Asians, has an Asian ever even placed in an event above National level?

      • Adam

        Yes, as David points out they do indeed get less. Nobody is paid as much as Bolt.

      • lillian biddle

        Thank heavens I am not the only one to think of this. If everything were time trials us poor women would be in the poor house

  2. Klaus

    Same in Germany, Adam. I heard a team of fourteen year olds beat the top German women’s soccer team.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. Floyd R Turbo (American)

    At American colleges “Intramural” (intra-collegiate) sports are a big deal, and the talent levels vary widely. For a while the powers that be at my undergraduate school decreed that intramural soccer would be open to both sexes on the same teams.
    I actually played in one of these games and I discovered that 1) yes women DO suck, but that 2) they don’t ALL suck. A handful of the women who had actually PLAYED soccer before were able to make themselves useful.
    Anywhoo, after a while TPTB discovered that the women weren’t scoring as many goals as the men – in fact the women were basically hanging around at the far end of the field while the men ran up and down. This made TPTB very cross, and they decided to fix this problem by decreeing that if a WOMAN scored a goal it was worth TWO points rather than one.
    Predictably the men STILL did all the running up and down the field, while the women hung out next to the goals waiting for the ball to be passed to them – this actually seemed to work, and it made the powers that be happy that all the goals were being scored by women.
    So why don’t you do that?
    If the whole point of womens Australian Rules Football is to make the women and the cucks happy, handicap the men so that the women do better. Maybe the men could carry around twenty pound weight vests?
    It’s just a game..

  4. thomas

    I recall watching rugby at Rio Olympics.. Watching the guys play…even if not gay, I thought those guys are hot!

    Then I watched the women’s rugby matches and like you described in that photo on your post…no effing thanks!

    Not sure why the don’t just push bikini based sports ( in addition to beach volleyball).

    Right women aren’t objects to be stared at…

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