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Why hello there my fellow glorious delusional conservatives. It sure has been an interesting week, and an interesting week on my blog with my piece on climate change alarmists getting over 10,000 hits between my blog and the good fellows over at XYZ magazine where it was cross posted. Lots of alarmists showed up to argue their pathetic lies which of course played into my cunning plan to make sure they will all be held accountable in the future. I even stated that at the beginning of the piece! They sure are dumb. Anyway, on with the links of the week.

Let’s start off with one for the nerds. The Spectator has a piece out on the coming French election. The sub-heading for the piece reads, “a Le Pen victory would be the worst crisis for half a century. Even if she doesn’t, the system is in deep trouble.”

Half a century is about right. But France needs this crisis. Short term pain for long term gain is the only way out of their mess. I do hope she wins.

Speaking of elections, it’s the turn of the Dutch in about four weeks time. Here is a very short recent debate between Geert Wilders and the Dutch foreign minister.

Notice the foreign minister’s response to both of Wilder’s questions. All he can do is prattle on about “human rights”. It is the ‘get out of jail free card’ for the Left. It says nothing, it answers nothing, it does nothing, it means nothing, but they continue to get away with using it. Wilders could have nailed him to the wall with this. That he didn’t is disappointing.

This week’s Woodpile Report. Some very juicy tidbits in there particularly his own lead-off piece.

The accepted line for any man who is the victim of domestic abuse is to not call the police. This is due to the fact that he will most likely be arrested in her place. One of the few times that you can call the police is when your girlfriend assaults you because you said that her spaghetti dinner was just okay. Good to know.

Over at Da tech guy blog is a journalist who is ashamed at the state of his profession. I have no sympathy. The journalism profession sold its soul for the short term benefit of not having to train its cadets anymore. They got universities to do it instead. This abdication of their responsibilities saw them lose control of the training of young journalistic minds. Notice that this guy teaches journalism? Just fuck off already.

Swedish cop posts epic immigrant Facebook rant. Then a second Swedish cop joins him and confirms everything that he has said. No doubt the Nordic matriarchy in charge of the police department will swiftly bring these recalcitrant boys to heel quick smart.

I listen to the Cynical Libertarian’s podcast. He has a foul mouth but he is on target. Like a naughty bombardier. The thing I enjoy the most about his show is the clock ticking in the background. Ticking down to when the bomb is going to go off. Fun times.

And now to the hawt chick of the week. I like this photo because it is not staged. You can just imagine being the guy who is walking towards her. You would like to be that guy. Would you open your mouth? What would you say? Would you fly or would you crash and burn? If you answered that last question you have failed. The secret is to always be outcome independent. So just say something already and let her know you have two balls to rub together. Girls want to know that you’re not a coward. Simples. (Click the image for hawt damn sweaty close up.)



Gosnell abortion bestseller confirms New York Time’s dishonest bias.


Bolt and Blair don’t believe in free speech after all.


  1. Carl-Edward

    There is no such thing as: ‘human rights’. This is a piece of jargon invented by the hands-across-the-sea-let’s- be- brothers brigade. It has as much truth in it as: ‘homophobia’, which is not an English word, and is certainly not a psychiatric condition, as its manufacturers would have one believe.

    What is a fascist? To-day, it seems to connote anyone who believes in individual freedom, and the free market.

    What is a racist? It is one who acknowledges the existence of separate races, and engages in studies of them. A racialist is one who – usually with good reason – dislikes particular races.

    What is it to meddle in the internal political affairs of other countries? It is what some English people, and many continental Europeans do, when they denounce Trump who, even were he not a superb president, should be none of their concern.

  2. David Moore

    “What would you say?”

    ‘Girly, red really isn’t your colour….’

    • Adam

      Going for the neg. Actually she’d look splendid in white.

      • yes true, she would. But its still a pass.

      • David Moore

        I wouldn’t complement her, that’s a weak and low percentage move.

        White or yellow would be better. She needs to know she isn’t good enough in red.

  3. A slight tip of the head and say “magnifique.” Regardless, a man has to recognize the splendor of nature.

  4. Magnificent, the article i mean, and of course, the piece on the beach

  5. Hello Adam!

    First. Thank you for plugging my podcast. I’ll be returning the favour.

    Second. Stop posting photos of my girlfriend.

    Third. I would say something lame like “Oh you brought me some wine. Thank you.” Then 30 seconds later I would think of something funnier/ballsier to say.

    • Adam

      You’re more than welcome.

      You know what I like the most about this hawt chick of the week? (Apart from her tits of course.)

      Her poise. Look at those beautiful shoulders set back, her chin high and confident, her gait elegant and smooth. Too many chicks slouch around like wanna-be hunchbacks these days.

      • You are correct about posture. I have noticed this amongst the hottie college girls here in The People’s Republic. Many of them are beautiful – with the worst posture ever.

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