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Your feelings mean nothing.

It’s all feelings. Nothing more than feelings. Don’t you inhibit my feelings. (You need to sing this by the way.) Feelings. I gotta get me some feelings. Everyone else has their feelings. Those feelings are so important … yeah.

Adolescence. It’s a fun time, not. But at least nature imposed a sense of order on things by making teenagers think all adults are squares, the result being that teenagers avoid adults like the plague, the end end result being that us adults don’t have to suffer hearing the awful banalities that pour from the mouths of teenage dimwits everywhere.

In short, they hates us and avoid us and we’re happy with that. High fives, nature!

But what happens when these revolting teenagers remain locked in a perpetual state of adolescence? Then we have a problem because they do insensitive things like enter the workforce where we are forced to deal with them. Witness the explosion in feelings and why feelings matter to these immature cretins. The entire gender movement is a result of taking morons’ feelings seriously. These poor fools have grown up being told that their feelings actually matter more than life itself. More than science, more than biology, more than Western fucking civilization.

Listen to this appalling idiot attempt to explain to Tucker Carlson the idea of gender identity.

His stock phrases are stuff like “civil rights” and “safe spaces” and other misdirections and gobbledygook that add up to his idea that “your gender identity determines your gender”. He then adds for good measure that “the science is settled.” Oh, yeah? Where have I heard that line before?

Dalrock has a brilliant post that also shows this in action. He uses the girl guides as an example of an institution morphing over time to one that worships at the alter of feelings.

This concept didn’t begin with Strayed, or even second wave feminism.  The vow for the UK equivalent of the Girl Scouts, the Girl Guides, originally included:

do my duty to God

In 1910 this was modified to remove a sense of obligation to God, and substitute it with emotional feelings for God*:

to love my God

This was then changed in 2013 to:

be true to myself and develop my beliefs

Be true to yourself and develop your beliefs? In other words, whatever you make up is right and true and supersedes all known laws of the universe because, feelings!

In another twenty years these foaming at the mouth retards will be in charge of the country, (actually perhaps we’re already in that position.) God help us then.

So here is a clear and concise message for all of the feelings brigade from yours truly. I bring you this message with no respect because you are not worthy of that privilege:

Your feelings mean nothing. They are worse than useless because listening to your feelings inevitably means that you will seek to impose them on those around you. It’s one thing to be a narcissist but at least your narcissism only concerns you. But this feelings stuff is another matter entirely. The world does not care about you. The world does not owe you anything. Your feelings are a substitute for having a personality.

The only reason that you would seek to force us to toe the line with regards to the importance of your feelings is down to the fact that deep down you know that your feelings are worthless. You seek external confirmation that your feelings are not invalid. Well they are invalid. I for one am not going to enable the continuation of your adolescent state. You need to get over yourself. Adults leave their feelings at the door for the simple reason that to do otherwise en masse would result in complete social chaos.

Science does not care about your feelings. Biology does not care about your feelings. Economics does not care about your feelings. Politics does not care about your feelings. Religion does not care about your feelings. The climate does not care about your feelings. Mathematics does not care about your feelings. Grammar and the English language do not care about your feelings. Culture and race do not care about your feelings. That tiger in the grass that is about to eat your face off does not care about your feelings. The hot guy that comes to buy coffee every morning from you does not care about your feelings. If he fucks you then he particularly does not care about your feelings.

Any institution or individual that displays public or private care for your feelings is in the process of doing you a gross disservice. They are conspiring to perpetuate your adolescence. They pretend to be your great caring friends but in reality they are your worst enemy.

Despite my outward display of scorn for you and your misbegotten feelings, I am in fact your great ally. For I only wish for you to leave the hell of adolescence and enter the righteous realm of adulthood, if only for the fact that this would result in you leaving me the fuck alone.

So go now, take your worthless feelings that your enemies have brainwashed you into believing were so valuable, and cast them aside in the black pit from whence they came and where they belong. And now turn around, and face the world with the bare tools of logic and facts. Do not approach something with how it makes you feel. Instead approach with an open mind for what it is and for your duty to it. Duty – that’s what you own us. You owe us big time for putting up with you for the first couple of decades of your excruciating existence. You have some work to do. You have a whole lot of responsibilities to live up to. Your duty is to do your best to not be a revolting individual. After that if you wish to remain an ignorant dumb fuck then we have no problem with that as long as you do your dumb fuckery in the privacy of your own home.

It’s not all about you, my little snowflakes. In fact, none of it is about you. The sooner you learn that, the sooner we can put all this safe space rubbish behind us. Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time.


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  1. David Moore

    Can we condense this into a simple ‘The world is not about you!’?

    I have a similar opinion on dreams. Dreams are not there to be followed, they are there to be drilled and mined for their natural resources.

  2. Narcissism inevitably devolves into nihilism. From there into totalitarianism. That’s the real danger.

    I remember in college (in a land far, far away) I used to get into arguments with idiots who, after taking philosophy 101, would claim there were no absolutes.

    I would ask them a few leading questions so they could (in their minds) firm up their position, as in, “The Science Is Settled”.

    Then I’d spring the trap…

    Me: “No absolutes?”

    Them: “Nope. None at all.”

    Me: “Excepting the absolute that there are no absolutes?”

    Them: “Huh?” 

    Then a very awkward silence.  

    Then I’d split to go to the fridge, grab another beer and leave them in my wake.

    It was always a huge amount of fun.

  3. That idiot suggesting that gender has nothing to do with chromosome make up or the obvious external genitals . was unbearable to watch. To think thats what the new regime in USA has to conquer.
    Our Boy Scout promise was
    ” I promise to do my duty to Gd and the Queeen,
    to do my best to help olther people at all times,
    and to obey the Scout law ”

    I have found though that ” helping people at all times” does tend to turn me into a slave .
    i tend not to answer the phone until I hear the message now.
    eg. Can I leave [all ] my stuff in your garage for just a couple of days. [ weeks, months.]
    You have to do this for me because I don’t know what do do otherwise.

  4. R.Sherman

    My father–RIP–used to say that there are two bases for human decisions: Emotion (Feelings) and Reason. If one solely follows one’s emotions, inevitably one will be led to destruction.

    This is not to say that all emotions are bad or useless. Rather, emotions must always be tempered with reason. The “gender is what I say it is” guy is a perfect example. He is flummoxed when confronted with rational, reasonable questions about where his emotions or feelings lead.

    • Adam

      Very true. In fact they must be both be tempered as reason without any emotion is also dangerously unbalanced.

  5. Ken in NH

    The power of feelings:

    • Adam

      That was amazing. I watched it all the way through to the end. I can only hope that it moved on to the part where the bear ate her.

    • Please stop bear, please bear, you’re supposed to be asleep bear. That made my day.

      My wife to me one time:
      Allen wake up, there’s a bear on the deck.
      Do something!
      Well I could shoot it.
      Don’t do that!
      Leave him alone then, he’ll leave.
      But do something!
      You’re safe, I’ll sit right here by the door.

    • This pretty much reflects the left’s approach to terrorism and ISIS.

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