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Australian leadership challenge in the wind?

Last week Abbott made a speech at the launch of Connor Court’s new book of conservative essays, Making Australia Right. Abbott’s speech, which you can find in full over at Catallaxy Files, set off a chorus of attacks and abuse from his colleagues in parliament. They same politicians who knifed him in the back now consider him to be a bad sport who should just slink away and die.

But Abbott’s speech was concerned with saving the Liberal party as opposed to saving himself. It also was notable for the fact that it lacked a single personal attack, veiled or otherwise, on any of his colleagues who have treated him so shabbily. Now those same colleagues accuse of him of disloyalty and of attempting to undermine Turnbull, the very same actions that Turnbull propagated against Abbott.

The Newspoll results out today show Turnbull collapsing on every aspect with the Coalition government at its lowest point since he stole office. Keep in mind that the primary motivation that Turnbull gave for knifing Abbott was the dire standing of the Coalition in the polls at that time. Every media outlet in the country was screaming about Abbott’s negative polls but now that the shoe is on the other foot all we are hearing are the sounds of silence.

Instead the media are busy proclaiming that Abbott will most certainly not challenge Turnbull for the leadership of the party as his career is over and finished, as well as laying the blame for the Coalition’s dismal showing at the feet of the One Nation party and Abbott himself. This from the same glib morons who predicted that Britain would remain in the EU and that Hillary Clinton would definitely be the next president of the USA.

With that in mind it can only mean that the numbers are close to being counted. We may have a new/old prime minister in the house by the end of the week. Here’s hoping that we do and that the craven likes of Julie Bishop and Christopher Pyne are cast back into the wilderness where they belong. And if it really does happen can someone make sure for the love of all things holy that Abbott doesn’t give Turnbull a cabinet post? Is that asking too much?

I’m crossing my fingers that Abbott has learned a few hard lessons over the last fifteen months.


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  1. People get the governments they deserve. If Australians are happy to vote in Turnball (albeit on a very narrow margin) after what he did to Abbott, then good luck to them.

  2. It looks like Abbott has had the ‘nice guy’ beat out of him during the last leadership tussle. He’s smart enough to keep it impersonal but this time round he better know who is on his side.

  3. Adam

    I’d give Abbott about a 5% chance of ever leading the party again, and that’s only because you can never rule anything out completely. He made too much of a mess of it the first time.

    As has been said elsewhere, he didn’t have the guts to do any of the things he is telling Turnbull to do, when he was in charge. Now he’s been booted he’s a conservative warrior again? Give us a break.

    The party is full of fuckwits and will go down in flames next election. Hopefully something decent will rise from the ashes of defeat but i’m not holding my breath.

    Where are the right wing politicians of the stature of Howard, Costello, Downer or Reith? Abbott isnt fit to tie their shoes and the rest aren’t fit to lick them. We are in one hell of a mess here in Australia.

  4. I see this fellow Turnbull considered defecting to the Labor Party and was chairman of an advocacy group whose object was to depose HM the Queen in favor of a political hack given the title of ‘President’ (I’m sure Germany and Greece have some spares you can import). He is clearly a man of Canadian character and thus unfit to lead a free man’s country such as Australia.

  5. Morsie

    You cannot challenge something that does not exist.

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