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You know you want it – Friday links & hawtness.

A glorious greeting to all my glorious comrades out there fighting one and all for the glories of progressive ideals everywhere! Long live wind powered turbines! Long live feminism! Long live de gheys! Long live incoherency in argument! Long live getting in touch with your feelings!

I could never be a spy in a progressive camp. I just can’t seem to get the rhetoric down pat. I’m also feeling very uninspired this morning so it’s lucky that I have one zillion pages open on my browser with all of the goodies to share with you this week.

One for the nerds – A situational assessment of 2017 – The Trump edition
He waffles a bit at times but some very interesting points.

Acres of reading goodness in this week’s Woodpile Report.

Nobody, and I mean nobody can take down a lunatic feminist, (is there any other kind?), like Robert McCain. Ah McCain – you’ve done it again.

Italy increasingly likely to abandon the Euro. Meh. I’m not sold on this one yet. I think it’s far too early. The Italians are fed up but they very rarely get fed up to act. We shall see.

Another one for the nerds. Nicholas Taleb talks naive empiricism, terrorism, and Ebola.

Playboy magazine brings back nude women. Now on the face of it this seems like a win for the good guys in the face of progressive madness, but then we get a quote from Hugh Hefner’s son who is now in charge of the business:

“Playboy will always be a lifestyle brand focused on men’s interests, but as gender roles continue to evolve in society, so will we,” Cooper Hefner said.

The new issue also features an essay, “Free the Nipple” by actor Scarlett Byrne, who appears in a pictorial and, according to Playboy, writes “about the importance of owning female sexuality and the double standards that still exist between women and men.”

So much for that then. Playboy fully converged. At least he could have had the decency to wait until dad could have rolled over in his grave.

I’m going to introduce a fashion link every week, whether an article or a video. I see a lot of guys with bad suits and I see even more guys with their ties knotted incorrectly or just plain badly. A well knotted tie has a chance of salvaging a poor suit but a poorly knotted tie risks ruining a great suit. The best knot is the double four in hand. Here is how to do it. You’re welcome.

People often ponder why we cannot learn from history. I instead ponder why people cannot learn from their neighbors across the border. South Africa’s president vows to redistribute white owned land and businesses. It’s not racism if black people do it.

Jordan Peterson on why there should be no restrictions on so-called hate speech. I love everything this guy says.

Aaron Clarey – does white female privilege exist?

And now for the hawt chick of the week. All your hawtness belongs to us.



The art of change.


Dave Rubin is a gay hypocrite.


  1. You know what will be coming for Playboy. Transgender Centerfolds. Care for a wager?

    I’m surprised it took South Africa this long.

  2. Sjonnar

    I didn’t know Playboy had stopped showing nude women. They did as recently as my high school days. But yeah, concur with Allen; very soon, someone will open a Playboy and see a chick with a dick on the centerfold. Sad.

    On the bright side, Hawt Chick of the Week is pretty decent.

    • Sjonnar

      Also, wrt/ South Africa, you can’t even really satirize the left anymore, as they have become their own satire.

  3. Adam

    There’s no way I’m taking that bet. You’d have to give me huge odds.

  4. JOHN R

    I like this week’s hawt chick; but she seems awfully young. Does that mean we’re bad people Adam?

    • Adam

      I don’t know about you John, but speaking for myself, yes. Yes, I am.

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