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Parasite SJWs don’t spend money.

It’s common knowledge amongst those of us on the alt right that the Right are the productive members of society and the Left are typically parasites. If a progressive does have a job you can bet your ball sack that it will be in some sort of worthless government department. But ordinary people who dwell outside political battlegrounds are starting to see evidence of this for themselves.

Since Trump won the election we have seen some extraordinary meltdowns by businesses and corporations. One example is ESPN. It was converged by SJWs some time ago and has been steadily drifting towards the left, but the company has been on a progressive tear since the election. The article that I linked to states that as a result ESPN is losing 10,000 subscribers a day.

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Dave Rubin is a gay hypocrite.

Someone linked me this video from Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report. The Right is just falling over itself to be love-struck by good old Dave. You see, he used to be a progressive but then saw the light and he’s now one of us! Isn’t that bitching! So cool, dude. Here he is with his new video where he explains why he’s not a leftie anymore.

I was watching the video and I was thinking that it was okay, nothing new but okay, when suddenly out of the blue came this line:

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You know you want it – Friday links & hawtness.

A glorious greeting to all my glorious comrades out there fighting one and all for the glories of progressive ideals everywhere! Long live wind powered turbines! Long live feminism! Long live de gheys! Long live incoherency in argument! Long live getting in touch with your feelings!

I could never be a spy in a progressive camp. I just can’t seem to get the rhetoric down pat. I’m also feeling very uninspired this morning so it’s lucky that I have one zillion pages open on my browser with all of the goodies to share with you this week.

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The art of change.

I’ve done a lot of changing in my life, and I’m not talking about clothes. Or jobs, or homes, or girls, or anything that is external. I’m talking about internal change. I’m talking about personality. I’m talking about ego. If I look back on my life and consider what I am then I would have to admit that I am that. I am change.

My change came from dissatisfaction and frustration with how I behaved and reacted to the world around me. The change was incremental. Tiny steps every day, and only if I was actively working on it. Change is hard. It is so challenging that the majority of people do not attempt it. Even if they do attempt it most people falter at the first hurdle. They then revert to the safe and cozy mantra of declaring that they didn’t fail – “that’s just who I am, bro.”

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Robert Gottliebsen has no business being a business columnist.

Writing in The Australian Robert Gottliebsen attempts to make the claim that the CEO of Australia Post is not overpaid. Currently the CEO, Ahmed Fahour, is the highest paid public servant in Australia and the highest paid national post service CEO in the entire world. He commands an annual salary of $5.6 million.

The world’s parcel express transport giants such as DHL, FedEx and the Japan Post-owned Toll must have been chuckling with joy at the controversy over the salary of Ahmed Fahour.

From the Prime Minster down, Australians have compared Fahour’s job as chief executive of Australia Post with similar post office executives around the world. It’s absolutely the wrong comparison because Fahour is also heading a parcel express transport business that competes with the global majors. And he is winning!

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Podcast #36 – The state of Australian politics episode.

The one where I talk about current Australian politics as I see it.

There is no such thing as an Alpha female.

A new book by Fox news contributor and PJ media columnist Suzanne Venker is titled The Alpha female’s guide to men and marriage: How love works. There is only one problem with that title and that is the fact that there is no such thing as an alpha female. Now I’m sure that Venker means well and believes that she is really doing her bit to combat feminist tropes, seeing as she is apparently a “nationally recognized expert on America’s current gender war”. But this is no excuse for propagating such a falsehood.

Venker describes these so-called alpha females as women who have been groomed to be ultra-competitive, who argue with their husbands at any opportunity, and who want to be the boss. This type of wife wants to be in charge of everything and everyone. She micromanages, delegates, and tries to make all if the decisions. I bet that they would make simply outstanding backseat drivers.

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Australian conservatism is finished.

Last week the Australian senator Cory Bernardi formally resigned from the Liberal party in protest at conservatism having lost its way and the party’s leaders doing nothing to halt the slide into irrelevance. His decision was not surprising at all considering that he had been hinting about it for months. He has formed a new party called Australian Conservatives. From an email he sent out to supporters on the day of his resignation announcement we can gleam some idea of its agenda:

Australian Conservatives will stand up for the principles that have made Australia such a great place and which have been abandoned by the political class beholden to half-baked solutions, costly fads and the sound of their own voices.

Bernardi organized a press conference where he spoke for over 30 minutes, which I presume was less about wanting to deliver new and startling pronouncements but more about wanting to maximize his air time before he slides into total irrelevance.

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Women need to make more of an effort to look good.

The big news this week was that the once amazingly hot Christie Brinkley has done another Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue at the ripe old age of 63. To put that in perspective her first feature in the magazine was in 1979. Here is one of the photos that has Brinkley posing with her two daughters.


Now it’s not enough to make Christie my new celebrity free pass, (although the fact that she can apparently walk on water might prove interesting), but still – 63? Hawt damn, girl. There’s letting yourself go, there’s looking after yourself, and then there’s Christie Brinkley.

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Bolt and Blair don’t believe in free speech after all.

I had an entirely different post ready to go and lined up for today. All I had to do was press the button and it was up. Then I could have gone and had a relaxing morning picking my toenails and watching the hideous minor birds fight over a piece of toilet paper.

But no – Andrew Bolt and Tim Blair had to ruin that for me.

Defenders of Free Speech Must Damn Pickering

The headline screams out at you from Bolt’s site, like a feisty school librarian who has just discovered that someone is reading the latest issue of Mad magazine beneath an enormous copy of War and Peace. Bolt condemns Pickering and simultaneously condemns the reader if you don’t condemn Pickering as instructed.

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