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Friday links, vids, and of course, the hawt chick.

Why hello there my fellow glorious delusional conservatives. It sure has been an interesting week, and an interesting week on my blog with my piece on climate change alarmists getting over 10,000 hits between my blog and the good fellows over at XYZ magazine where it was cross posted. Lots of alarmists showed up to argue their pathetic lies which of course played into my cunning plan to make sure they will all be held accountable in the future. I even stated that at the beginning of the piece! They sure are dumb. Anyway, on with the links of the week.

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Gosnell abortion bestseller confirms New York Time’s dishonest bias.

It sounds kind of crazy but pizza is a motivator.

That quote is from a video interview with a former Planned Parenthood manager who revealed that Planned Parenthood has abortion target quotas in place. Staff were encouraged to sell abortion with motivators such as a couple of hours of paid time off, maybe a trip to a regional capital for lunch with senior management, (what a blast that would be – I thought these were supposed to be incentives?), and the aforementioned pizza.

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Podcast #35 – The Mentor episode.

Every young man needs a mentor. How do you go about finding one? I speak about what I needed in a mentor. Your needs may be different. How to watch out for charlatans and con men who pose as mentors with an unfortunate example from the manosphere. Plus some SJW beat down examples.

Related is this post I wrote last year titled, A real friend and mentor is not on your payroll.

Dear climate alarmists – we will never forget nor forgive.

It’s been a rough ten years as a so called “climate denier”. Every year the climate data would show a complete refusal to follow the accepted and official line, and every year the faith of the climate change faithful only seemed to get stronger and stronger. And their abuse of heretics like myself only got stronger and stronger. I have lost friendships over my stance on this issue. I have been attacked publicly by those around me on numerous occasions. And I have endured the casual mockery at social gatherings where the accepted response has been to pat me on the head in a condescending manner – here he is; our own climate denier. Isn’t he precious?

I have watched landscapes I love destroyed by the looming figures of gigantic wind farms that stand in mute mockery of my continued resistance to this enormous scam. I have observed with silent loathing the hypocrites who swan around in their enormous SUVs while proudly parading their dubious green credentials, even as ordinary families struggle with the reality of paying their ever increasing power bills. Only a few months ago a piece I wrote on the climate change scam elicited concerned emails and calls from people I know who cautioned me with the treacherous path I was taking.

But money talks and bullshit walks and the money is beginning to drop out of this con to end all cons.

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The women’s AFL competition is a complete joke.

Last September I wrote a piece ridiculing the fact that women AFL sportspersons wanted more money to play a sport before they’d even played the sport. The lowliest player in the brand spanking new women’s competition receives $5000 just for turning up. Two days ago the competition launched and the first match was played live on television. I tuned in for purely investigative purposes and after watching about ten minutes of the ‘action’ I can only conclude that these women are grossly overpaid.

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Australian conservative party pushes gay marriage.

Andrew Bolt writes about how several Liberal party politicians are actively pushing for a gay marriage vote despite the fact that one of the key platforms on which they very narrowly won the election was the promise to allow a public vote on the matter. For my overseas readers please be reminded that the Australian Liberal party is the conservative party over here.

Although they don’t seem very keen on conserving much. They seem far more inclined to jump on each and every progressive bandwagon available, thereby doing the Left’s dirty work for them while simultaneously undermining their own voting base. And let us not forget breaking a key election promise, which is particularly foolish in the face of Trump who two weeks into his presidency is showing no signs of letting up as he demonstrates an unusual ability to do what he says he would do.

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More riots please.

The organized riots at Berkeley University have dominated news and conversation around the interwebs these past few days. The defendants of these rioting anarchist thugs most often use the explanation that free speech doesn’t mean that people can’t react badly to you, only that the government can’t stop you from speaking. In other words, if people riot and tear up entire neighborhoods then it’s your fault for being an asshole and speaking in the first place.

Notwithstanding the fact that Milo never even got to speak, this argument, if I can call it that, is fallacious in the extreme. As Peter Grant correctly points out, if this were true then it should be equally applied on both sides. In other words, if you lot get to riot when we want to speak then we get to riot when you want to speak. Obviously this would mean an eventual total breakdown in civil society. But what we cannot forget is that this is what the rioters actually want.

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Friday randoms plus the hawt chick!

G’day fellow slackers and morons, it’s time for that pile of steaming goodness the Friday links, vids, clips, pastes, messages, massages, and of course, the rousing pile of awesomeness that is this weeks hawtness of hawtness, the hawt chick of the week.

As usual I have found/located/discovered/stolen these links from around the interwebs. So if you’ve seen them already then you hang out at the same places I do which must make you a grade A level of coolness that the universe finds difficult to handle. Enough of the mutual admiration already, let’s get to it.

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Trump versus some Australian prime minister.

Anyone who thought Trump was going to feel obliged to honor Obama’s ludicrous deal to take 1250 boat people from Australia had rocks in their head. With that in mind let me categorically state that Malcolm Turnbull the Australian prime minister has a rock in his head the size of the really big one that sits in the middle of the country and has a tourist site around it. Perhaps we could organize a tourist site around Turnbull’s head. We could charge money for admission, after all there’s a lot of space in there.

These boat people are the last of a bad bunch. The dregs of the dregs. Nobody wants them and we’ve had them cooling their heels on some offshore island shithole in the hope that they’d eventually get fed up and trudge back to their countries of origin. Fat chance of that happening.

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Why the Right are not into protesting.

Roissy has a post up about why the Left are good at protesting and the Right are not up to scratch. The crux of his argument is geographic distribution, as in the Left are all crowded together in a few places and thus have an easy time of it when organizing a ruckus. Other arguments put forward by his fellow bloggers that he quotes, (and which he disagrees with), are that Leftoids are smarter and more conscientious, (fat chance), and the supposed character and personality failings of conservatives for their failure to jump on the bandwagon of political advocacy, (I would argue the opposite.)

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