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Bolt and Blair don’t believe in free speech after all.

I had an entirely different post ready to go and lined up for today. All I had to do was press the button and it was up. Then I could have gone and had a relaxing morning picking my toenails and watching the hideous minor birds fight over a piece of toilet paper.

But no – Andrew Bolt and Tim Blair had to ruin that for me.

Defenders of Free Speech Must Damn Pickering

The headline screams out at you from Bolt’s site, like a feisty school librarian who has just discovered that someone is reading the latest issue of Mad magazine beneath an enormous copy of War and Peace. Bolt condemns Pickering and simultaneously condemns the reader if you don’t condemn Pickering as instructed.

I switched over to Tim Blair’s site and his headline was similar:

Larry’s Latest Leap too Far.

Bloody hell, I thought. What’s going on here?

It transpires that at a recent meeting of the Q Society, of which neither Bolt nor Blair were in attendance, cartoonist and writer Larry Pickering said a few things about Muslims and gays. According to Bolt:

And shame on all the conservatives and libertarians who did not howl him down when he said that while “I can’t stand Muslims … they are not all bad [because] they do chuck pillow-biters off buildings”.

I prefer the epithet ‘shirt-lifters’ myself but each to his own.

But my God, the Australian Left must love mornings like this when they wake up and discover that two of the supposedly most strident conservative opinion writers are doing their dirty work for them. Bolt is having one of his infrequent public meltdowns where he undoes all of the previous good work  that he has done. Tim Blair’s response is more subtle. He dismisses Pickering as not being worthy enough to be in their club. It is similar to the schoolyard freeze-out. Both columnists are being bullies but it is Blair who is the more insidious of the two.

I don’t need to provide any more quotes because everything that needs to be refuted is in the article heading and the quote that I have used thus far. Andrew and Tim, when you say ‘I believe in free speech but’ that just means that you don’t actually believe in free speech. The whole point of free speech is in making people upset. Speech that doesn’t make people upset is immaterial to the argument.

Now here we have some speech that has made the two of you upset and suddenly Pickering must be “damned” and “howled down” by all conservatives everywhere. How interesting. So what you are both saying is that when push comes to shove you don’t actually believe in free speech after all. You are two members of the “I believe in free speech but” brigade. Which makes you both hypocrites which is the usual domain of the Left. Milo Yiannopoulos was recently “howled down” by a violent mob before he even got the chance to speak. Is that the sort of howling down that you are referring to, Andrew? If not, exactly what type of howling down is acceptable and where does the line begin that differentiates between these two extremes?

The answer of course is that there is no difference. Howling down is simply howling down. We don’t need to damn Pickering. We simply need to politely say that we disagree if we happen to disagree at all. But Andrew and Tim do not own conservative opinion or public discourse. They are not the deciders of when someone steps across an invisible line. Each of us have the brains and foresight to make up our own minds on these matters. We will not be told by them when we must damn someone for something they have supposedly said. And not following Bolt or Blair’s instructions does not then disqualify us from the conservative side.

But I tell you what should disqualify somebody from the conservative side. Saying I believe in free speech but.


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  1. LadyMoonlight

    I have to say that I was surprised, taken aback really, when I logged onto Andrew Bolt’s site this morning. Free speech means free speech, full stop. The idea of free speech is that people may say what they like and then those that disagree with them can then comment using intelligent, well thought out responses. If people are silenced for fear of losing their jobs, or friends, or at risk of public ridicule, then said people will simply quietly believe and think what they wish and then, just as quietly, vote. That’s how Donald Trump became President of the United States. That’s how Pauline Hanson and One Nation will gather more votes and power (a good thing of course, but still just not understood by lefties who actually think they speak for the majority of Australians, just like the left thought they spoke for the majority of Americans) Those who ban free speech are fools who have no clue about the realities of what people really think. Why is it that free speech is banned for some people, but ignored when Muslim Imams say things in mosques on a regular basis without question or comment?

    • Adam

      Bolt has demonstrated that he does not understand what he has supposedly been fighting for all this time. He has a complete lack of self awareness and may well be borderline stupid. I say that with sadness.

  2. Mr Black

    These fragile souls try to walk the impossible line between warning of the dangers of muslims and telling us we should hold our tongues and show them respect.

  3. Good, i just found your blog, because of your article
    “” We will not forget or forgive “” on Climate suckers, which landed up at ‘NotPC’ in New Zealand
    That’s right, compromising with religious fanatics of any cause means a deary future for Western Civilisation

    • Adam

      Thanks Paul. I wasn’t aware of their site but it looks good. Like an NZ version of Ace of Spades.

  4. The best response to somebody saying things you don’t like is not to turn up and listen. If you’re already there, walk out. People generally don’t like talking to an empty room. Yes, they should be allowed to speak, and not howled down.

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