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Thank God it’s Friday links and hawtness.

I’ve been a little distracted this week by real world matters but I have managed to cobble together an interesting bunch of stuff that entertained and illuminated my distracted week. I hope that my selections manage to distract you from your own miserable existence as a horrible white man whose very life is an awful travesty on minorities and wymens and zee gheys and lunatics who dress up as wymens and who take nasty medicines to have zee wymens’ breasts and immigrants who have multitudes of rights even before they immigrate because they are the deserving and your time has passed, white boy.

On to it.

Leading off this week in a clear first position is the heartwarming tale of Rachel Dolezal, the American white woman who built a career out of pretending to be black and who even though she exists in a progressive paradise with all of the related opportunities and advantages, she still did not manage to pull it off successfully. (Keep in mind that if this occurred in Australia I would not be able to make those comments due to our oppressive 18c law covering racial vilification.) My favorite bit from the article:

Today Dolezal is jobless, and feeding her family with food stamps. A friend helped her pay this month’s rent; next month she expects to be homeless. She has applied for more than 100 jobs, but no one will hire her, not even to stack supermarket shelves.

Looks like she got to be black after all. On to our next item.

Have you ever heard the term feminine hypergamy and wondered what the hell people were talking about? The always erudite Rollo Tomassi lays it all out for us.

Most awkward government recruiting advertisement of all time. They used actual bureaucrats from Australia’s department of finance. Nothing in the clip about how working for the department is a responsibility to Australian taxpayers. At first I thought it was a mock video lampooning bureaucracy. But reality is stranger than fiction.

The Liberal Democrats had a pretty good response:

And a blow by blow take-down of the video. Onwards and upwards as it isn’t possible to go lower than this.

A couple for the nerds. Robert McCain examines Emma Watson’s proclivity to sell feminism. And Jeffro answers the critics of the Castalia House blog.

This week’s Woodpile Report. Ol’ Remus always begins his weekly report with an historical work of art. We are blessed with Pieter de Hooch’s, Card Players in a Sunlit Room, 1658. I had never before seen this painting and it took me by surprise. The beauty, the detail, the technical skill, and the imagination. 1658 the Dutch master painted that. We have regressed. The fall of Western civilization isn’t beginning now. It’s been happening for a hundred years.

James Delingpole on the great diesel disaster in the EU. Remember my climate rant the other week and how very soon the climate change cretins will be forced to grovel? It’s starting already.

Marine Le Pen lays into Merkel and Hollande. Just beautiful and tragic at the same time.

A truly inspiring rant from a pro-life teenage girl against Teen Vogue magazine. H/T to Ace.

After all that it’s time for the hawt chick of the week.



You can’t succeed if you can’t fail.


Two podcast episodes for you to disagree with.


  1. Goph Ugurself

    Hey Adam,

    Get bent, fåggot. Just heard your inane, liberal self-improvement rhetoric on the Dingos and wanted to say that you can go right along and get fūcked. You are a terrible human being and should seriously consider sūicide as a viable option.

    • Adam

      Hi Goph,

      Thanks for letting me know the episode is up!

      • Was it something you said? I don’t think he likes you.

      • Neville

        His main problem is that he doesn’t like himself, it appears.

    • Sjonnar

      Hey buddy, just thought I’d drop a reply and let you know that this isn’t one of your pussy left-wing shitholes that censors every other word lest it offend some mincing, limp-wristed catamite such as yourself. You can totally use words like “faggot”, “fuck” and even “suicide” here. We don’t mind 🙂

  2. I prefer brunettes but that blonde is hot.

  3. David Moore

    Dolezal is interesting. She identified as black and look at how the SJW treated her. The profound way they have shunned her tells you just how vapid their creed is.

  4. i heard that Dolezal may have a book deal. I assume it’s just another leftist welfare program.

    That commercial is hysterical. What was completely missing? Anyone doing any actual work. “I’m off for my paleo banana bread” “I can’t join you because I’m on my way to a aboriginal seminar”, “hey buddy, I have to call you that because we’re in the buddy program”, gag choke, etc, etc.

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