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#Fake Australians threaten our cultural values.

The big news in Australia this week has been the hilariously incompetent attempts by the Liberal government, sorry, make that the “Turnbull Team”, to pass amendments to the 18c Racial Discrimination Act. As reported in The Australian, the Liberals are merely attempting to change around the wording.

The government is proposing to reform section 18C by making it unlawful to “harass” or “intimidate” someone on the basis of their race, colour, national or ethnic origin and is pushing for procedural changes at the Australian Human Rights Commission. Currently, 18C makes it unlawful to “offend,” “insult” or “humiliate” an individual because of their race.

Hands up who thinks that the definition of the words “harass” and “intimidate” will be cannon fodder for the legions of human rights lawyers waiting expectantly in the wings?

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Friday hawt links – The one for the nerds edition.

It’s been a good week here on the old blog. Good viewing numbers, good book sales, (thanks guys – don’t forget to leave a review), and all of it culminating in the steady growth in month on month viewing numbers. Not to forget all of the good comments. So lots of goodness all round.

This week’s link-fest has morphed into a bit of a nerd ensemble. But I am a bit of a nerd at heart, what with my Dungeons & Dragons playing, video games, endless book reading, Advanced Squad Leader goodness, (the best tabletop game of all time), and my collection of cardigans. I tell you, cardigans are the best knitwear ever. How nerdy is that? Anyway, enough of the rambles, and on with the show.

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The face of gay militancy.

Let’s make one thing clear of what I think of gay rights activist Michael Barnett. He is a bullying totalitarian little thug on a power trip, and those are his positive qualities. Fresh from his victory over making Coopers brewery grovel in public before the altar of gay militancy, he is now going after Christian charities via their public board members. Did I say public? Silly me. Christians need to cower behind closed doors these days from those poor put-upon homosexuals. You know, the ones who just wanted to be free to love each other and have the equalities?

The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission yesterday agreed to keep the boards of the Lachlan Macquarie Institute and the Australian Christian Lobby off the public record ­because publication “could ­endanger public safety”.

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Podcast #42 – The hairdressing episode.

The one where my regular manly gay hairdresser is injured and I have to get my hair cut by a woman. It was all going okay until I brought up the subject of duck shooting.

The three essential red pill journeys.

A decade ago I described myself not just as an atheist, but as an anti-theist. I was vehemently opposed to all religions. A few days after I got married, my new wife and I headed to Venice for a couple of days together with my best man who had flown over from Australia for the wedding. At one point we stopped outside a rather nondescript church and my two companions went in to have a look. I remained outside. I could not even bring myself to enter the building, such was my aversion to all things religious.

To be awakened to the world around you and to see its true nature is described as being “red pilled”, a reference to The Matrix film. But unlike the film you cannot be red pilled by someone else. The process only works if you do it yourself. Rollo Tomassi has outlined the 5 stages of unplugging. The steps in order are; denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.

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No alt-right for old men.

Identity politics is now everything. You may not like it but that is the reality, and to ignore it is to position yourself as a powerless piece of flotsam that drifts to its doom unaccepting and unknowing. The reason that identity politics is the new reality is because the Left made it so and the conservative Right did nothing to halt the slide. The Right have been apologists who have done nothing but suck up to the Left while shooting in the back anyone on their side who clung to “old fashioned” views that conservatives once held dear.

The Left have comprehensively transformed the social landscape into a myriad of special interest groups while simultaneously preaching the need for equality. The inherent incoherency of advocating for equality and diversity at the same time should have been an easy target for conservatives to attack. But instead they went along with the game in a futile attempt to ingratiate themselves with their ideological opponents.

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I got nuthin’.

It’s Sunday, I have the BBQ firing where I’m cooking my mean as fuck Texas Chili, I’m drinking crisp and clean Spanish beer, there is a fat Montechristo with my name on it, and I have absolutely zero inspiration to write something here. Zilch, nada, niente. So I give you Nancy Sinatra, because Nancy Sinatra is way cool.

Whatever you do, don’t be desperate.

Red pill aware men and even a few blue pill ones know well the perils of desperation. Women can detect a desperate man at the blink of an eye through a crowded room. Being desperate communicates not only that you have no options, but that you are so worn down by your lack of success that you will literally take anyone. This communicates two things; a lack of skill and confidence in your own abilities, and a clear signal to the women in question that she is not special. If you’re desperate then you’re willing to take anyone, which means that she essentially means nothing to you in a normal context. You only want her because you want someone, anyone, to fill a void.

But this communication through desperation is not limited to the personal. It is also relevant in your professional life as well.

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Friday links & hawtness time.

Another week, another weekend to come, another hawt chick, oh and a bunch of links and vids. It’s F1 grand prix weekend here in Melbourne and I live close enough to the track to hear the cars doing their speedy thing, as well as the stunt aircraft which are peppering my house with low level dive bombing missions as I type. Despite my long and distinguished F1 fandom career I will not be attending this weekend due to the last few seasons being terrifying in their epic levels of boredom. This is precisely due to the convoluted miss mash of rules that have reduced the cars to sounding like tinker-box toys. So I will be able to ascertain whether or not they have fixed this issue by relaxing on my terrace to hopefully hear the sweet sounds of petrol-heads. To be confirmed. Anyway, on with the show.

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Podcast #41 – The religion episode.

The one where I talk about the need for atheists to return to the church and how being gay today is not brave, no matter what television programs such as “When we rise” claim.

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