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The Sunday cooking thread – smoked salmon BBQ style.

It’s Sunday and on this day I love to cook. Scratch that – I like to cook every day because I love to eat well. I’ve been thinking about a cooking thread for a while, a thread to blow off some metaphorical steam from all of the political and masculine stuff. Otherwise it all becomes too heavy. So I hope to do this every Sunday. Feel free to pitch in and share your own Sunday cooking experiences. Okay, enough jabbering, onto it.

I purchased a Webber dome BBQ last year and all I can say is that there was my cooking life before this bad boy and my cooking life after. I discovered a fantastic site that has brilliant BBQ tips and recipes. This is their smoked salmon on the old BBQ. The trick is to brine the salmon for a few hours in a salt mixture. The length you leave it in is based on the weight of the salmon. The brine is extremely easy to assemble, just make sure you cover it with cling wrap in the fridge otherwise the garlic smell will permeate.

The challenge with this is getting the BBQ down to the required temperature as I cook on charcoal. A pan of water to one side and the vent almost completely closed does the trick. I use apple wood for the smoking. Oh bugger it, okay a couple of photos.


Here you can see that the salmon fillets are each on pieces of brown paper. The salmon goes skin side down and after it’s cooked you let it rest for a bit then peel off the paper which removes the skin. The BBQ set-up is a two zone configuration. Coals on one side and a tray of water under the salmon. You want to aim to keep it at around 225F. Cooking takes about an hour.


The side salad is a simple Asian inspired mango salad that I came up with:

Half a red onion very thinly sliced.

One red chilli with seeds removed and thinly sliced.

A handful of  halved cherry tomatoes.

One mango cut up into chunks.

A quarter of a red pepper thinly sliced.

A good handful of spinach salad leaves.

Here’s how you assemble it: Combine the red onion, chilli, and tomato in a mixing bowl and add some cracked salt. (A good idea for the onion is to leave it in the fridge overnight cut in half as this reduces the bitterness for salads.) Leave for 10 minutes for the salt to be absorbed then add the other ingredients. Next we have the dressing which is easy peezy:

Juice of two limes.

Two tablespoons of fish sauce.

A teaspoon of brown sugar.

Combine the ingredients and whisk until the sugar is dissolved. Pour over the salad.

So there you have it. A great Sunday lunch on the terrace. I drank a glass of crisp Italian white while the good wife, (who also took all the photos – thanks babe), enjoyed her gin and tonic.



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  1. I rolled some Pancetta recently and I’m brining some pork loin to smoke in a few days. This book is great:

    Charcuterie: The Craft of Salting, Smoking and Curing by Michael Ruhlman and Brian Polcyn

    A pig, everything but the squeal. I do draw the line at pickled pig skin, just no.

    • Adam

      I made some wild rabbit charcuterie the other week which was fantastic. I’ll check out that book for sure.

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