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And we arrive at another Friday. What an interesting week it has been here on the interwebs of the alt right. As I repose here in my pleated dressing gown on another wintery morning in the Melbourne summer that never was, it occurs to me that despite all of the interesting goings-on I really care not one whit, and as long as I have a glass of something good, a cigar that is noble, a home that is warm, and a wife that is obedient, then I have all that is good in the world. What joy.

Oh, who am I kidding. I care, baby, I care. On to the links and the resident hawtness.

First off, it has been a sad week for me as I have sold my beloved Ducati for reasons which shall remain nameless at this point. But at least it has gone to a good home. Yesterday I bade farewell to my beloved stead but there shall be another. Oh there shall. A photo of its awesomeness. The best looking Pantah in Australia.


Okay, no dwelling in the past. Next please.

Sultan Knish talks on the topic of why the elites are revolting. It is because they are unpleasant upon the eye.

Drone footage of an overflowing spillway glory hole. I reckon there’s a good runnable line in the center …

Ace posts a brilliant rant where he rails against the useless idiots on the Right. This is why I read his blog. Because he comes out with really good shit like this.

One of the aspects of the right I find most depressing, illusions-shattering, and depressing is their eager adoption of every trendily retarded aspect of the left, just five years after the left adopts it. (Conservatism, for many, seems to be “progressivism plus a short period of time to give it some veneer of ‘beloved tradition.'”)

And that’s just the opening two lines. Read on, dear friends. Read on.

Dalrock examines a couple of men giving advice to married guys. Turns out their advice is dubious to say the least and Dalrock eviscerates them. Beautiful and awful.

How Trump is beating the media at its own game. These are exciting times.

Another excellent interview with Geert Wilders. He speaks, I listen. Dutch election only a few weeks away. Personally this is my take – Wilders will win the highest percentage but will not get enough votes to take office outright. All of his opponents will band together and form a coalition against him even though they hate one another. Because of this the coalition will dissolve in acrimony and in-fighting within months and a new election will be called where Wilders will win an outright majority due to the Dutch being sick to death of all the nonsense.

Matt Forney is doing a televised series on the Dutch election and to raise some money to get him there to cover it. Show him some love and some money, you know you want to.

Robert McCain bumps into Joe the Plumber at CPAC.

Time for this weeks’ hawtness. A round of applause for some really hawt chick!



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  1. That piece by those two knuckleheads was astounding. Why not just title it “How to live on your knees.” Of course a woman is going to divorce a guy like that, he’s useless and weak. It’s probably the most important thing in a relationship there is. A woman wants her man to stand his ground. If he can’t, or won’t, she is gone.

    99% of all arguments between a husband and wife are due to lack of listening. My advice, you’ve got two ears and one mouth try using the more numerous for a while.

    Brinkmanship? Don’t say a word just get a copy of that movie “War of the Roses” and hand it to her.

    • Adam

      If you scroll down through the comments on Dalrock’s piece someone posted a photo of one of the authors. It’s illustrative to say the least.

  2. Too excellent Adam, although this week’s hawtness is not up to last week’s.
    All the world’s Conservative and Nationalist eyes will be on Geert Wilders, looks like they have a proportional voting system where the sicklings will group against him.
    That Ducati looks awful, i would have got rid of it too.
    This blog is the breakfast of champions, no doubt about that.

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