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On Milo.

As I’m sure you’re all aware, Milo Yiannopoulos has been carved up and hung out to dry by the mainstream media for allegedly endorsing pedophilia. Also very recently, Bill Shorten the leader of the Federal opposition declared his continued support for the ‘Safe Schools’ program which aims to teach sexual orientation and transgender issues to eleven year old schoolchildren. One rule for them, one rule for those others.

Milo’s appearance on the Bill Maher show last week was accompanied by a loud chorus from the mainstream media that Milo was the de facto leader of the alt-right. This struck me as odd seeing as he is no such thing and has publicly disavowed such a position repeatedly. In fact, the alt-right has no leader despite the best efforts of the media to install one. We had the Hitler saluting guy the other month but his take down all but fizzled out. Now we have Milo.

Which of course is the clue to what is going on here. Oh sure, the media hates Milo, and for good reason. He says things they don’t like but he’s relatively immune from attack seeing as he’s Jewish and gay and likes to sleep with black men. He also got a massive book deal in contrast to numerous media approved writers who receive relative crumbs. In short, his star has been on the ascent for a while now which has marked him with a big fat target.

But while they undoubtedly hate him there is more at play here than taking down a trouble making faggot. Which is why we have seen Milo branded as the leader of the alt right the exact same week that the “shocking video” was released in an edited version that was meant to discredit him. And it has worked, to a degree. He has lost his book deal and he’s had to do some decent scrambling to attempt to salvage the situation.

Whether or not he does manage to climb back to where he was a week ago remains to be seen. I don’t really care either way. I thought his performance on Mayer’s show was boring and insipid. Milo was edgy early on in his career but he hasn’t moved on from his immature schtick that got him the attention in the first place. As Tim Newman writes, Milo has ‘over-gamed’ himself which is a result of getting caught up in his own hype.

But all clouds have a silver lining and the extraordinary reaction by some conservative opinion makers on this issue has been one to behold. The Z Man has an excellent post where he outlines the huge amount of optimism that the conservative Right enjoyed in the 80’s.

The big lesson from the Reagan Revolution is that optimism is easily used as a weapon against the optimistic. All the “Morning in America” bullshit in the 80’s fooled a lot of people into thinking the fight was over and the results were a foregone conclusion. Young people were convinced they had been born into the springtime of a cultural revolution, when in fact they had been born into the early winter of a declining civilization.

As many commentators in my corner of the interwebs have been saying since Trump’s election win, it ain’t over yet, and if you think that the Left are just going to roll over and die then you will be in for a very rude shock. Which is why it is so important to use opportunities such as this to identify the two-faced frauds and phonies in our midst. The biggest one we presently endure in Australia is the conservative columnist and television talk-show host, Andrew Bolt. Bolt was an early convert and ardent worshiper of Milo – he appeared on Bolt’s program a number of times. But as soon as the mainstream media hit job on Milo emerged, Bolt immediately threw him under a bus.

I have written before about Bolt’s tendency to virtue signal when the going gets tricky, with his recent disavowal of Larry Pickering being his most recent. But if I had any doubt before about Bolt’s intentions then this surely is the final nail in the coffin. Bolt is a treacherous coward who leverages the Left’s blatant attacks on those on the Right in order to affirm his own sense of moral superiority while attempting to advance his social status at the same time, and all at the victim’s expense. Either that or he is one of Nicholas Taleb’s inglorious “intellectuals yet idiots” of which we are presently infected. I suspect it is both but either one is enough to jettison him from opinion makers and ignore him completely from this point on.

As for this pathetic attack on the alt right my message is the same as it has always been – we don’t care. There is no leader for precisely this reason. Although anyone in the future who is nominated by the media as the alt right’s nominal leader can be secure in the knowledge that a tricky video of them will soon be released.


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  1. Dan Flynn

    Hi Adam, it’s an interesting idea you’re putting forward (if I interpret correctly). That the MSM ramp up their coverage of someone knowing all the while that the ‘tricky video’ is coming, which then maximizes the impact of the ‘revelation’ which increases subsequent media consumption and profit.
    Although I accept this, if someone truly has integrity and acts honestly there will be no tricky video, you have to do/say something really stupid in order for that to happen.

    • Mr Black

      No, this is giving in to leftist tactics. There is no one alive who can speak and behave in such a manner for their whole public life that they will leave nothing that the left can twist and use to smear you with. What we really need are battalions of free speech defenders who rise up to attack the left every time they try to stomp on someone.

      • Dan Flynn

        Mr Black, not everyone speaks about things like sex with 13 year old boys. I’m not suggesting Milo is a pedophile, but really, no matter how you look at it, it was a pretty strange and flawed perspective that he expressed. You need to consider who is worth protecting and who is not. If I were an alt-right kinda guy I would definitely cut him loose.

        • Adam

          He did not speak of sex with 13 year old boys. He spoke about when he lost his virginity when he was 13.

  2. Tim Newman writes a good piece. Thanks for the intro and that’s a blog I will be checking every so often.

    However, I will note that many of Milo’s college talks appear to be him sort of moving on from simply gaming. He comes off as more respectable while still not divorced from his edge, and he’s certainly given many good talks. I think that he could’ve made it work, if it wasn’t for what happened here.

    With that said… I think it’s clear that Milo believes that young teens (13-year-old) who pursue older people are to be treated as equal sexual partners, on the basis that he was in this situation and feels that he was able to fill this role. I can understand why he would feel this way, and he certainly seems to understand that it’s not a good fit for our society overall (consent age is fine where it is). But I still think that no teen that young should be treated as an equal sexual partner, because they will be scarred. Maybe it is something he rationalised himself into and he really was abused and now acknowledges that. I hope that’s the case and I hope he’s changed that attitude; also, if he really witnessed Hollywood pedophilia, then I hope he finds a way to expose it, obviously not by just accusing people without proof but by gathering proof that he must know is present from having witnessed it. Actually, that might be a good comeback mechanism for him.

    “I thought his performance on Mayer’s show was boring and insipid.”

    firstly, how’d I miss the typo? Mayer -> Maher. Secondly, I thought it was a fine performance. The key is that he was trying to, actually, do what Newman said and move on from gaming into this respectable figure, basically just introduce himself to a mass audience to later peddle his points. Would’ve worked OK if not for this flap. He could’ve done better at it, granted, and he also could’ve brought up more substantive points, but that show really isn’t the best place for those points anyhow, having watched it. To throw together three words that rhyme, it seems more like a place for airy fairy commentary. Or I could just say, like a pair of foolish black men, “Fuck off”.

  3. I’m going with Mr Black 5 [.5.55am ] on this. “What we really need are battalions of free speech defenders who rise up to attack the left every time they try to stomp on someone”.
    I think we do have those batallions in the USA but maybe not so in Australia, and certainly not here in New Zealand . The “batallions” concept, counter intuitively links with the no leader idea, and I think younger Conservatives and Alt-Rights certainly see that we are all in this together.
    Some of my American contacts see the thing as a long civil war. so as Adam says, taking back Society from these mongrels will not be easy.

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